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    describe the qualities of grandfather that impressed you the most


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    get describe the qualities of grandfather that impressed you the most from screen.

    5 Qualities of a Grandparent’s Example

    Children need positive, trustworthy, reliable role models. Here are five ways your example can be powerful in your grandchildren’s lives.

    5 Qualities of a Grandparent’s Example

    Posted by Ken Canfield, PhD | Oct 11, 2018 | Healthy Relationships | 0 |

    Children need positive, trustworthy, reliable role models. In today’s world, we cannot repeat that statement often enough.

    In many situations, parents provide the main example for their children. For a growing number of households, grandparents are playing that role. And really, in any situation where grandparents get to spend time with their grandkids—whether or not we are their main role models, and whether we see them daily or occasionally—our modeling influence is very important and can be just as powerful and long-lasting as that of parents.

    Most often, this happens through the patterns we establish consistently over time. Our repeated habits and behaviors reinforce values and help to establish our legacy—how we will be remembered. When grandmas and grandpas can effectively model selflessness, honesty, hard work, kindness, faith, integrity, and many other values, virtues and behaviors, we help to establish a strong foundation for our grandchildren’s future.

    My eyes were really opened to this as I reviewed a new and somewhat unusual data source: a collection of responses from more than 800 adults who were asked about their grandparents. As you’ll see, that collection of comments provides convincing evidence that grandparents make a huge and lasting difference in their grandchildren’s lives, often through the positive examples they set.

    Here are five ways your example can be powerful in your grandchildren’s lives:

    Grandparents model transcendent values.

    At this point in our lives, we know what’s important and we’re willing to live out those priorities without hesitation or shame—and it shows. Over and over, the adults in our study mentioned their grandparents’ faith, patience and hard work, among other virtues.

    Faith was perhaps the most common theme. One person reported:

    They lived their life loving God and sharing His message. They were a great example for me and it has helped me in my faith.

    I found it interesting that none of the memories about faith were tied to a denominational preference, like being Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Jewish, and so on. Also, the grandchildren focused more on actions than words. When it comes to being an example, the old saying is true: deeds are more important than creeds.

    In addition, many of the other virtues mentioned about grandparents have a strong flavor of faith: love, perseverance, forgiveness, kindness, and acceptance without judgment. Here are a few more comments:

    My grandparents were wonderful, Christian people. They taught me to live the example for grandchildren to see, and to love them even when they don’t do what you want them to.

    I have learned how to love unconditionally, [to] forgive without question, and to be a positive example … and not to be so judgmental of others.

    These descriptions of grandparents displaying faith-in-action should challenge each of us. What are the most important attributes of your spiritual life that you hope to pass on to future generations? And how specifically are you modeling those attributes so they help to strengthen your grandchildren’s faith? What spiritual disciplines do you want to pass on to your grandchildren, and how are you living them out in a conspicuous way?

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    Grandparents model devotion to family.

    Grandparents are great about demonstrating devotion and sacrifice for their family, even though we know that, for them, it’s nothing unusual, just what they do. Sure, there are stories of some grandparents who desert their families or get caught in some despicable behavior, but the vast majority of grandparents are all about family.

    Here’s how two people described it:

    My grandparents taught me about being self-sufficient and being responsible for myself. More than that, they taught me about the importance of family, and being willing to help others who need it.

    They showed me that time spent is infinitely more important than money spent.

    In many ways, grandparents symbolize family. If you had a relationship with your grandparents, many of your memories about them will draw out images that hold deep family connections for you. Maybe it’s all about the porch swing at their farmhouse, where you spent afternoons swinging and talking with Grandma. Maybe you think of the old kitchen table where you snapped beans or peeled potatoes, and then all the aunts, uncles and cousins squeezed around it for a meal. It could be Grandpa’s tool bench, where he hunted for just the right spare screw to fix your broken toy. Maybe it’s their clothes: Grandma’s apron or Grandpa’s overalls. The smell of burning pipe tobacco or freshly baked cinnamon rolls. These images carry lasting impressions about who you are and what your history is, and today, that’s part of the power of your example for your grandchildren.

    You can also model the importance of family by being proactive about extended family gatherings. In a time when many people like to complain about Christmas dinners with the whole clan, do all you can to make them positive. It’s important for children to know their aunts and uncles, to see other family dynamics, and to be part of three or more generations relating to each other.

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    Simple 10 Lines on My Grandfather Essay for Class 1 Kids

    My Grandfather Essay for Class 1 kids has been provided here for young learners. Read on to know how one can write a simple yet impressive essay on My Grandfather.

    Kids LearningClass 1Class 1 EssayMy Grandfather Essay for Class 1

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    My Grandfather Essay for Class 1

    The bond between grandfathers and kids is very special. Kids love to be around their grandpas. They know that they can ask for anything and their grandfathers would love to fulfil their demands. Celebrating this bond, we are here with an interesting My Grandfather Essay for Class 1 kids.

    The below essay on My Grandfather for Class 1 can be downloaded in a colourful PDF format through the download link provided. This essay will aid students in getting an idea about how they can write a simple and impressive essay on this topic.

    Download “My Grandfather Essay for Class 1” PDF for Free

    Essay On My Grandfather for Class 1

    My grandfather’s name is Samuel D’Souza.He is 61 years old.He is the head of our family.Everyone in the family loves, obeys and respects him.He is an avid reader. He loves to read newspapers, novels, magazines, articles, etc.I love spending time with my grandfather.He teaches me good manners and loves me a lot.He takes me to the nearby park every evening.We play hide-and-seek, cricket and snakes-and-ladder together.He is an inspiration to me. When I grow up, I want to be just like him.

    We hope that the above written 10 lines on My Grandfather essay in English for Class 1 students are liked by your little one. The language and length of each of the statements have been kept in a way that children of Class 1 find it easy to grasp.

    Essay writing brings out the creativity of an individual. It gives a way to express feelings and thoughts about any particular topic. Essay writing also boosts kids’ understanding of the language. There are a lot of other exciting topics for essays for Class 1 which you may wish to explore. You can check them out on our essays for Class 1 page.

    If you are interested in looking at other amazing resources for your kid’s learning, you can check out our section dedicated to the same. You will find awesome learning resources for children like worksheets, general knowledge questions, stories, poems and a lot more!

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    A Tiger in the House Extra Questions and Answers Class 7 English An Alien Hand

    A Tiger in the House Extra Questions and Answers Class 7 English An Alien Hand

    July 17, 2021 by Prasanna

    Here we are providing A Tiger in the House Extra Questions and Answers Class 7 English An Alien Hand, Extra Questions for Class 7 English was designed by subject expert teachers.

    We have created the most comprehensive NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Chapter 9 A Tiger in the House Question Answer. These Questions and Answers are help to score more marks in your board Exams.

    A Tiger in the House Extra Questions and Answers Class 7 English An Alien Hand

    A Tiger in the House Extra Questions and Answers Short Answer Type

    Question 1.

    Where did grandfather found Timothy?


    Grandfather found Timothy in the Terai jungle near Dehradun hiding among the intricate roots of a banyan tree.

    Question 2.

    How did Mahmoud feed him?


    Mahmoud, the cook fed him milk with a feeding bottle.

    Question 3.

    What was Timothy’s diet?


    Timothy’s diet included milk, raw mutton and cod liver oil. He followed diet of pigeons and rabbits.

    Question 4.

    Who were the other companions of Timothy at grandfather’s house?


    The companions of Timothy were Toto, the monkey, and a small mongrel puppy.

    Question 5.

    How was his relationship with the puppy?


    Timothy initially was afraid of the puppy later he became friendly with him and allowed him to crawl on his back.

    Question 6.

    How did Timothy play with the narrator?


    The narrator told that with his bright eyes, he tried to come close. He rolled over on his back and kick with delight. It pretended to bite his ankles.

    Question 7.

    How had Timothy changed with time?


    Timothy grew into an adult tiger, and it became difficult to go for walk. People were scared of him. It became difficult to remove him from recliner where he prefer to take rest.

    Question 8.

    What Was the prediction of grandmother regarding Mahmoud?


    Grandmother was scared one day Timothy would kill Mahmoud.

    Question 9.

    Why was Timothy chained up?


    Timothy was chained up because he became fierce and hunts chickens at night.

    Question 10.

    What was the arrangement made for Timothy’s shifting?


    Grandfather reserved a first class compartment for himself and Timothy to take him to Lucknow zoo.

    Question 11.

    What were the reactions of zoo authorities?


    Zoo authorities were happy to receive a well-fed and civilized tiger as a gift.

    Question 12.

    How long did it take grandfather to meet Timothy?


    Grandfather met Timothy after six months when he went to Lucknow to visit his relatives.

    Question 13.

    In what way did grandfather make him quiet?


    Grandfather stroked the tiger’s forehead and tickled his ear whenever he growled. He also smacked him across the mouth.

    Question 14.

    What scared Timothy away on the cage?


    Grandfather observed that Timothy was scared away by a leopard.

    Question 15.

    What was unusual that attracted the attention of visitors and zoo authorities?


    Visitors and zoo authorities were surprised to see the reunion of grandfather and the tiger.

    Question 16.

    Why was grandfather eager to meet authorities?


    Grandfather did not like that Timothy was scared to hell by leopard. Out of concern, he wanted the authorities to change cage for Timothy.

    Question 17.

    What was the revelation made by the keeper?


    The keeper revealed that Timothy died two months ago because of pneumonia.

    Question 18.

    What was the reaction of the grandfather on learning the death of Timothy?


    Grandfather was scared yet he gently bade goodbye to the tiger.

    A Tiger in the House Extra Questions and Answers Long Answer Type

    Question 1.

    ‘Love begets love’. How far this phrase applies to the story?


    Grandfather was fond of bringing home the deserted animals. Once he brought a tiger cub. He fed it up with a milk bottle. He coexisted and played with other animals, Toto, the monkey and a small mongrel puppy. Until he became threat to his surrounding, he was kept at home. When an unknown tiger was loved and patted by the grandfather, he was tamed as well. He responded to the love.

    Question 2.

    What values of grandfather impressed you the most? Which ones would you like to imbibe?


    The narrator portrayed grandfather with an essence of humanity. His generosity and kindness was the most impressive ones. He was caring enough to meet Timothy even in zoo. He asked authorities to change his cage because he was afraid of a leopard. His love and care impressed the zoo authorities. They were scared of the dangerous tiger into a meek one who allows an unknown man to pat and tickle his ears, had shocked them.

    Question 3.

    Where was the tiger cub hiding when Grandfather found him?

    Grandfather found the tiger cub was hiding among the intricate roots of a banyan tree.

    (i) What did Toto do to entertain Timothy?

    (ii) What did he do when Timothy lost his temper?


    (i) Toto pulled Timothy by the tail to entertain him.

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