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    https //play.google.com/store/games https //play.google.com/store/games


    Guys, does anyone know the answer?

    get https //play.google.com/store/games https //play.google.com/store/games from screen.

    Review your order history

    When you make a purchase on Google Play, we'll send a confirmation email with your order information to the Google Account you use when making your purchase. You can always see your order history on G

    Review your order history

    When you make a purchase on Google Play, we'll send a confirmation email with your order information to the Google Account you use when making your purchase. You can always see your order history on Google Play or pay.google.com.

    How to find your order history

    Using the Play Store app

    Using play.google.com

    Using pay.google.com

    When to expect charges

    You'll be charged shortly after you purchase content on Google Play. You'll see any changes to your Google Play balance appear immediately, and charges to other payment methods generally appear within a few days.

    स्रोत : support.google.com

    Google Play Academy : Google Play Academy

    Built to help you develop skills that you can apply right away, our e-learning courses are designed by Google product experts, with developers in mind. Gain the skills you need, whether you're growing your business, starting a career, or just want to look around. After you sign up, you can access our online courses anytime, on any device. Each course is part of a learning path and only takes a few minutes to complete. After you enroll in a learning path, you can test your knowledge by taking an assessment. If you score 80% or higher on the assessment, you earn an achievement that's displayed on your profile page.

    Google Play Academy

    Google Play Academy Start learning

    Welcome to Google Play Academy, your home for learning about Google Play Console features, the best ways to help grow your app or game business, and how to stay on the right side of Google Play policies. Built by Google experts for app and game developers, explore our categories below to get started.

    Google Play Store Listing certificate study guide

    Learn how to use the best practices for your store listing, stay on the right side of our store listing policies, manage your store listing translations, and configure store listing experiments to determine which changes to your store listing can get y...

    Rating 4.7


    Learn how to create safe and secure experiences while staying compliant with Google Play policies, and how to design for engagement.


    Learn how to test your app with users to get feedback, design a great store listing, and follow the best practices to plan for a smooth and successful launch of your app or game.


    Learn the best practices for publishing and releasing your app or game on Google Play.


    Learn the best practices for sustainably keeping users engaged and the top reasons for uninstalls. Also learn how to improve negative reviews and analyze apps’ technical performance.


    Learn how to find the right audience, improve your store listing, and get more users.


    Learn about the monetization options available on Google Play and how to use them to maximize your app’s revenue.

    Google Play Policy

    Stay up to date with Google Play policy and get help with specific Play Console features.

    Trending courses

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    Track installs, uninstalls, trends and engagement

    Duration 10m Rating 4.5 Intermediate

    Understand Google Play's payments policy

    Rating 4.7 Intermediate

    स्रोत : playacademy.exceedlms.com

    Google Play

    A one-stop shop for all your favorite entertainment.

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    Extensions Starter Kit

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    Do more with your browser

    Web'de gezinirken çevirileri kolayca görüntüleyin. Google Çeviri Ekibi'nin katkılarıyla.

    Google Çeviri


    Save money and earn rewards when you shop online.

    Honey: Automatic Coupons & Rewards


    Schedule Zoom meetings directly from Google Calendar

    Zoom Scheduler


    Web içeriği veya ekran görüntüsünü doğrudan Google Drive uygulamasına kaydedin.

    Google Drive'a Kaydet


    Print Friendly and PDF any Webpage

    Print Friendly & PDF


    Chrome için Todoist ile İşlerini ve Hayatını Düzenle

    Chrome için Todoist


    Yeni Sekme Sayfanızı Özelleştirin

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    Resimler, hava durumu güncellemeleri, yapılacaklar listeleri ve daha fazlası

    A new friend in every tab.

    Tabby Cat


    Better than bookmarks. Organize your browser tabs and access them quickly anywhere.

    Toby for Chrome


    Google Arts & Culture'dan sanat başyapıtları tarayıcınızın sekmelerinde

    Google Arts & Culture


    Organize your work in the browser.

    Workona Tab Manager


    Experience a beautiful image from Google Earth every time you open a new tab.

    Earth View from Google Earth


    स्रोत : chrome.google.com

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