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    business dressing includes wearing socks which covers ____ distance from the ankle to the knee.


    Guys, does anyone know the answer?

    get business dressing includes wearing socks which covers ____ distance from the ankle to the knee. from screen.

    8 Different Types Of Socks and How To Wear Them

    The definitive guide to men's and women's socks - Learn about all types of socks including the different lengths, how to wear them, and functionality.

    8 Different Types Of Socks and How To Wear Them

    November 1, 2019 by jamie

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    We all tend to think about outfits in terms of shirts, jacket, and pants. Socks are an after thought. However, picking the right socks can really make your style shine. When it comes to socks, there are a lot of choices to make including the type of material, colors, quality, and length. Stylistically, it needs to look good and coordinate with your entire outfit. At the same time, socks should be comfortable and fit well. Otherwise, they can create blisters and other foot problems. Below are the different kinds of socks to consider with your next purchase.

    Knee High Socks

    Knee high socks are long. They go right up to your knee. Diabetics and athletes often wear knee high socks because it adds support. For instance, knee high diabetes socks improve circulation in the legs by preventing blood from pooling to the feet. These socks have other features such as low profile seams, moisture wicking abilities, and extra padding for protection. These socks are a good remedy for foot discomfort. Here is a full guide on how how to pick diabetic socks.

    Suitable for : Women and men, diabetics, athletes, runners, high intensity exercise, people with DVT, people with peripheral edema

    Calf Socks

    Wearing calf socks is a nice accessory to spice up a women’s style and make your outfit really pop. Use calf socks to layer up and add more colors to your wardrobe. These socks look stylish when worn together with skirts, dresses, or shorts along with high heels or boots. Match the color of your tops with your calf socks to create a cute casual or formal attire. Calf socks also keep your legs warm during winter. You can also learn how to choose the best women’s socks.

    Suitable for : Women, fashion, keeping legs warm

    Ankle Socks

    Ankle socks cover your entire feet and just reaches right below your ankles. For those hot summer days, a lot of people opt for a sock that offers less coverage. They work with low top athletic shoes and other casual footwear.

    Suitable for : Women and men, casual and low top shoes for exercise

    Quarter Socks

    Quarter socks are a little bit longer than their ankle counterpart. They go up above your ankles and touches your shins. Quarter socks will prevent blisters in the area where your Achilles contact your shoes. Similar in style to ankle socks, it just a matter of preference in style. One goes below the ankles, the other on top. Again, these socks are great for wearing in the heat. For those with diabetes, quarter socks for diabetics are also available for people with foot issues such as nerve damage, cold feet, and poor circulation. They also help to protect the feet with additional cushioning.

    Suitable for : Men and women, diabetics, low cut tennis or running shoes

    Crew socks

    Crew socks are the most common length socks. They are often worn during exercise at the gym and colder winter months. Crew length socks go about half a foot above the ankles and partially covers the calf. Crew socks offer good protection and keeps the legs warm. Some of the most popular diabetic dress socks come in crew length. While these socks look and feel like normal socks, they double as dress socks too. They offer foot comfort that people with diabetes need to protect their feet.

    Suitable for : Women and men, casual or formal, diabetics, exercise, business functions

    Mid Calf Socks

    Mid-calf socks as the name implies are long enough to cover half of your calf. These socks keep you warm in cooler weather. For that reason, mid-calf socks are more often than not made from wool. Wool is an expensive material because of its durability, ability to keep your feet warm, and wick away sweat.

    Suitable for : Men and women, cold weather, jogging, physical activity, formal attire or casual

    Thigh High Socks

    Originally worn by men and women in Scotland, now women are the ones usually wearing thigh high socks. These socks reach above the knees and onto the thighs. These socks are suited to wear with skirts, shorts, and dresses. Try wearing thigh high socks with patterns to add some flare to your style. Also, check out our guide on how to wear the right socks for your outfit.

    Suitable for : Men, Women, Scottish, keeping legs warm, style

    No Show Socks

    No show socks are also known as slip-on socks. They are thinner and lighter than traditional socks. Yet, these socks still offer some protection and sweat absorption. No show socks are great for wearing with loafers or boat shoes because they don’t show. When they get worn and old, you can recycle socks and help the planet.

    Suitable for : Men, women, outdoors, loafers, boat shoes

    While often neglected, socks play a vital role. Socks can have multiple purposes. They can be a fashion statement. Socks protect our feet and keeps our legs warm too. Some are worn for special occasions or for physical activity. Other socks have health benefits from wearing them. So spend some time and decide on what you need from your socks and pick the right ones for your situation.

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    9 Different Types Of Socks and How To Wear Them – Fashion

    Different lengths, material, and matters with a variety of colors, the types of socks are available in the to choose ideally for your requirement.

    9 Different Types Of Socks and How To Wear Them

    November 17, 2021 by Madhavi

    9 Different Types Of Socks and How To Wear Them:

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    Different lengths, materials, and matters with a variety of colors of socks are available in the market, which you need to choose ideally, which is not a big deal. The types of socks according to length, including knee-high socks no show socks, are great to wear according to the occasions that may be formal or informal. And don’t miss checking out some types of boots for women and types of boots for men to pick your style.

    If you do not wear socks, you may find your feet having blisters, shoe bites, and your feet might stink as well, and nobody likes a smelly foot. They protect your feet irrespective of whatever season you are wearing or whichever activity you are going to do. Varieties of patterns and colors are also available to choose from your way of style which you like.

    These are the types of socks you can opt for on any occasion you want to attend.

    1. Thigh High Socks / Over The Knee Socks

    Thigh-high socks go above the knee and a perfect option for women when they are going to wear skirts. Printed socks are also a great option if you want to add a fun element to the outfit.

    Scottish men and women were famous for wearing thigh-high socks with knee-length skirts.

    2. Knee High Socks

    Ladies utilize knee-length socks, ordinarily under their running shoes or boots, during winters. They go about as a pad and add a layer to keep the feet warm.

    These are utilized widely in the flying and hospitality businesses as a piece of the uniform. It is a type of sock great for physical activities.

    3. Over The Calf Socks / Executive Socks

    The Calf length socks are high for covering up the calf muscles and a bit below from your knee. Usually, the people in the sports industry and athletes wear this kind of socks as a form of protection of their feet and calf.

    It is a sock for running as well and perfect for outdoor high intense physical activities.

    4. Mid Calf Socks

    These mid-calf socks cover up to your calf muscles but do not entirely ride over your calf length. These are generally woolen materials to keep your feet warm in winter, particularly for those who do physical activities.

    These types of socks come in fabrics like net and sheer for women.

    Crew socks

    For outdoor physical activities and in winters, crew socks are great for events like running or hiking. These are six feet to eight feet long, so it depends on the leg’s length that it can go up to the calf muscles. They give perfect protection as well as coverage.

    It is suitable for informal and running shoes during winter activities.

    5. Quarter Socks / Anklets

    The quarter socks cover the feet above the ankles and till your shins. They provide you with excellent coverage and protect your feet from the blisters you get in the back of the feet.

    Generally, men use these kinds of socks for professional purposes, and women use them to protect their feet.

    6. Ped / Low Cut Socks

    These are short socks that fit slightly above the top edge of a shoe, with a ribbed edge  – these are usually worn with running shoes.

    7. Ankle Socks / Liner Or Extra Low Cut Socks

    If you are thinking about what to wear with the low-cut shoes you own like loafers or casual shoes, these socks are perfect for protecting your feet. This ankle-length sock covers your feet till the part of ankles.

    An ideal choice if you are going for a casual occasion. It will make you look sophisticated.

    8. No Show Socks / Invisible Socks

    This type of socks is thin and gives a protective layer that is perfect to wear them with loafers or shoes like ballerinas. For saving your feet from stinking, it is better to wear socks like no show socks, which will not display the socks yet will protect your feet from shoe bites or blisters. Both men and women can wear these socks.

    9. Toe Cover / Mute

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    What length of socks are the best?

    Answer (1 of 3): This is a basic guide, I like to follow, when I get confused as to which sock to wear. Although there can be no one length of sock that will suit everyone’s likeliness, but to be sure and safe, the range can be decided. From Liner/Extra Low Cut (3rd picture) to mid-calf/ crew (...

    What length of socks are the best?

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    The smaller the better I think

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    Unless you are into sports, you wouldn’t need over the knee or loose length socks. The toe cover and no show socks can get a little uncomfortable for some, as they might get loose and lose grip.

    My personal favourite i

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    Are thigh highs inappropriate to wear as a teen?

    i really hope they aren't :'D i loooove the way thigh highs look!! especially with a pleated skirt ahhhh its so cute!!

    the bows make it even cuter ahhhhhh

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    Do you as a guy like to wear shorts 3 or 4 inches above the knee?

    Nope. Can’t stand those baggy things. The only shorts I own are actually short.

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    Why have thigh high socks not been popular with men?

    Not quite sure what you refer to. thigh high is just fine with me.

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    How many socks should you own?

    I have 10 pairs. I think this are okay for everybody.

    Source:: Which is the trending long socks knee high for women? in Underwear, Sleep Wear


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    I like the ones that come just about 2 or 3 inches above my ankles. My other choice is the mid calf sock. Since my legs are a on the hairy side, long socks make my legs uncomfortable, due to the fact they pull on my leg hairs.

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