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    are the spoc for every unit and looks at the knowledge


    Guys, does anyone know the answer?

    get are the spoc for every unit and looks at the knowledge from screen.

    TCS Knowledge Management Competency test E0

    Tcs Knowledge Management Assessment test E0 question and answer. if you want to pass the test you need to complete it with sixteen marks.

    Assessment for E0 Knowledge Management Competency – KM Competency Grp Group

    Every TCS employee has to pass these competency tests to gain their Knowledge Management Competency E0. If you are an employee then you must be given this examination. This is a set of 20 Questions where you have to score 16 to clear the exam. Every time you face interchange questions and have an unlimited chance to complete the test. Here are a few questions with answers in bold black coloured.

    Q: Which one of the following options is a social quizzing platform in TCS?

    Knome Knowmax Prime hub

    Mindworks Q: What is the primary focus area during project closure phase?

    Preparation Planning Optimization

    AnalysisQ: Which of the following are techniques to accelerate learning ?

    Pilots and PoCs Job rotation

    monitoring and feedback

    All of the aboveQ: What is the primary focus area during the project induction phase?Preparation

    planning optimization analysis

    Q: What is the primary focus area during project Start-up phase?PreparationPlanning

    Optimization Analysis

    Q: Knowledge sharing is possible only through documents


    FalseQ: Reuse Platform is a one stop repository for? Code snippets Reusable componentsProject plan Test planQ: Which in the followings is the best fit when a new project starts Smart kit

    Best practices Code snippets None of the above

    Q: Nancy wants to reach out to an expert on artificial Intelligence and keep track of the latest trends in that topic. where can she find the information quickly?

    Mindworks GSPEED

    Prime HUBS

    Project work bench

    Q: Prime hub is a system of Records? True


    Q: Knowmax is a system of Records?


    False Q: …….. is an integral part of knowledge management? Communication using value messaging

    Audits Incentives All of the option

    Q: Select the knowledge management influencers? Customer CentricityUser feedback

    Operational excellence

    Maximize reusability

    Q: Select the knowledge management outcomes?

    Customer Centricity User feedback

    Operational excellenceMaximize reusability Q: What is the primary focus area during project execution phase?

    Preparation Planning



    Q: Edward Intends to track the involvement of project members in the area of knowledge sharing. he is unsure about what is to tracked. he should focus on ……………

    Preparation in knowledge sharing

    Value created from knowledge sharing


    None of the above

    Q: …………. holds all delivery process-related information. IQMS Wiki

    Smart kit All of the above None of the above

    Q: Which of the following help us to manage content and collaborate?Knowmax

    Reuse platform All of the above None

    Q: Building and Driving competency is not a focus of knowledge management?


    FalseQ: …….. Are structured databases containing issues and resolutions and have been compiled within a project and helps to share knowledge related to resolutions and prevent issues from occurring.

    Smart Retro Prime HUBs

    Known Error databases (KEDBs)

    IQMSWiki Q: Which of the following platform can be used to ask or post questions on various topics

    IQMS Mindworks KNowmax

    KnomeQ: Serves as topic-based aggregators that can be used to discover knowledge nuggets, discussion, events, experts and associated projects on these topics. Prime Hub

    Knowmax Reuse Platform none of the above

    Q: Which of the following techniques can be used for brainstorming and group ideation?

    Six thinking hats Knowledge cafes unconferences

    All of the aboveQ: Which of these is a primary knowledge needs during the induction phase of a project. Learning resources

    Process Knowhow experts Feedback

    Q: Partner/Vendor Collaboration is also a part of the knowledge and collaboration networks. True


    Q: Knowledge Management pillars also includes people and Culture

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    Knowledge Management Mcq

    MBA Pune University 2019 Pattern Semester 3 MCQ multiple choice questions elective ii information systems management knowledge management the set of processes

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    Knowledge Management Roles

    A presentation of the various knowledge management roles & positions, such as the CKO, knowledge managers, knowledge brokers, etc.

    KM From A to Z

    Knowledge Management Tools

    Looking for Knowledge Management Software?

    Book A Personalized Demo

    Knowledge Management Positions and Roles

    In this section, I will provide an overview of the knowledge management roles that one may find in a company. It is important to note that different companies may have some, all, or none of these positions. Furthermore, many will be part time roles (Skyrme 2011), representing a portion of an employee’s/manager’s responsibilities; this can even be the case for a top position like a CKO (Ning 2006). Alternatively, multiple roles may be integrated into one position, or the knowledge management responsibilities may be a part of more general functions (e.g. an intellectual capital manager, an information worker, etc.).

    However, these are the general roles that one can expect to fulfill in one capacity or another if one pursues a career in KM.

    Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO) / Chief Learning Officer (CLO): This represents the highest position within the field of KM. The CKO or CLO is responsible for the overall strategy, planning, and implementation. The CKO or CLO will be responsible for (Rusonow 2003 in Dalkir 2005):

    Formulating KM strategy.

    Handling KM operations.

    Influencing change in the organization.

    Managing KM staff

    Due to the importance of this position, the required knowledge and skills of the CKO (or CLO) are specifically addressed in the section on Knowledge Management Skills.

    Knowledge Manager: This is a general term for an executive who works with the CKO to implement knowledge initiatives and who manages KM efforts (Department of Navy, CIO). Examples of projects undertaken by knowledge managers include strategizing KM and change management, taxonomy construction, social network analysis, etc. (Ning 2006).KM Champions / Knowledge Leaders: Promote KM in an organization (Dalkir 2005), often by championing specific initiatives, e.g. re-designing the intranet, facilitating communities of practice, constructing taxonomies, etc. (Ning 2006).Knowledge Navigators / Knowledge Brokers: Someone who knows where knowledge is located (Dalkir 2005) and who connects people with knowledge to those who need it (Skyrme 2011).Knowledge Synthesizers / Knowledge Stewards: This role is responsible for keeping knowledge up to date (Skyrme 2011) and recording significant knowledge to organizational memory (Dalkir 2005).Knowledge Editor: Someone who manages the format and language of explicit knowledge so that a user can more easily utilize it (Skyrme 2011).Knowledge Analyst: Someone who translates user needs into knowledge requirements (Skyrme 2011).Knowledge Transfer Engineer: Captures and codifies tacit knowledge so as to facilitate its reuse. Also facilitates the transfer of tacit knowledge by connecting relevant people (Department of Navy, CIO).Knowledge Systems Engineer: This is a systems expert who creates solutions for KM initiatives through the use of portals, intranets, databases, and so on (Department of Navy, CIO).

    Apart from this, you have a whole host of positions involved directly or indirectly within KM, including everything from content publishers, human resource roles, mentors, librarians, etc (Dalkir 2005). In some capacities, such positions may receive a designation which includes “knowledge management”, e.g. knowledge management assistant.

    The roles and positions outlined above are not exhaustive; there are countless other ways to organize and name the KM functions. However, they should cover the main responsibilities of KM workers and managers.

    2010 - Updated 2015

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