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    closure of post implementation defects raised by customer within prescribed sla


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    Top Best Practices for Your SLA Management Processes

    Learn about best practices designed to streamline your SLA management processes to transparently monitor, measure, and report all levels of service agreements.


    Top Best Practices for Your SLA Management Processes

    By on November 16, 2020

    In today’s hypercompetitive world, meeting the rapidly increasing customer expectations is a daunting task yet an urgent necessity to stay relevant. Establishing service level agreements (SLAs) to align customer expectations and organizational capabilities is a practical approach to ensure superior service quality. Therefore, it’s strategically significant for businesses to plan and develop a robust SLA management system.

    A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a formal contract between the organization and its customers, outlining acceptable levels of performance for business scenarios where services are being rendered. SLAs are actively used for scenarios such as managed services and software maintenance and support services.

    Service level management is a key element of an IT help desk, and its objective is to streamline IT operations and improve IT service quality. Once the SLAs are agreed upon and communicated to the customers, it’s critical for the IT help desk to manage them effectively and efficiently.

    Manual SLA management is next to impossible, considering the massive volume of service requests businesses receive daily. Implementing a level of automation is one of the best methods to streamline user requests and accelerate responsiveness. Let’s take a look at the top best practices to automate the SLA management process for tracking, prioritizing, measuring, and reporting SLAs.


    It’s imperative to evaluate whether the help desk solution you select to handle the SLA management process accommodates the following feature requirements:

    Automated Tracking: The help desk automatically assigns an SLA to each incoming customer request based on pre-configured SLA policies. The status for every ticket generated by the system is tracked in real-time to accelerate the response and meet the SLA deadlines.Request Prioritization: Automated ticket routing based on pre-defined business rules helps to seamlessly align agents to work on customer requests. Logic-based ticket prioritization saves time in addressing urgent tickets and ensures faster resolution.

    Smart Alerts: A help desk system with visual alerts and text notifications features ensures smart reminders for tickets approaching SLA deadlines. Features such as customized color-coding help in efficiently sorting tickets requiring immediate attention and don’t let anything slip through the cracks.

    Auto-escalations: In case of an SLA breach, the system can allow automated ticket escalations according to the organization’s escalation policy. Accordingly, senior executives in the management hierarchy receive automated notifications for respective SLA breaches to ensure definite ticket resolution and customer satisfaction.

    Custom Reports: Customized reporting functionality of a help desk system simplifies the root cause analysis of SLA breaches in real-time. Detailed reporting helps to easily spot anomalies and identifies specific trends frequently causing the bottlenecks for unhindered service delivery.


    Once you’ve chosen the right help desk software to manage your SLA management process, it’s crucial to evaluate its effectiveness. Although every SLA varies depending on the type of services a customer requires, there are some key factors businesses need to monitor, analyze, and report to stakeholders. Here are primary performance indicators reflecting and validating the health of your solution in managing SLAs.

    Ticket Volume: Reflects the number of tickets processed by the help desk at a given point in time. This metric also indicates the service request patterns for different time intervals. Analyzing the ticket volume trends helps IT teams plan and optimize help desk performance during potential volume spikes.First Call Resolution Rate (FCRR): Defines the percentage of service issues completely and correctly resolved at the first level of support. Help desk solutions ideally strive for high FCCR as it implies higher customer satisfaction. Moreover, resolving customer issues in the first go guarantees improved SLA rates.Average Response Time: Merely implies the average time it takes to respond to a user request. It’s a performance indicator determining the efficiency of your SLA management system. The agent idle and customer wait time can be eliminated by automating the ticket management process and thus ensuring SLA fulfillment.SLA Compliance Rate: Signifies the percentage of customer issues resolved within the stipulated SLA times. Continuous adherence to SLA compliance is essential to ensure setting realistic SLAs. Tracking SLA compliance rate overtime helps in identifying the loopholes in the SLA management system.Cost Per Ticket: Dividing the total operating cost by the total ticket volume for the given time interval provides the cost per ticket. Various businesses consider the IT help desk as a cost center, and therefore it becomes essential for them to keep the cost per ticket to a minimum. Cost per ticket is a significant performance metric to evaluate the efficiency in managing tickets SLAs.


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    5 steps to succeed SLAs compliance in Project Management

    Discover why counting on the right IT operation management software adds value to your company's productivity and efficiency in SLAs compliance.

    5 steps to succeed SLAs compliance in Project Management

    May 30, 2017Tech-Blog

    As foundational arrangements with customers, SLAs are a resourceful system to manage customers’ expectations and satisfaction. By setting them properly, it is possible to identify outages or performance issues. Even if SLAs were originally oriented to service networks, they have now spread to IT Operation Management and Project Management in order to help measure and justify the figures.

    Importance of IT in SLAs Compliance

    To meet all the demands associated with this SLAs compliance, IT teams need to automate as many support and development tasks as possible. For this reason, the pressure on IT organizations to provide faster and more efficient services to allow systems run without interruptions has been steadily increasing.

    The integration of IT plays a significant role in SLAs compliance since it optimizes not only the gathering and review of data but also the time segmentation and calculation of overall performance percentage. This leads to a greater experience when it comes to calculating if your SLAs compliance percentage is at risk, missed or just less than the value specified.

    Whether a company merges, grows or experiences a sudden higher demand, in Project Management, it is mandatory to forestall scenarios in this new business context or market alternatives to anticipate risks and operational capabilities through intelligent analysis and exposure to short-term improvements.

    Integration of IT for SLAs Compliance

    Nowadays, with the advances of workload automation solutions, it is more feasible for commercial services to support their processes on a technological infrastructure,since they provide the option to manage plenty resources in real time to optimize the data analysis and tasks execution.

    Counting on the right IT operation management software adds value to your company, as it enhances its productivity and disposal. Modern tools like BMC Control-M potentiate your workflow with the main purpose of helping SLAs Compliance by following 5 essential procedures:

    1. Providing a wider view of the company assets:

    Whether it is based on a platform, application or database, it gathers relevant information through an up-to-date interface that manages the workflow.

    2. Decreasing business risks:

    It counts on predictive trending and analytics to identify difficulties and shortcomings before they have a negative effect in the business.

    3. Simplifying modification in requests:

    It organizes batches and workflows and allows the possibility of managing this information, with practical features that ease the supervision of multiple stakeholders.

    4. Engaging the business personnel:

    It provides a service mobile app for business users to keep the non-IT personnel informed with the relevant aspects for their special demands and needs.

    5. Ensuring compliance:

    It performs a comprehensive auditing that tracks and reports all related data of current activities, including actions taken and their responsible.

    Succeed SLAs compliance

    Since SLAs compliance percentage must be reviewed periodically, the advantages of integrating and relying your company’s tasks on an effective automated solution will save time and efforts to successfully achieve this process. Moreover, it will guarantee both, business users and customers, satisfaction due to the tangible improvement in the company’s environment and overall performance.

    By staying within SLA compliance and keeping an on-time delivery in your commitments, customers will involve much more in the process because they will know that they can always count on effective resources to help them.

    Currently, there are excellent IT operation management solutions available in the market to help your company build a successful Service Level Agreement.

    Do not hesitate to contact us for further information on Project Management tools.

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    Appraisal Comments

    Appraisal Comments - Free download as Word Doc (.doc / .docx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free.

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    131K views 3 pages

    Appraisal Comments

    Appraisal Comments Uploaded by

    Shweta Ramteke

    Full description

    Objectives Measurement Criteria Appraisee's Comments

    Project Delivery

    a. Completeness of Deliverables

    b. Timeliness of Deliverables - N

    o schedule deviation

    c. Quality of code

    d. Problem solving - understand

    the problem and implement solu

    tions under guidance

    e. Contribution to Unit test cases

    /check-list preparation

    f. Timely reporting of issues and l

    eaves to project lead / PM

    g. SLA adherence as per project


    a. Not only completed all the deliverables on ti

    me but extended normal working hours whenev

    er needed to fulfil project requirements as a par

    t of MART - CMT team and EG team thereafter.

    b. Took over from a senior resource in EG Suppo

    rt Team and scaled up as self-sufficient and conf

    ident in problem solving and solution implemen


    c. 100% adherence to SLA norms and reporting

    of issues and leaves.

    d. Participation in consolidation of Weekly statu

    s reports, Service delivery reports and Account p

    rogress reports. Ensured that all the reports and

    completed before time.

    Objectives Measurement Criteria Appraisee's Comments

    Customer satisfac tion

    a. Help the team to Timely Resp

    onse to customer requests - Prov

    ide necessary inputs on time.

    b. Appropriate, timely, unambig

    uous communication

    a. Stepped into the role as ESB resources, but as

    the role demanded and as per customer reques

    ts, undertook SAP responsibilities as well.

    b. Conveyed all my views in as formal and as un

    ambiguous manner as possible.

    Objectives Measurement Criteria Appraisee's Comments

    Quality and Proce ss

    a. Compliance to the processes a

    nd standards

    b. Quality of Documentation

    c. Completing timesheet on time

    a. 100% adherence to all the compliances and pr

    ocesses as laid in the SLA.

    b. Documented and maintained CMT Support d

    oc which serves as a reference guide in Custome

    r SharePoint portal.

    c. Filled up and completed Wipro timesheet on t

    ime without any deviation.

    Objectives Measurement Criteria Appraisee's Comments

    Competency/ Self

    a. Build expertise in identified tea. As the role demanded learned multiple techn

    Development chnology

    b. New areas / tools / techniques


    c. Trainings Attended - All Mand

    atory and Project specific trainin


    d. Certifications acquired & Cont

    ribution of utilities/tools/acceler

    ators /project learning into KNET

    ologies. Started from SQL Server and Sagent ETL

    tool in MART CMT. As a member of EG Team, le

    arnt SAP RT, VB, as well as scripting in testing au

    tomation tool (QTP). Learned Microsoft SharePo

    int portal for Yell’s

    KNet portal implementation.

    b. Designed and implemented a QTP script to eli

    minate the sanity checking efforts by almost 60

    %. Received appreciation from the client for the


    c. Submitted a white paper on

    ‘Winning in a Digi tal ’

    world for GMT-Tech ConneXion 2012, the on

    ly entry in the competition from a WASEian.

    d. Designed and maintained Yell Group's portal i

    n Wipro K-Net.

    b. Attended week long training on Informatica (

    Business Intelligence -ETL tool). Completed all m

    andatory assessments along with MS 101 for ma

    naged services.

    Objectives Measurement Criteria Appraisee's Comments

    Team work and co mmunication

    a. Participation in team activities

    & initiatives

    b. Effective Communication with

    in the team

    a. Enthusiastically participated in all the team ac

    tivities and celebration to inculcate team bondin


    b. Provided technical guidance to junior team m

    embers and shared work load when required.

    b. Effectively communicated all my views in a un

    ambiguous manner.

    d. Flexibly worked in different time zones.

    Objectives Measurement Criteria Appraisee's Comments

    ILP Objective View ILP Transcript

    Completed successfully.

    ILP Completion Status 100%

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