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    compare and contrast online teaching and real time classroom teaching


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    Online Learning vs Classroom Learning. Read 5 differences.

    The 5 differences between online learning vs classroom learning is a lot deeper than human interaction. Learn about the key differences.

    5 differences between Online Learning vs Classroom Learning

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    Date May 13, 2020

    We are now in age of the fourth industrial revolution – Technology. As it transforms major industries, life has become more interconnected, blurring the lines between the personal and professional with a growing number of sectors and companies becoming operationally mobile. The education industry has also slowly but surely attempted to accommodate these shifting demand trends, bringing with it a unique set of challenges. As Covid-19 changed the world and the education landscape with it, distance education and online learning became proliferated by necessity, raising questions about the differences between them. This articles covers the 5 differences between online learning vs classroom learning.

    Online Learning vs Classroom Learning #1: Human Interaction:

    The most obvious difference someone thinks of when comparing the two is the perceived lack of human interaction, however this isn’t technically true. The correct way to phrase this would be ‘no physical interaction’. Classroom Learning involves physical interactions with a teacher and peers, while online learning transfers this component to a virtual environment. So while there is human interaction, it happens online via virtual lectures, virtual discussions, face-to-face video workshops etc.

    Online Learning vs Classroom Learning #2: 24/7 access to learning materials:

    With online courses, students can always access learning materials such as module contents, assignments, lecture materials, podcasts and recorded sessions anytime during the course of their studies. For postgraduate courses module tutors are always there to assist with any questions through emails, messages and Skype calls. With Classroom Learning, be it for a school or university courses, a student has to visit the physical location to speak with tutors face to face, during assigned hours. This can be limiting, especially for working professionals.

    Online Learning vs Classroom Learning #3: Practice while you study:

    For University courses, Online Learning students can fit studies around their work schedules, and can immediately practice new concepts learned by applying them in their current scope of work. With classroom learning university courses, this is not often the case. Since students have to leave their job and social commitments to complete a degree programme, they will only be able to practice the new knowledge once they have re-joined the workforce. When it comes to schools and younger learners, a lot of Online Learning tools and apps help students understand concepts on a deeper level by providing problems they can interact and solve with in different ways. For example, logic puzzles or math puzzles that aren’t the cut and dry ‘solve for x’ prevalent in classroom learning.

    Online Learning vs Classroom Learning #4: Assessments:

    The Classroom Learning method of assessing a student’s capabilities is usually through quizzes and exams, most often one in a physical setting invigilated by an examiner. Covid-19 has made this method of assessment (temporarily) redundant. In Online Learning, assessments are undertaken via assignments, which can be either individual or group-based, providing an opportunity for students to form study groups that support each other and learn from their differing experiences. In rarer cases, online, open-book exams are also used as an assessment medium, however the latter is more popular.

    Online Learning vs Classroom Learning #5: Agility:

    Course materials can be accessed from anywhere in the world, regardless of differences in time zones, the location of the student, or their current status. From a busy working professional studying online in the late hours of the evening, to a stay at home mum brushing up their knowledge before getting back on the job market, online learning provides the much needed flexibility to study and finish a degree at each one’s own pace.

    As universities recognise the need of the modern workforce for education, learning and development, online programmes were developed with various specialisations to cater to professionals from different fields, industries and experiential backgrounds. It is no longer an absolute requirement to travel to a campus to study the programme, as our partner UK universities have a global reach, providing their distance learning courses to various countries worldwide.

    The online mode of learning also inculcates a sense of discipline amongst students as they have to be self-motivated to finish their assignments and degree requirements to graduate on time. With student support always available to online students, they are guaranteed to successfully finish their degree course with a little commitment and dedication. At Stafford, we endeavour to assist students with choosing the right programme and help them successfully apply in joining thousands of students, all studying the same qualification worldwide.

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    Comparing and Contrasting Online and Traditional Classes

    In this brief compare and contrast essay, a student compares online classes to traditional classes. The student focuses on scheduling as well as communication with the teacher in each context.

    Comparing and Contrasting Online and Traditional Classes

    In this brief compare and contrast essay, a student compares online classes to traditional classes. The student focuses on scheduling as well as communication with the teacher in each context.





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    Education is the most crucial part of children's life because education shapes their lives. Thanks to technology, education has been improving day by day. Students can reach online classes, which is available for every time. Although traditional classes and online classes look similar at first glance, they differ from each other in terms of their availability and flexibility.

    First of all, online classes are flexibly scheduled. Therefore, students can access their classes whenever they want because videos have already been recorded. Moreover, students do not have to go any certain place to study. If they have access to the Internet, they can study anywhere. They even do not have to access the Internet, if they download their lectures. So, students can watch their lessons in the subway, for instance. However, they cannot reach their teachers when they have a question mark in their mind. Also, some students open their lecture in a tab but they do not listen or watch it. They just want not to count as absent but teacher can easily notice these students from exam results.

    Traditional classes are widely spread and it is believed that the traditional classes are more beneficial because of its discipline. Who can imagine a class without discipline? Discipline is a good way to manage the students. Furthermore, the schedule is stricter in traditional classes compared to online classes. Students must attend the class at a certain time. If they do not attend the class many times, they are kicked from their classes and then they cannot attend not only lectures but also exams. Also, students can interact with their teachers face-to-face, so they can ask their questions immediately. Communication between the teacher and the student influence the quality of education in a good way.

    In conclusion, even though both online classes and traditional classes provide education, the differences between them such as accessibility of classes and interaction with teacher are easily noticed. Students can choose their classes which is

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    6 Differences Between Online Learning vs Classroom Learning in 2023 [Updated] Learn More About Content Writing

    At the times of Covid, the online learning vs classroom learning debate has taken a new shape. Let's examine, the pros and cons of e-learning and classroom learning.

    6 Differences Between Online Learning vs Classroom Learning in 2023 [Updated]


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    Learning is a process of acquiring new experience, knowledge, behavior or skills. In humans, learning starts from birth and continues throughout their lives. Learning brings the change in an existing behavior of an individual. With massive digitalization across all spheres, our society is currently caught in the middle of online learning vs classroom learning debate. Many scholars, educationists and teaching advocates across the world have participated in the debate and favored either one of these teaching modes based on their experience and observations.

    We all are aware about classroom learning, isn’t it? We sit in a classroom, listen to the teachers, raise our hands, attend to our roll calls, interact with classmates and ask our queries.

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    Do you know the difference between online learning vs classroom learning? 

    For online learning, also known as e-learning, you need your laptop/desktop/smartphone/tablet with web connection . These days people are preferring e-learning compared to classroom learning as it is new and inexpensive.

    Due to the impact of the internet, more and more people are choosing to stray from outmoded classrooms and take their courses online. The online and traditional classes each suit a particular requirement. Each option will provide its own benefits. However, online learning vs classroom learning is debatable as both have their unique features. Some like real–time interaction while others like the versatility that e-learning offers.

    In this article, we will try to understand how e-learning is different from traditional classroom teaching.  Now, let’s talk about e-learning vs traditional learning;

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    Student-Teacher Interaction

    Classroom learning involves face to face interaction among students, instructors and colleagues. Students in classroom learning, actively participate in asking questions and getting their queries resolved. It provides the dynamic learning experience. Dialogues among individuals lead to flow of conversations and provide opportunity to share their experiences.

    On the other hand, in e-learning this kind of interaction is not there but it is possible through emails, chats, forums and webinars. In e-Learning, students study in confinement and need to be self-motivated. An online course provides lessons, and the student learns terms, acronyms, definitions, and the methodological side of some tools.

    What goes missing, is any practical experience such as activities or illustrations, which are evaluated and practiced real-time. When it comes to attending the courses on the internet, you will not be in a discussion environment. It is likely that you will not often have any interaction with peers. Therefore, if you have a query, it is more of self learning, you will need to go back and find the solution on yourself, or ask a trainer via email or chat.

    Time and Place where you learn


    School/college days remind us when we did not want to get up early in the morning but we had no choice. To attend a class requires a lot of time in getting ready and reaching college or school.

    Therefore, in e-Learning vs classroom learning, the major difference is the presence of a physical classroom in a traditional set up. While in e- learning you can sit in any corner of your house and start/stop or replay the study material whenever you want.

    E-learning provides us a lot of time as we don’t have to go anywhere, so it saves a lot of time in travelling. Students can utilize that time in other extra-curricular activities in turn it helps them to maintain a balance between academic and non-academic sides. Further, it will prevent them from feeling burdensome.

    Flexibility in learning

    In e-learning v/s classroom learning, another difference is that e-learning provides flexibility to students across the globe. In addition, e-learning appears to be organized with more and smaller parts which are easier to consume and operate on a busy schedule as well.

    Students can study at their own pace and give tests at their selected timings. There is no pressure for students to stay in class. If an individual, who is in e-learning medium, having any issues with a method or understanding a course material. They can always go through their course material or replay the video recording to find a solution of any query.

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