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    before burning in air the magnesium ribbon is cleaned by rubbing with sandpaper to


    Guys, does anyone know the answer?

    get before burning in air the magnesium ribbon is cleaned by rubbing with sandpaper to from screen.

    Why should a magnesium ribbon be cleaned before burning in air?

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    Why should a magnesium ribbon be cleaned before burning in air?

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    The magnesium ribbon should be cleaned before burning in the air because the layer of magnesium oxide (which is formed due to the reaction of magnesium with air ) can be removed in order to get the desired chemical reaction.

    Also in order to remove the oxide layer, the presence of which slowdowns the oxidation process. So, by cleaning it, the burning process takes place easily.

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    Why should a magnesium ribbon be cleaned before burning in air?

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    Academic QuestionsScience QuestionsWhy Should A Magnesium Ribbon Be Cleaned Before Burning In Air

    Why should a magnesium ribbon be cleaned before burning in air?

    Magnesium is chemically very active, it takes the place of hydrogen in boiling water and a great number of metals can be produced by thermic reduction of its salts and oxidized forms with magnesium. Magnesium is labelled as the eighth most abundant element and about 2% of earth’s crust is constituted by Magnesium.

    In seawater, it is the most plentiful element present. It is not only found in seawater but also in underground brines and salty layers. After aluminium and iron, magnesium is the third most abundant structural metal in the earth’s crust.

    Magnesium ribbon should be cleaned with sandpaper before burning in the air

    It should be cleaned before burning due to the following reasons:

    Magnesium very reactive element which rapidly reacts with oxygen in the air to form a white layer of magnesium oxide and this layer will not burn.

    To remove the Magnesium oxide layer from the ribbon which may prevent or slow down the burning of magnesium ribbon.

    Unwanted impurities deposited on the magnesium ribbon can be removed and only pure magnesium can be used for the reaction.

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    Why should a magnesium ribbon be cleaned before burning class 12 chemistry CBSE

    Why should a magnesium ribbon be cleaned before burning in air

    Why should a magnesium ribbon be cleaned before burning in air?

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    Hint: Magnesium is a very reactive metal. When it is kept in the open air it can react with the gases present in the air. Cleaning will remove those impurities formed due to the reaction with air.Complete Answer:

    Let us see why it is important to clean the surface of the magnesium ribbon before burning it.

    - Magnesium is an alkaline earth metal. Metals which are in the second group of the periodic table are called the alkaline earth metals. They are very reactive since they have just two electrons in their outer electron shell.

    - This high reactive nature of magnesium is the reason why magnesium ribbons should be cleaned before using it.

    - When we keep a magnesium ribbon in contact with air for a long time, it reacts with the oxygen present in the air and the magnesium ribbon gets oxidised into magnesium oxide.

    2Mg+ O 2 ⟶2MgO O2⟶2MgO

    - The oxide coating on the magnesium ribbon is formed on the surface of the ribbon and it turns the ribbon white. This coating hinders the burning of the ribbon as this layer does not burn easily.

    - So, we know since the oxide layer hinders the burning of the remove we have to remove it. To do so we have to clean the surface of the ribbon. Cleaning the surface of the magnesium ribbon will remove the oxide layer from the surface and thus it will allow the ribbon to burn effectively to get the desired result.

    The magnesium ribbon burns in air producing intense heat and producing bright white light. The oxygen from the air reacts with magnesium to form the magnesium oxide. The reaction for this is the same reaction given above:

    2Mg+ O 2 ⟶2MgO 2Mg+O2⟶2MgO .

    Note: Air comprises many gases but out of them nitrogen

    ( N 2 ) (N2) and oxygen ( O 2 ) (O2)

    are its major components. Always remember that magnesium only reacts with oxygen in the air to form an oxide coating on its surface but it does not react with the atmospheric nitrogen at all. This is because gaseous nitrogen is very inert and it does not react with magnesium.

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