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    fm whatsapp latest version apk download


    Guys, does anyone know the answer?

    get fm whatsapp latest version apk download from screen.

    FMWhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version Official (*AntiBan*)

    FMWhatsApp APK: Download FM WhatsApp 9.27 (Official) On Android And Start Using It's Amazing Features FMWA APK Direct Download [April]

    FMWhatsApp v9.27 Apk Download FM WhatsApp (FmWA) 2022 Official☑️

    16/04/2022 by Ayaan

    FMWhatsApp APK : Get the latest version of fm whatsapp from here, We have added all the information regarding this amazing whatsapp mod made by fouad mokdad on this page so make sure to read full article until the very end. After a worthwhile of research and scrutinizing, we collected considerable data regarding this WA MOD and we were impressed least to say realizing the impressive the features of this mod. Few of our staff members have been using this Fm Whatsapp Mod App from past 6 months and all of them are have expressed mostly positive feedbacks regarding its workflow. FM WhatsApp is getting famous because they provide many colorful fantastic themes and much more features like theme changing. I will tell you all about those features in this post.

    FMWA By Fouad Mods (The Same DEV of Fouad WhatsApp) Is on trend everyone using Fm WhatsApp Apk nowadays. The best WhatsApp MOD is obviously GBWhatsApp but I think in few months this mod Will overtake GbWhatsapp in the number of downloads because FM WhatsApp already crossed 10 Million + downloads FM WhatsApp Mod Apk is giving amazing updates whenever the new version of FM WhatsApp comes we will update the Download Link first So please do not forget to bookmark this page so you can come anytime and check is there any new update of FMWA Apk is available or not.

    FMWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version For Android


    1 FMWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version For Android

    1.0.1 Version Info

    1.1 Download FMWhatsApp

    1.2 Some Other WhatsApp Mods You Can Try in 2022

    1.3 What Is FMWhatsApp?

    1.4 Fouad Mokdad’s FMWhatsApp Apk Features

    1.4.1 Themes 1.4.2 Privacy

    1.4.3 Get Rid Of Restrictions

    1.4.4 Call Blocker 1.4.5 Pin Chats

    1.4.6 More features:

    2 FM WhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version (FMWa)

    2.0.1 Requirements To Use FMWhatsApp App

    2.1 FmWhatsApp Antiban Version Download

    3 How To Install FMWhatsApp Apk On Android?

    3.0.1 Application Screenshots

    3.0.2 Permissions Required

    3.1 How To Migrate From Stock WhatsApp To FMWhatsApp

    3.1.1 (WhatsApp To FMWhatsApp)

    3.1.2 FAQs Related To FM WhatsApp 2022

    3.2 What Is The Latest Version Of FM WhatsApp?

    3.3 What Is FM WhatsApp 19.0.0 & 9.27?

    3.3.1 Final Verdict FMWhatsApp $0.00

    Version Info

    App Name FMWhatsApp APK

    App Size 43.9 MB Latest Version 9.27

    Android Version Android 4.4 and above

    Developer Fouad Mokdad

    Last Updated 08-04-2022

    Total Downloads 50M+

    Download FMWhatsApp

    The reason being that features available on this mod are far superior to that of present in the default versions. Fm WhatsApp will help you to run Dual Whatsapp account in a single Android device. This WA Mod comes with lots of fantastic features which are not available on the original WhatsApp currently. I you are hesitant at first then a logical way to tackle this is to try it first for a few days and then decide based on first-hand experience.



    We’re aware of the Avast and AVG antivirus apps showing that our mod has a virus. This is a completely false report. And we’re working very quickly to solve this issue with these apps.

    We assure you that we NEVER added a virus to our APK, and we NEVER take your data. Our official mod APK is 100% safe, has no virus, and never contains any virus.

    You can check for yourself. You can scan our APK with other famous antivirus apps like Kaspersky, Norton, Bitdefender, etc., and see.

    We value your trust, and we thank you for supporting us. We will continue delivering our best and resolving all issues as quickly as possible.



    What’s New In FM WhatsApp 9.27

    08-04-2022 Base: What’s new in 9.27

    Fixed Major problem that caused app to freeze

    Fixed Major problem making app unusable

    Misc Other fixes and improvements

    What’s new in 9.27

    Added: Copy Caption feature for media (image/video)

    Select image/video > 3-dot > Copy Caption

    Added: Ability to set “Search Web” or use Emoji for Profile Photo

    Enable: Reactions feature (Long press any msg)

    Enable: Pause and resume voice note recording

    Enable: New Privacy Settings (contacts except) for Last Seen and Profile Photo

    Fixed: False anti-virus/anti-malware reports

    Fixed: Voice notes blue mic icon issue in home screen

    Fixed: Video Call confirmation

    Fixed: WA Bots Menu not clickable

    Fixed: Mute indicator in WAMOD row style

    Fixed: Translate messages shows copied message

    Misc: Improved Anti-ban

    EXCLUSIVE: “Save to Gallery” option when Media Visibility is turned off.

    Enabled: New Contact Profile UI design

    Enabled: Disappearing messages more options (24hrs, 7 days, 90 days)

    Added: Status View Toast (FMMods > Home Screen)

    Know immediately when people watch your status

    Re-Added: In-App Translation

    Added: Option to switch translation mode between in-app or GTranslate app (FMMods >

    Conversation Screen > Translation Option)

    Added: Show total message count in View All Messages screen

    Added: Buttons to scroll to bottom (newest) and top (oldest) message in in View All Messages screen

    स्रोत : www.avoid.uk.net

    FMWhatsApp APK Download (Anti Ban) Latest Version April 2022 (Official)

    Download Latest version of FMWhatsApp APK for your phone. Anti Ban version of FM WhatsApp direct download from this post. GBWhatsApp best Alternate Download

    FMWhatsApp APK Download (Anti Ban) Latest Version Apr 2022 (Official)

    April 17, 2022 by anshul

    FMWhatsApp 2022

    You can download FMWhatsApp APK from this post. If you own a smartphone device, then you might be using WhatsApp on it. To get more features on your WhatsApp, you can use FMWhatsApp APK. This APK is created by third-party developers to provide extra features like hiding online status, block calls, DND mode, themes support.

    The most useful feature of FMWhatsApp is, you can download status directly. Save status of any video or image directly from FMWhatsApp. Additional features like hiding Online status, disabling the internet connection of Whatsapp, sending bulk messages, sending scheduled messages, etc makes the app more useful.

    The only thing which annoys the users about WhatsApp is the limitations of the features. For instance, you can only send up to 30 images at once, the video size is limited to 16MB. Moreover, for PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, and slideshows maximum allowed file size is 100 MB.

    These limits are introduced to stop spam but sometimes you want to get rid of them. Many WhatsApp users start looking for an alternative app that doesn’t have such restrictions. There are many new features included in this FMWhatsApp, like disabling the internet connection, forwarding messages in bulk, downloading stories, etc.

    Download FMWhatsApp

    NOTE: We don’t encourage using WhatsApp MODs like GBWhatsApp 2022 and all of them are provided just for educational and research purposes only. The latest FM WhatsApp update 2022 has an anti-ban feature to keep your account safe still you will be responsible if any issues occur.

    If you are among the people who want to get rid of WhatsApp limitations, then you might be interested in knowing about FM WhatsApp for Android. FMWhatsApp is a modded version of the official WhatsApp application which is developed by an independent developer.

    This app works on the WhatsApp API and doesn’t have such restrictions as the WhatsApp app. Do note that FMWhatsApp 2022 is currently available only for Android devices and you will have to download FMWhatsApp APK to install it manually on your devices. Below you will find a detailed guide about Fouad FMWhatsApp and how you can install and use it on your Android phones and tablets.

    What Is FmWhatsApp APK?

    FMWhatsApp or Fouad WhatsApp is a WhatsApp application MOD which is developed by an independent developer named Fouad Mokdad. This app was introduced to help people get rid of the WhatsApp limitations and restrictions on over-usage. Apart from the increase in limits various other privacy and customization features are also available in FM WhatsApp for Android.

    This app is currently available only for Android devices and you can’t use it along with the official WhatsApp. There are some security concerns related to the app, but the developer tends to fix them in each update. This app is not available over the Google Play Store, so you will have to download FMWhatsApp app for Android APK and then install it manually on your devices.

    Features of FMWhatsApp APK

    Hide Online Status

    Most interesting feature of FMWhatsApp is, this app lets you hide online status on your WhatsApp. You can hide last seen on official WhatsApp, this app allows you to hide even online status while you are using WhatsApp.

    This is the best feature of FMWhatsApp, there are many more like Freeze always online, with this you can always show your WhatsApp status to online (requires active internet connection always to work).

    Privacy & App Lock

    Privacy features are the main reason why people prefer using WhatsApp MOD apps like FMWhatsApp. You can hide blue ticks, second tick, typing status as well as recording status using 2022 FMWhatsApp.

    When you will download FM WhatsApp’s latest version 2022 you can also lock the app with a pattern or PIN to make it secure. All of these settings can be found in Menu -> Fouad Settings.

    Media Sharing

    You can download APK FMWhatsApp 2022 for Android if you want to get rid of WhatsApp media limits. With FMWhatsApp you will be able to send more than 30 images at once and files of size up to 700MB at once from Mega Filmes HD APK.

    It can be video, document, audio, or anything else, everything can be sent over FMWhatsApp without any issues. Join & Share WhatsApp Groups using this website.


    If you are bored with the regular WhatsApp layout then you can change the way how it looks. Themes for FMWhatsApp is provided by the developer of YoWhatsApp so both have the same theme store. Every day new themes are added to the store which you can download for free.

    स्रोत : latestmodapks.com

    FMWhatsApp Download APK (Official) v19.60.1 (Apr 2022) >> Latest Official App

    Download FMWhatsApp(Fouad Whatsapp) APK Latest Version (Official April 2022) Download Here. FMWhatsApp is Also Known as Fouad WhatsApp APK.

    FMWhatsApp Download APK (Official) v19.60.1 (Apr 2022) >> Latest Official App

    April 19, 2022 by Oscar

    Download the latest version of FM WhatsApp 2022 official version. Get the latest and new FM WhatsApp APK on your Android Phone and enjoy all the features. FM WhatsApp is a mod that worlds better than WhatsApp messenger.

    WhatsApp is one of the most well-known communication platforms ever and has a lot of active users and downloaders across the globe. Because of this, it has a variety of mods and knock-off apps. An APK developer comes up with multiple awesome features the original version is missing and adding them to a mod version for users to enjoy. FMWhatsApp-Fouad WhatsApp is only among the many mods, but before I tell you more, do know that you can find out more mods in SX Projects.

    Download FMWhatsApp

    This article will introduce you to FM WhatsApp APK, their tons of features, and where to download them hassle-free.

    Note: FM WhatsApp has the anti-ban feature. Many people think that using a modified version of WhatsApp can lead to banning from the original app. This is not true, as we share anti-ban APK download links on our page. You can easily download and use the FM WhatsApp APK on any device without getting banned.

    Contents [show]

    Fouad WhatsApp and FMWhatsApp

    People are always demanding more from an app as old as WhatsApp. Without customization and additional features to help you stalk a friend or an ex, this app leaves more to be desired, and that’s what’s best in FMWhatsApp and Fouad WhatsApp. Just like the original, you can text and call and send files to each other, but with FM WhatsApp download, you can also customize your interface and chat screen and go incognito and watch your friends’ deleted stories. FM WhatsApp offers what the original can’t.

    Download FMWhatsApp-Fouad WhatsApp APK latest version 2022. If users wish to get the older versions of this app, can find out below.

    FMWhatsApp-Fouad WhatsApp APK Download:

    App Name FMWhatsApp APK

    Version Latest Version (v19.60.1)

    Size 53.7 MB

    Total Downloads 1,000,000+

    Requirement Android 4.0 and higher

    Last updated 1 day ago

    We recommend downloading “FMWhatsApp from FouadMods” because it doesn’t have any Ads 🙂

    Download FMWhatsApp v9.25 APK (By FouadMODS)

    Download FMWhatsApp v19.60.1 APK

    FM WhatsApp Latest Version New Features

    Anti-ban Updated Base

    Remove forwarded tag in chats/media

    Dark/light theme Custom theme

    More stickers and emojis

    Hide view story Anti-delete feature More features >>

    Note: FMWhatsApp can be downloaded on all Android devices. That means users can download FMWhatsapp for Xiaomi, FMWhatsapp for Mi, FMWhatsapp for Samsung, FMWhatsapp for Vivo, FMWhatsapp for Oppo, FMWhatsapp for Realme phone from our page. Any device such as Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Realme, Samsung, etc, manufactured by Android will support FM WhatsApp APK.

    Try Other WhatsApp Mods in SX Projects

    GBWhatsApp YOWhatsApp WhatsApp Plus WhatsApp Aero WhatsApp B58 MiNi WhatsApp Prime Soula WhatsApp

    WhatsApp Plus Reborn

    WhatsApp Plus Holo WhatsApp Mix WhatsApp Indigo WAPWhatsApp WAMOD

    Moving on to our discussion of apps, take note that developers make mods for those who cannot enjoy the official version on their device or want to spice things up. With different mods, you can flex your WhatsApp to your friends and family and spread the mods faster.

    What Is Fouad WhatsApp?

    This mod is one of the most liked APKs. It is developed by Fouad Mokdad who is also the developer of multiple other APKs.

    This APK, like many others of its kind, will help you customize the boring, old interface and wallpapers of the original on your device with different kinds of themes and fonts to help you enjoy sending a message and making a call. It will also help you with security, locking the app with a password you choose yourself.

    What’s FMWhatsapp?

    FMWhatsApp is enhanced and, dare I say, a better version than the original. Though there isn’t any bug on the latter, the lack of extra features is the problem. This APK comes from the same builder of Fouad WhatsApp, hence, the list of features is nearly similar, except for the blue buttons.

    Download FMWhatsApp APK

    FMWhatsApp-Fouad WhatsApp APK Install

    Of course, before installing, download the file from online sources and follow these steps:

    Always back up your information before deleting the official version. The backup steps are below.

    Open WhatsApp and tap on the menu

    Click on Settings Now tap on chats

    Click on Chat backup

    Finally, click on the Backup button

    Unknown sources should be enabled before you install the app as the default setting of your phone will not allow it. Below are the instructions on where to find it.

    Go to settings Tap on the security

    Enable unknown sources

    Visit your download manager or file manager where the APK file is stored and click on it.

    Click on the “Install” button.

    Wait a few seconds for it to install.

    Click on the Open button to launch or the Done button to finish installing and open it from your home page to launch.

    स्रोत : sxprojects.net

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