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    adani electricity bill payment billdesk


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    All about paying Adani electricity bill

    Adani electricity bill: Know all about Adani electricity bill including how to pay it using the various options

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    By Housing News Desk

    July 6, 2022

    All about paying Adani electricity bill

    In this article, we provide an overview of the fundamentals as well as the advantages of paying your power bill online.

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    Adani electricity: Online bill payment

    What is online bill payment for electricity?

    How to pay electricity bills online?

    Advantages of online electricity bill payment

    Adani electricity bill: Payment methods for online transactions

    Adani electricity bill: How to pay bill through the website

    Voluntary Deposit Scheme (VDS)

    How to pay Adani power bill via RTGS/NEFT

    Payment for electricity bills Via Google Pay

    Payment for electricity bills via PhonePe

    Payment for electricity bills Via BHIM app

    A subsidiary of the Adani Group, Adani Electricity Mumbai Ltd. (AEML) is an integrated enterprise comprising power generation, transmission, and distribution. It provides service to over three million customers throughout a total area of 400 square kilometres in Mumbai as well as its surroundings, and its consistency rate of 99.99 per cent is among the greatest in the nation. Adani Electricity satisfies over 2,000 megawatts (MW) of Mumbai’s power demand via the city’s biggest and most effective power distribution network.

    Adani Electricity is committed to its mission of delivering the highest possible level of service to the patrons who have placed their faith in the company’s “Power of Service” brand tagline. The firm has made it a priority to establish fresh and original strategies for its business operations and customer service, with the goal of fostering the growth of its clientele. Their online operations are examples of such strategies.

    Adani electricity: Online bill payment 

    People no longer have to visit government offices and deal with additional difficulties to have their basic needs met due to the advancements in technology. Paying your phone, DTH, and power bills online is a great example of this trend. Online power bill payment is among the most essential and handy options among these services.

    These days, paying one’s bills online is a relatively simple process, and there are a wide variety of methods available for doing so. We will provide an overview of the fundamentals as well as the advantages of paying your power bill online.

    What is online bill payment for electricity?

    The term “online energy bill payment” refers to a method of making payments on your electric bills via the use of the internet and either your own bank account or payment gateways provided by a third party. Once you have an understanding of how the process of bill payment works, you will find that it is possible to do this task without incurring any costs by making use of a web browser or application and requiring little to no additional effort.

    This makes a significant contribution toward streamlining the procedure and enables you to more efficiently manage your payments. When it comes time to pay the power bill, you won’t need to worry about writing a check or dealing with cash. With the press of a single button, any and all payments may be processed immediately.

    You may pay bills online after first associating your account number with the electrical bill of your residence, business, institution, or any other location. This can be done in any order. This service may be directly connected to your bank account, as well as to the accounts of various other service providers that handle online payments.

    How to pay electricity bills online?

    Using their secure portal and payment processors, you may pay your Adani power bill online with ease and convenience. Using the Adani Electricity website, it’s a breeze. Paying your power bills online has never been easier, and the gateway saves you the time you’d otherwise spend waiting in huge lines.

    Advantages of online electricity bill payment

    People in every region of the globe are increasingly shifting to the use of digital platforms to complete various kinds of financial transactions, such as food bill payments and online shopping. In a similar vein, the majority of individuals nowadays choose the option of paying their power bills online.

    It’s easy to pay your bills online

    Put behind you the inconvenient days of either forgetting the due date of paying bills or standing in line for an extended period of time on the due date to pay your bills. You are able to pay all of your bills with a single transaction when you use the online form of payment.

    In addition, some services provide you with the opportunity to set the day that you will pay your next bill and will send you a reminder about it when the time comes for your payment to be made. In this manner, you will never miss a payment on a bill and will never have to worry about losing your electrical connection.

    Transactions that are secure and safe

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    Adani Electricity Bill

    Pay Adani electricity bill instantly with Freecharge. Just enter your consumer number from Adani electricity bill and complete the payments with ease.

    Adani Electricity Bill Payment - Freecharge

    Adani Electricity Bill Payment - Freecharge Pay Adani Electricity Bill Payment

    Freecharge made Adani electricity bill payment online easy and smooth. Now, anyone anywhere can pay their Adani Electricity bill from the comfort of their workplace or home.

    How To Pay Adani Electricity Bill Online

    1) Firstly, a user must sign up on Freecharge to avail of the advantage of paying bills through Freecharge.

    2) Once the signing up procedure ends, one must choose one's respective service provider for Adani electricity Bill payment.

    3) Then, the user needs to move on to the next step by entering the allotted consumer number.

    4) Different payment options regarding Adani Bill payment online will show up on the Freecharge app. It serves you all the possible payment options starting from credit/ debit up to net banking, Freecharge wallet, along UPI modes of payment. A customer must pick as per his feasible option.

    5) Freecharge saves your data once you pay electricity bills using Freecharge.

    So from next time onwards, you need not insert all the required pieces of information all over again. The system automatically takes in the threads of information all by itself.

    No one needs to walk all the distance to the electricity office for Adani Power Bill payment offline. At the snap of a finger, anyone can get done with Adani online payment nowadays.

    Get Energy Bill Payment Offers On Freecharge

    Besides providing a hassle-free, smooth bill payment option, Freecharge gives a customer exciting offers and cashback after every payment he makes on the app.

    Adani Electricity Customer Care Services

    Freecharge customer care services are always at your beck and call to live up to all their customers' expectations. Their top priority is to provide their customers across the nation with the best possible billing services online possible. Hence, they let you reach out to them as / when you require to talk to the customer executives.

    Customers may write to them as well for lodging any grievances.

    Freecharge's 128-bit encryption technology ensures a safe transaction of the bill payments. Adani electricity bill download options are also there on the Freecharge app.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How To Find The Electricity Bill Consumer Number?

    The consumer number is unique to each of the customers. The numbers of digits also differ from one another as per various states. One may find one's consumer number as given on the electricity bill. However, checking electricity bill amounts online has become so easy nowadays. One may also download a hard copy from online of their monthly electricity bills.

    2. How To Calculate Electricity Bills From Meter Readings?

    For the calculations of electricity bills, one must know the previous month's electric meter reading, besides knowing the ongoing month's reading.

    Two parameters impact the electric meter reading. They are kWh units and maximum demand (kW).

    To calculate the unit consumed, subtract the previous month's unit (kWh) from the current month's unit (kWh). While considering the energy charge, multiply the unit rate by the electricity unit consumed.

    Hence, for fixed charge calculation, multiplication of fixed charge by sanction load gives the outcome.

    3. How To Get A Receipt Of The Electricity Bill Payment?

    On Freecharge, a customer has to log in using his respective user id and password.

    On the right top, you need to tap on the Human icon.

    Then, you get the "My transactions" option. Then, Click on it.

    Again choosing the options "Details" followed by "view invoice" may lead any customer to get hold of all the invoices. Then, print the invoice when required.

    4. Do I Need To Have An Account With Freecharge To Make Payments?

    Yes, one must sign up on Freecharge to pay bills online.

    ... Read More

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    Adani Electricity Online Bill Payment

    Adani Electricity Online Bill Payment at Airtel Payments Bank. Choose the Fastest & Safest way to Pay Adani Electricity Mumbai electricity bill online and get exciting cashback & offers.

    Make Adani Electricity Bill Payment Online at Airtel Payments Bank

    The digital era today has made it possible to pay our electricity bill from the comforts of our homes. While there are various online bill payment apps, Airtel Payments Bank comes with its set of perks.

    Perhaps one of the easiest ways of making Adani electricity bill payment, Airtel Payments Banks offers you an option to make your electricity bill payment . in a matter of minutes. And what’s more?! You can do this anytime and from anywhere. If you have stable internet, you can make your Adani bill payment while you are on-the-go. Along with this, Airtel Payments Bank offers you a host of perks too. Let’s talk about that in detail below.

    Why Choose Airtel Payments Bank for Adani Electricity Bill Payment Online?

    Along with being one of the easiest ways to make a bill payment, Airtel Payments Bank comes with a host of other benefits. Here are some of them:

    Quick process:

    Unlike the physical mode of payment, your Adani electricity bill payment online via our bank pretty quick. All you need is a laptop or a mobile phone and a stable internet connection. Then, visit our website (for a laptop) or login to the app (for phone). Navigate to the ‘electricity bill’ section and enter the details asked.

    Safe process:

    Your account’s safety is our priority, hence, all the transactions done through Airtel Payments Bank are both – secure and safe. We ensure that your account and transaction details are kept confidential and protect your account from any digital hacking.

    Simple process:

    Adani bill payment with Airtel Payments Bank is easy. All you have to do is keep following the steps one after the other. Your bill will be paid in a matter of minutes.

    How to Pay Adani Electricity Bill Online?

    Adani electricity bill payment via the Airtel Payments Bank is both – hassle-free and quick. All you have to do is follow the steps given below:

    Visit the Airtel Payments Bank page

    Navigate to the ‘Electricity Bill’ Section

    Select your State or UT i.e. Maharashtra

    Select your biller i.e. Adani Electricity Mumbai Limited

    Enter your Consumer Number

    Click on ‘Fetch Bill’

    Click on ‘Pay Now’

    Login securely with your registered mobile number and mPIN

    Select a mode of payment

    Complete the payment process

    Adani Electricity Customer Care Number

    To reach to your electricity board for queries and complaints dial: 1800-200-3030. You can also send an SMS or WhatsApp just type send Power followed by your 9-digit account number to 7065313030.

    Which Operators Bill Payment provide by Airtel Payments Bank?

    You can also make bill payments for various operators via Airtel Payments Bank such as NBPDCL bill payment | SBPDCL bill payment | TNEB bill payment | UPCL bill payment | CSPDCL bill payment | MSEDCL bill payment | BEST Mumbai Bill Payment | BSES Rajdhani bill payment | BSES Yamuna bill payment | HPSEBL Bill Payment | WBSEDCL Bill Payment|TSSPDCL bill payment and many more apart from Adani online bill payment.

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