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    difference between contact and non contact force


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    What Is A Non

    The force which acts on an object without coming physically in contact with it is called non contact force. Learn about its types i.e. Gravitational Force, Magnetic Force & Electrostatic Force.

    PhysicsForceNon Contact Force

    Non-Contact Force

    We already know the definition of force as the push or pull experienced by an object when it interacts with another object, resulting in the change of state, either from rest or uniform motion. The application of force can also result in the change of the shape of the object. Force is classified into two types which are contact force and non-contact force.

    When you jump, you always return to the surface. Why? Is there anything that is holding your feet when you try to jump? When you throw a ball high up in the air, it reaches the highest point, and then it is invariably returned to its thrower on the ground. These occurrences can be explained by the non-contact force.


    Table of Contents

    What is Non-Contact Force?

    Non-Contact Forces Types

    Examples of Non-Contact Force

    Difference between Contact and Non-Contact Forces

    Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

    What is Non-Contact Force?

    A non-contact force is a force applied to an object by another body that is not in direct contact with it. Non-contact forces come into play when objects do not have physical contact between them or when a force is applied without any interaction. When compared to the types of contact forces, there are very few non-contact forces.

    Non-Contact Forces Types

    Gravitational Force

    Gravitational force is responsible for bringing the items we toss into the air back to earth. When an object is resting on a surface it is exerting a downward force equal to its weight, and this downward force is known as Gravitational force.

    The gravitation is a force of attraction between all bodies with mass. The sun’s gravitational force keeps the Earth and all the other solar system planets in a fixed orbit. Gravitational force does not need to be in contact to exert its downward force.

    Electrostatic Force

    The electrostatic force is very similar to the gravitational force. The difference here is that gravitational force acts between masses and an electrostatic force acts between two charged bodies.

    If you rub a comb on your clothes and then hold it near tiny pieces of paper, you will see the bits of paper standing on their end attracted to the comb. We are made of tiny positive, negative and neutral particles. The opposite charges attract each other and, like charges, repel. This is the result of electrostatic forces.

    Magnetic Force

    Have you ever used a magnet? Doesn’t it feel like magic? If you ever have two magnets, try joining their ends. In one case, the ends will attract each other vigorously. In another case, no matter how hard you try, the ends will never make contact.

    Even if you push the ends together, it will bounce off the second you leave it. This is the result of Magnetic force. It is also responsible for the attraction of iron by a magnet. The magnetic force exerted by a magnet decreases with the increase in the distance from a magnet. Read what is a Force and other types of forces like Contact Force.

    Examples of Non-Contact Force

    Various Non-Contact Force examples from our daily life are provided below.

    An apple falling down from a tree is one of the best examples of non-contact force.

    Iron pins attracted in the presence of a magnet bar without any physical contact.

    Falling raindrops on earth is also an example of a non-contact force.

    The charging of the hair and attraction of paper bits towards it.

    Two magnets placed close to each other are also a non-contact force example.

    The freefall of a ball towards earth is by virtue of gravity.

    Leaves falling from a tree is an example of non-contact force.

    Electromagnetism is another example of a non-contact force.

    There are various examples from electrostatics showing the attraction of small materials towards an object.

    When an electric current is passed through iron, converting it into an electromagnet, it attracts iron and particles towards it, thus, displaying non-contact force properties.

    Difference between Contact and Non-Contact Forces

    Contact forces Non-contact force

    Contact force occurs due to the contact between two different objects. Non-contact force occurs due to either attraction or repulsion between two objects such that there is no contact between these objects.

    There is no field linked with the contact force. There is always a field linked with non-contact force.

    The frictional force is an example of a contact force. Gravitational force is an example of a non-contact force.

    Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

    What is non-contact force?

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    Differentiate between contact and noncontact force class 11 physics CBSE

    Differentiate between contact and noncontact force Support your answer with suitable examples

    Differentiate between contact and non-contact force. Support your answer with suitable examples.

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    Hint: Force is the vector quantity where both its magnitude and the direction are important. Force is just the pull or the push acting upon the object. It takes place between the interactions between the two bodies. It can change the object's size, shape and speed of the object.Complete step by step answer:

    Sr.No Contact Forces Non-Contact Forces

    1. Contact forces may or may not be the natural forces. Non-contact forces are the natural forces.

    2. These forces require the physical touch or contact between the two on the object to work upon the object. These forces do not require any physical touch to work on the object.

    3. Since, in contact forces contact is to be made between the two objects and therefore it does not work from the distance. Since, in non- contact forces contact is not required between the two objects and therefore it can work from a distance.

    4. Contact force includes applied force, the normal force, the tension and the frictional force. Non-contact force includes electro-magnetic force, the gravitational force and the electrostatic force.

    5. For Example, applied force is required to kick the ball else the ball would not move. The contact of the ball and the leg should be made. For example, we do not require any contact or touch to pull the free falling mango on the ground. Mango is pulled on the ground by the gravitational force.

    6. Other examples include batting in the cricket match, tug of war, pulling of the cart, due to the frictional force present in the shoe’s sole we can stand on the slippery area. Other examples include irons are attracted by the magnet due to magnetic force; the charged plastic ruler attracts pieces of the dry paper and many more.

    Note: There are a number of types of the forces. Balanced forces – In balanced forces, two forces act opposite to each other with the same magnitude and as a result moving objects will continue moving whereas the steady object remains steady. For example – in tug of war if the magnitude of the force is the same on both sides, the balanced force cancels each other and there will be no movement.

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    What is The Difference Between Contact and Non contact Force?

    Are you looking for a difference between Contact force and Non contact force? Here’s a quick look:

    What is The Difference Between Contact and Non contact Force?

    From the name Contact force and Non contact force you can guess its meaning, right?

    And probably you might have understood the definition for the same.

    But, what is the difference between Contact force and Non contact force?

    Here’s a quick look on the difference between these two forces:

    Sr No. Contact Force Non contact Force

    1. A force that acts when two objects are physically in contact with each other is known as Contact force. A force that acts when two objects are not physically in contact with each other is known as Non contact force.

    2. Contact forces do not occur from a distance. Non contact forces can occur from a distance. (So they are also known as action at a distance forces)

    2. Different types of Contact forces are:

    – Muscular Force – Frictional force – Tension force – Applied force – Normal force

    – Air resistance force

    – Mechanical force

    – Spring force Different types of Non contact forces are:

    – Magnetic force

    – Gravitational force

    – Electrostatic force

    3. Example of a contact force: Horse pulling a cart. Example of a non contact force: An apple falling from a tree.

    If you want to learn more about these two forces, you can check:

    Contact Force (Explained with Real life Examples)

    Non contact Force (Simple Explanation)


    What is Force?

    Different Types of Forces

    Pseudo Force Frame of Reference

    Inertial Frame of Reference

    Non inertial Frame of Reference

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