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    a role play where in person directs a blind fold man to perform best representative.


    Guys, does anyone know the answer?

    get a role play where in person directs a blind fold man to perform best representative. from screen.

    Blindfold games ...

    Duelling, disorientation and a few mean tricks

    Guide to games

    Blindfold games ...

    Duelling, disorientation and a few mean tricks

    Sun 23 Nov 2008 00.01 GMT

    Blindman's buff

    Energy rating: 2/5AKA: Blindman's bluffAim To identify your friends by touch aloneAthletic skill Sensitive fingertipsHow to play

    This traditional game works best with a big group. Nominate someone to be blindfolded. The "blind man" counts to five, while the other players spread out. The blind man must feel their way around the room, finding the other players and identifying them. If they catch someone but guess incorrectly, the person is freed. If they guess correctly, that person becomes the blind man.

    Spice it up

    Have two "blind men" in the room at the same time.

    Top tactics

    Stay really still and remove any jangly jewellery.

    Squeak piggy squeak

    Energy rating: 1/5AKA: Poor pussy, it of sitAim: To fool your friendsAthletic skill: DuplicityHow to play

    Sit everyone in a circle with one player blindfold in the middle. The blindfolded player walks around the circle, sits on someone's lap and says "squeak piggy, squeak". The person whose lap it is, the "piggy", then makes a squeaking noise and the blindfolded player must guess who it is. If the guess is correct the blindfolded player swaps with the piggy, who starts the game again. If the guess is incorrect the blindfolded player is spun round again to sit on someone else's lap.


    Instead of asking players to squeal like a pig, invite them to stroke the guesser, saying as they do, "poor pussy!". Speakers should, of course, disguise their voices as much as possible. Those not fond of animal noises can go with a straightforward guessing scenario (it of sit).

    Top tactics

    Players should regularly switch places to confuse the blindfolded person.

    Blind potato race

    Energy rating: 4/5AKA: Gathering potatoesAim: To find lost objectsAthletic skill: CrawlingHow to play

    Split into teams or pairs, blindfold one player in each, and scatter potatoes across the floor. The blindfolded players have to crawl around the floor gathering up the potatoes. The non-blindfolded players can help those on the floor by shouting out directions, like "warmer, colder". Make the winner either the first to cross a predetermined finish line, or the person who collects the most after 30 seconds. Swap places for the next round.


    Use a variety of random objects instead of potatoes. For an evil twist, take away some of the objects and direct the blindfolded players to nothing. This is a particularly satisfying way to get your own back on overly competitive types.

    Top tactics

    Feel around by spreading your arms wide and be willing to fight other players for objects. You could also wear a long baggy top so you have something to carry the potatoes in.

    Is that you Moriarty?

    Energy rating: 4/5Aim: To battle your opponent with a rolled up newspaperAthletic skill: CoordinationHow to play

    A duelling game. Two players are blindfolded and each given a rolled up newspaper. Duellists lie on the floor, head to head but an arm's length apart. One of the players starts by shouting "Is that you Moriarty?" and tries to hit the other player with the rolled up newspaper. The players thrash the newspaper around over their heads, without their bodies leaving the floor. The first player hit loses and is replaced by another challenger.

    Spice it up

    Replace the rolled up newspaper with something less pleasant to be hit with, like a cold wet towel.

    Top tactics

    Roll from side to side to avoid being hit.

    Don't play this with: People with anger management issues.

    Obstacle course

    Energy rating: 3/5AKA: BurglarsAim: To negotiate obstacles blindfold. Or is it?Athletic skill: Core stabilityHow to play

    Create an obstacle course, making it as difficult as you want. Base it on the military version, with objects to step over, crawl under, jump around, strings tied at different levels, balls all over the floor, washing up bowls of water. Demonstrate how to navigate the course successfully, invite people to have a trial run, then send everyone out of the room. Invite them back in two at a time and blindfold to tackle the course. The catch is that while they were out of the room, you removed the obstacles. When they have finished dodging imaginary obstacles, take off the blindfolds and reveal that they have been duped. Let them stay to watch the rest of the players making fools of themselves.


    You could keep the course intact and then get the group to work in teams, so that one team member shouts directions while the other one runs the course and then swap over.

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    38 Amazing Team Building Activities Your Employees Will Love (+How to Play)

    Here is a list of team building activities for work to help teams strengthen the bond and improve relationships among themselves.

    38 Quick and Easy Team Building Activities Your Employees Will Love (+How to Play)

    Team Building  | 30 MIN READ   |

    Last Updated on 12 September 2022

    Team building activities have now become an essential part of company culture. In today's world, if a business needs to thrive, then the first and foremost requirement is having a culture of teamwork within the organization. When all the employees come together and work in sync, we can say that the business is moving in the right direction.

    Create the best workplace experience for all your employees through R&R.

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    That is why many organizations are now taking every possible measure that brings team together, and team building activities play a huge role in that process. There are various team-building games like egg drop, office trivia, escape room, etc., that you can organize to bring your teams closer. At the same time, such games can be played with smaller teams.

    Hence, to help you strengthen your team collaboration by boosting their trust and confidence in each other, I have listed down the 20 best team-building activities. Further, these activities will also teach skills that your employees can use in their professional and personal lives.

    Create the best workplace experience for all your employees through R&R.

    Download our FREE Guide to Rewards & Recognition

    38 Best Team Building Activities For Work That Drive Unity

    1. Blind Drawing

    OBJECTIVE: A very popular and effective team-building exercise, this activity is good for small groups. It helps develop communication, interpretation, and leadership skills.TOOLS: Pen, paper, and pictures. (To save paper, the person describing can have the picture on their phone)TIME: 10-15 minutesPARTICIPANTS: Multiple of 2HOW TO PLAY: Pair people into groups of two and have them sitting back-to-back.Provide one person with a picture and the other with paper and a pen. Ask the person with the picture to describe it to their partner without actually saying what's in the picture.

    For example, The picture shows a "dog eating ice cream." The person with the picture has to help her partner draw the picture without saying, "dog eating ice cream."

    RESULT: It helps build leadership skills in the person who is directing the person with the pen and paper to draw the picture. The way she gives direction will result in how well the “artist” understands and draws the picture perfectly. It also depends on the communication between the team members and how clearly do they understand and interpret each other.

    2. Flip It Over

    OBJECTIVE: The objective is to help people working in groups acquire problem-solving, creativity, and strong communication skills.TOOLS: A tarp or piece of clothing the size of a tablecloth.TIME: 20 minutesPARTICIPANTS: 6-10HOW TO PLAY: A creative game, here you ask a group of 6-10 people to huddle around and stand on top of a tarp. The challenge is that they have to flip the tarp, standing on the other side of the cloth. The only condition is that they can only use their feet! They can't get off the fabric or let their feet touch the ground.RESULT: It forces the group to think of creative ways to work as a team and solve the problem without getting off the sheet. This is a great team-building game that urges the team members to make sure no one is getting off the sheet. This ensures that in a non-game situation too, they include everyone in the group and make everyone responsible for reaching the ultimate goal of the task.

    3. Winner/Loser

    OBJECTIVE: It urges people to look at things from a positive perspective and turn it into a learning experience.TOOLS: None requiredTIME: 10 minutesPARTICIPANTS: Multiple of 2HOW TO PLAY: Winner/loser is a great ice breaker game too. Divide employees into groups of two. After this, one of the team members shares a negative life experience with their partner. Now, the other team member retells the same story while highlighting the positive aspects of the experience.

    Partners should switch roles after talking about each issue.

    RESULT: By the end of the game, each member will have found the silver lining to their life experiences that they probably did not wish to relive. This will teach them to view the hardships of life (both professional and personal) from a positive perspective and learn from it.

    4. Mystery Dinner

    OBJECTIVE: The objective is to let employees get out of their comfort zone and work as a team. It also helps with working with new team members.

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    Blindfold Team Building Activities

    Blindfold activities can impel team members into working together more closely and also make some team building activities more memorable.



    Games using blindfolds have been a part of team building activities for many years. Blindfold activities can impel team members into working together more closely and also make some team building activities more memorable. Sieger Team has a range of blindfold games and ideas for you to consider using in your team builds and events.

    1. Blind Leads: This is a great way to develop trust and communication, sometimes called Trust Walks. One person is blindfolded and their partner is sighted. The person takes the other for a walk by holding their hand or arm and talking to them as they go.

    2. Colour Blind: The team is given a set of shapes with 2 of the set removed. By logical reasoning, communication and teamwork, the team have to work out the shape a colour of the two missing pieces. While they are doing the activity all of the group members are wearing blindfolds.

    3. Blindfold Rope Line: Team Members are blindfolded one at a time and are challenged to walk the line. More points for getting further, losing points every time they step on the ground other than on the line.

    4. Shape Sorter: Team members are blindfolded and then presented with a set of shapes from which two have been removed. The team have the task of identifying the shape and version of each of the two pieces that have been removed.

    5. Robot Wars: Group members are paired up. One is the Robot and the other is the Director. The Robot is blindfolded and is in the zone, the Director is sighted and stands just outside the zone. Director directs the Robot to the balls of paper and then directed to throw them at the other Robots. If they hit then the pair gets a point.

    6. Blindfolds Mayhem: Each of them given a note of a noise they must make for another team and blindfold. Next find the other team members making the same noise so that they can get together in their teams.

    7. Blindfolds Catch: One person sits on the floor and round them are a number of items, some small, some larger and rest of the group stand at the edge of the room. Then other group members take it in turns to try to retrieve an object. If they make noise and the person with blindfold hears them, then the blindfolded person points to them and says 'heard you', if they point at a person then that persons turn ends and it is on to the next person.

    8. Blindfolds Tent: Blindfolds tent is great for developing communication. Also, blindfold tent used as a point scoring project as part of a multi project activity.

    9. Circle of Silence: Group to stand in an inward facing circle with an arms length between each person. One person is given an object and must be passed from one person to the next as quietly as they can. One of the group wears a blindfold and asked to stand in the middle of the circle. Their aim is to listen out for the noise. If they hear it they should point to where the noise comes from.

    10. Blind Square: This activity is all about problem solving, communication and teamwork. The team must put the rope on the ground in shape of the largest square possible. The team must wear blindfolds throughout.

    11. Blindfolds Maze: A person wears a blindfold is given a route to follow away from the mark. At the end of the route they are to retrace their steps. Then the blindfold is removed. The closer they are to the start point the better. Progression in this task is to make the route more complex.

    12. Blindfold Hide and Seek: One of the group is sighted and hides in the square. The rest of the group wear blindfolds and must find the sighted person.

    13. Sheep and Shepherd: One team member to be the shepherd and everyone else will take the role of sheep. The shepherd has to get the sheep in the pen. The shepherd is to stay in one place in the centre of the field and may only clap or whistle. The sheep wear blindfolds and are scattered around the field and may only make sheep noises.

    15. Blindfold Matrix Maze: Trying to get your bearings is difficult if you’re blindfolded and trying to walk through a giant maze with people yelling in your ears from every direction. What’s even more difficult: trying to guide your blindfold maze walkers through the maze from a distance while competing among many other sighted managers for their attention.

    16. Night line: Once the team members are Blindfolded then they should follow the rope staying together as a group by holding the back of the coat of the person in front of them. Great blindfold game.

    17. Minefield: An engaging game requiring communication and trust. The task is very flexible, works for groups of various types and sizes, and can be adapted to youth, adults, corporate etc.

    18. Blind Crossing: Blindfolded people walk towards and find a seeing partner, guided by verbal directions from the seeing partner.

    19. Silent Opera: This activity works on alternative methods of communication. One volunteer is blindfolded and another volunteer to give vocal instructions. The remaining members of the group are not allowed to speak.

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