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    describe a person who you believe dresses well


    Guys, does anyone know the answer?

    get describe a person who you believe dresses well from screen.

    Describe a person who you believe dresses well

    You should say: Who this person is What kind of dresses he/she wears How you know him/her and explain why you think this person dresses well.  Model Answer 1: The saying goes that a man is judged by his clothes. In true sense, clothing is a very special thing to make people feel noticed and […]

    Describe a person who you believe dresses well

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    You should say:

    Who this person is

    What kind of dresses he/she wears

    How you know him/her

    and explain why you think this person dresses well. Model Answer 1:

    The saying goes that a man is judged by his clothes. In true sense, clothing is a very special thing to make people feel noticed and Mr Samuel Robertson, my teacher for English languages dresses very well.

    Beauty depends on a good dress. Having a good dress is one of the prerequisites to be count. People mostly ignore the individuals with poor or below standard clothing. So, to maintain the society one needs to maintain proper dress code or dress well. Mr Robertson is my English language instructor in the colleges and I have never seen him dress informally. Even when I went to meet him at his home for some instructions on an essay composition, I find him in formal attires too. Once asked about the formal dress, he replied that he never compromises with his dresses and loves to be formal every time except when he is in sleeping mode.

    Mr Robertson usually wears formal suits. He has several suits and they are of different colours. He wears leather shoes with the shoes. Besides, his colour combination is also adorable. He combines his shirts with the suit colours. For instance, when he is in his black suit, he wears a white formal shirt along with a red tie. When he is wearing a blue suit, he wears a black shirt with a dark coloured tie. Besides, his tie knotting styles are different and he never ties the knot in the same way as he did on his last working day. He back brushes his hair with soft hair gel which makes an outstanding look for him.

    Last summer I got admitted in British Council in Paris and met Mr Samuel Robertson. The British council authority assigned Mr Robertson, a British national, for us to learn pure British English. So, he accordingly instructs us English. I have developed English very well after attending the course. Mr Robertson teaches the language spontaneously and as we are all professionals here, he also allows meeting him after the class or invites at his home if anyone fails to meet him after the class. He is active in social networking and all of his students are linked with him either on Twitter or via Facebook.

    It is solely my own observation and opinion that the British people love to be formal. They are a formal nation and prefer to maintain the formalities and customs everywhere. Regarding their dress code, they also want to continue the formal tradition and literally, they do it. I have seen him even on the hot summer day he is in his black suit which would be uncomfortable for me or anyone else of the class. The sense of being formal everywhere might be deeply graved in their minds. So, they are always formal. But it should not be taken as a negative remark. In the current days, a well-dressed body is also required with a wise brain to bloom.

    Sample Answer 2:

    I like Mr David Peterson for his smartness and casual attire. He is neat and clean and loves to dress well but keeps a notable distance with the formal attire. Nonetheless, he is attractive and gorgeous with his casual clothing.

    Mr Peterson is a professional instructor of the French language. I met him first when I went to learn French at a locally reputed French learning school in Cape Town. In fact, I was planning to learn the language as my family is shifting there. My father is a government employee and has recently been transferred there from Cape Town. So, I went to learn French and met with Mr Peterson.

    Mr Peterson is a nice guy with a tall figure. So, when he wears jeans pants and T-shirts, he looks excellent. I have never seen him get attired in formal dresses. He loves to be casual and enjoys flexibility in this case. Nobody has any complaint about his attires so far. Besides, he really looks smart with his casual fashion. Mr Peterson also likes to wear colourful dresses. But white is his preferred colour. Whenever goes to attend any event, he dresses in a white T-shirt and blue or dark jeans. It brings a majestic look for him.

    As I said before, I had met him at the language club. He was sitting beside me and was observing the reaction of others. In fact, he did not tell us that he was the instructor for whom we were waiting. Suddenly he stood up and started lecturing about the language. We were surprised. Actually, all of us were amazed at his introductory class. He described a large number of aspects of the French language. Besides, he asked us to introduce ourselves and we did so one after another. Later, he described many important aspects of the French language and how it originated. In fact, he shared almost all of his knowledge with us about the language.

    The person dresses well for some reasons, I think. He is a language instructor and needs to move around the class. So, if he is in formal attires, he might be in some problems of movement. Moreover, there are some hassles of formal attires too. You always need to be aware of the dress and cannot do whatever you want. A type of invisible restriction is imposed. So, when you are chained with such restrictions, you cannot provide the best shots in your jobs. Therefore, the dress you are in should be comfortable for you. For all the reasons, I think Mr Peterson dresses casually always. But he looks beautiful with the attires and his colour and fabric selection is outstanding indeed.

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    Describe a Person You Know Who Dresses Well

    In part 2 of the IELTS speaking test, you could be asked to describe someone who you know that dresses well. Find out how in this article.


    Posted by David S. Wills | Jun 13, 2022 | IELTS Tips, Speaking | 0

    In part 2 of the IELTS speaking test, you could be asked to describe a person. There are all sorts of people you might be asked to talk about, but one possibility is a person you know who dresses well. In this article, I’ll show you how to do that.


    Here’s our cue card for today:

    Describe a person you know who dresses well.

    You should say:

    – who this person is

    – what kinds of clothes this person likes to wear

    – how you know this person

    and explain why you think this person dresses well.

    Of course, this is just one of many possibilities. It could be phrased in other ways, such as “Describe a well-dressed person.” Note that it says “you know” so this should be someone like a friend or family member.

    When you are given this cue card, you will need to think quickly. First, decide on a person, then think of a few things to say. This might be difficult for some people. Not everyone will be able to immediately think of a person they know who dresses well. If you can’t, you’ll have to make up a person and then try your best to describe them.


    Before we go any further, I want to look at the sort of vocabulary you might need here. For this cue card, we’ll no doubt need to say a little about clothes. That’s a pretty big area of discussion, so you can check the prior link for some clothing vocabulary.

    Note that the cue card asks us to talk about the “kinds of clothes this person likes to wear.” Obviously, it would be good to be specific here, but “kinds” tells us that we could get away with being a little vague. We could, for example, use an adjective and then a noun for a “kind” of clothing:

    Adjective Noun plain t-shirts fancy hats expensive suits tight jeans short skirts cool jackets long dresses

    This is a great way to create descriptive phrases that implant a visual idea in the examiner’s mind. Note that you don’t need any really specific vocabulary here. You don’t need to know advanced terminology for clothing because you can just mix and match broad categories with those adjectives. (Read more about Lexical Resource.)

    Because this is a “well-dressed person” or a “person who dresses well,” we should definitely be able to use some language that shows that idea. Here are some synonyms for “well-dressed”:

    dapper (this applies to men, not women)

    chic (mostly for women)

    stylish sharp fashionable snappy

    Just be careful with how you use these words. They are not completely interchangeable. We talk about someone “looking sharp” or “being a sharp dresser” but we don’t say “she/he is sharp.” That would more than likely imply intelligence. However, we can say “she/he is fashionable.” Try using a thesaurus to find more useful words.


    When you’re planning your answer, you need to think quickly and come up with a basic outline. It is true that you can just follow the ideas on the cue card, but this often leads to dull and difficult answers. I find these are usually not very impressive.

    As I explain in the following video, one of the best ways to approach part 2 is to begin with a personal anecdote, such as a memory.

    Here’s an example:

    When I was about fifteen years old, I met this guy called Robbie, who dressed unlike anyone I had met before…

    This sounds much better than beginning with a tedious, memorised introduction, such as:

    Today I want to talk about…

    A well-dressed person that I know is…

    Aside from just sounding better, when you start with a personal anecdote, it is much easier for you to then continue in a logical fashion. Instead of thinking about both what to say and how to say it, your brain will naturally associate ideas, leaving you free to focus on vocabulary and grammar.


    When I was about fifteen years old, I met this guy called Robbie, who dressed unlike anyone I had met before. I was in secondary school at the time and he was an exchange student from America. Back then, we didn’t really meet many people from other countries and so we weren’t familiar with other styles. It was a shock when we got this exchange student from thousands of miles away, dressed in clothes none of us had seen before.

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    Describe a person who you believe dresses well IELTSCUECARDS


    Describe a person who you believe dresses well IELTSCUECARDS-VINODSHARMAIELTS

    September 09, 2022

    Describe a person who you believe dresses well


    Everyone likes clothes and people spend a good amount of money on shopping clothes. Today's trends change every year and a new fashion is out. People want to look trendy so they buy clothes according to the latest fashion. The fashion industry is also growing. Different events are organised to make people know the latest fashion. Models and movie celebrities take a lot of interest in clothes. They set trends by wearing fancy clothes in their movies and people follow their role model.

    Main Answer.

    Here I am going to talk about a person who is always well dressed.

    • Who this person is

    Miss Lilly is someone whom I believe Is extreme well dressed. She has really good taste in clothes and accessories. On each occasion she wears suitable clothes and gets all the attention in my office. She also has good knowledge of designs and colours. Whenever I have a function or a get-together I take her opinion about my clothes and without a doubt she helps me also to dresswell.

    What kind of dresses he/she wears 

    She wears all the different kinds of dresses she has studied fashion design in her college so she designs her clothes by herself. But on festivals she wears traditional clothes, and on other days she wears a combination of indowestern clothes. When there is a formal event she wears formal clothes.

    How do you know him/her

    I have known her for a long time and now we are very good friends. The first time I saw her was in my office eleven years ago, that's more than a decade. She joined as an intern and today she is in a good position. We have worked together for a long time so we share a mutual respect for eachother and have excellent bonding. Today she is more close as a friend than colleague. She has done modelling in her college days and took part in fashion shows so she has a good taste in clothes and colours. I believe she understands the occasion and decides the clothes.



    Clothes are an integral part of one's personality and wearing good and attractive clothes can enhance your look. Normally people follow trends from the movie industry and try to look like them. Wearing the latest clothes can definitely differentiate one from the crowd and make them look cool.

    Main Answer.

    Here I am going to talk about my friend Rocky. He has a good dressing sense.

    • Who this person is

    I and Rocky are good friends and he lives in the neighbourhood where we went to school together so we are childhood friends. Now he is studying fashion design as he always was interested in colourful clothes.

    • What kind of dresses he/she wears 

    Rocky has a unique taste in clothes he dresses according to the occasion and stands out from everyone. His selection of clothes is always inspired by Hollywood actors and he watches a lot of English movies. Recently he visited Paris in a fashion week in an internship from his college.

    How do you know him/her

    We are childhood friends and his parents own a boutique for clothes. He developed a fashion sense from his mother who is well known for making wedding clothes in my city. Now he is also a designer and has become quite popular in my city. He gives me good clothes to wear on each occasion and makes me look dashing each and every time.

    Follow-upsWhere do Indians normally buy clothes?

    Indian people buy clothes from local markets, street markets, malls, and online shopping.

    The difference between men's and women's choices of clothes?

    There are some differences in colours when it comes to gender. Girls like pink shades. And boys like brown and black shades.

    Do clothes affect people's mood?

    Yes clothes affect mood in some situations we need to wear some clothes. And colour matters when it comes to mood. Some dark colours have a strong effect on our mood.

    What do people consider when buying clothes?

    People consider many things before buying clothes like comfort,price, colours,and latest trends before buying clothes.

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