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    ice hockey is the national game of which country


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    Ice hockey

    Ice hockey

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    This article is about the contact team sport played on ice. For the overall family of sports involving sticks and goals, see Hockey. For the sport played on fields and using a hockeyball, see Field hockey.

    For other uses, see Ice hockey (disambiguation).

    Ice hockey

    Bryan Rust of the Pittsburgh Penguins (far right) shoots the puck towards the goal in an attempt to score for his team, as goaltender Braden Holtby of the Washington Capitals tries to protect the net by making a save.

    Highest governing body International Ice Hockey Federation

    First played 1875; 147 years ago, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    Characteristics Contact Men's – Full

    Women's – Limited (body checking disallowed)

    Team members 3 Forwards 2 Defencemen 1 Goaltender Mixed-sex No Type Winter team sport Equipment ice hockey pucks ice hockey sticks ice hockey skates shin pads shoulder pads gloves

    helmets (with visor or cage, depending on age of player and league)

    elbow pads jock or jill ice hockey socks ice hockey shorts

    neck guard (depends on league)

    mouthguard (depends on league)


    Hockey rink or arena

    sometimes played on a frozen lake or pond for recreation

    Presence Olympic

    Men's, 1920 Summer OlympicsMen's, 1924 Winter Olympics to presentWomen's, 1998 Winter Olympics to present

    Paralympic Yes

    Ice hockey (or simply hockey) is a team sport played on ice skates, usually on an ice skating rink with lines and markings specific to the sport. It belongs to a family of sports called hockey. In ice hockey, two opposing teams use ice hockey sticks to control, advance and shoot a closed, vulcanized, rubber disc called a "puck" into the other team's goal. Each goal is worth one point. The team which scores the most goals is declared the winner. In a formal game, each team has six skaters on the ice at a time, barring any penalties, one of whom is the goaltender. Ice hockey is a full contact sport.

    Ice hockey is one of the sports featured in the Winter Olympics while its premiere international amateur competition, the IIHF World Championships, are governed by the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) for both men's and women's competitions. Ice hockey is also played as a professional sport.

    In North America as well as many European countries, the sport is known simply as hockey. However, in other countries, "hockey" usually refers to field hockey. In 1994 hockey was officially recognized as Canada's national winter sport.[1]

    The modern sport of ice hockey was developed in Canada, most notably in Montreal, where the first indoor game was played on March 3, 1875. Some characteristics of that game, such as the length of the ice rink and the use of a puck, have been retained to this day. Amateur ice hockey leagues began in the 1880s, and professional ice hockey originated around 1900. The Stanley Cup, emblematic of ice hockey club supremacy, was initially commissioned in 1892 as the "Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup" and was first awarded in 1893 to recognize the Canadian amateur champion and later became the championship trophy of the National Hockey League (NHL). In the early 1900s, the Canadian rules were adopted by the Ligue Internationale de Hockey Sur Glace, in Paris, France, the precursor of the International Ice Hockey Federation. The sport was played for the first time at the Olympics during the 1920 Summer Olympics.

    While women also played during the game's early formative years, it was not until organizers began to officially remove body checking from female ice hockey beginning in the mid-1980s that it began to gain greater popularity, which by then had spread to Europe and a variety of other countries. The first IIHF Women's World Championship was held in 1990, and women's play was introduced into the Olympics in 1998.


    1 History 1.1 Name 1.2 Precursors

    1.3 Initial development

    1.4 Professional era

    2 Game

    2.1 Periods and overtime

    2.2 Penalties 2.3 Officials 2.4 Equipment

    2.4.1 Protective gear

    2.4.2 Goaltenders 2.4.3 Ice skates

    2.4.4 Ice hockey stick

    3 Injury 4 Tactics 4.1 Checking

    4.2 Offensive tactics

    4.3 Fights

    5 Women's ice hockey

    5.1 Body checking 5.1.1 Controversy 5.2 Equipment 5.3 History

    5.4 Women's World Championship

    6 Leagues and championships

    6.1 Club competition

    6.1.1 North America 6.1.2 Eurasia 6.1.3 Europe 6.1.4 Other regions

    6.2 National team competitions

    6.3 Attendance records

    7 International Status

    7.1 Number of registered players by country

    8 Variants 8.1 Pond hockey 8.2 Sledge hockey

    9 In popular culture

    10 See also 11 References 11.1 Citations 11.2 Works cited 12 Further reading 13 External links

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    Which country has hockey as its national game?

    Answer (1 of 25): If u r talking about Ice Hockey then Canada has Ice hockey as winter national game and lacrosse as summer national game. Field Hockey was considered to be the national game of India due to continuous Olympic gold medal victories from 1928 to 1956 and one in 1964 and 1980 respect...

    Which country has hockey as its national game?

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    Hockey is the national sports of Pakistan.

    The Pakistan national team has been ranked as the #1 team in the world in both 2000 and 2001 by the FIH

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    Muhammad Fraz 4y

    Hockey is a national game of Pakistan.

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    Is hockey the national sport of any country?

    Hockey is the national winter sport of Canada. Lacrosse is the national summer sport of Canada.

    Clara J. Robert

    Doctor at Health Office Medicine (2016–present)Oct 14

    the game of lacrosse and the activity known as hockey are thus recognized and proclaimed to be the national sports of Canada. Lacrosse is also designated as the country's official summer sport.

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    National Sport of Canada – Ice Hockey(winter) and Lacrosse (summer) . Ice Hockey is played with flat ball.

    Other Popular Games – Football, Golf, Basketball, Baseball

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    Which country is best at hockey?

    I will let the IIHF Rankings answer that:

    Canada is first in Men’s and second in women’s, to the US. Since the US can’t even make the top-4 on the Men’s side, I’m giving it to Canada.

    The fact that I am Canadian had no bearing on my answer :)

    Zeshan Mahmood

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    Is hockey the national sport of any country?

    Field hockey is the National sport of Pakistan

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    If u r talking about Ice Hockey then Canada has Ice hockey as winter national game and lacrosse as summer national game. Field Hockey was considered to be the national game of India due to continuous Olympic gold medal victories from 1928 to 1956 and one in 1964 and 1980 respectively and a 1975 world cup win Indian men's won 8 Olympic gold medals,1 world cup,3 Asia Cups,3 Asian Games Gold,4 Sultan Azlan Shah and 1 shared with South Korea but they have never won a single gold at Commonwealth despite being runner ups plemty of times losing to Aussies. Also national game of Pakistan is Field Hock

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    Why does Canada still accept Queen Elizabeth II as its head of state?

    Originally Answered: Why does Canada still accept Queen Elizabeth as its head of state?

    Because…as a born-in-Canada Canadian, whose ancestors immigrated to this country we swore to fealty to the representative head of state of this country who in this case happens to be Queen Elizabeth II. We are a monarchy, Prince Charles is a high-ranking officer in the Canadian military.

    and Prince Philip

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    List of Countries and their National Games in the World

    Countries and their National Games are important for competitive exams. Get the list of national games of different countries PDF along with other important games of the countries.

    Govt ExamsGovernment Exam ArticlesList of Countries And Their National Games For General Awareness

    Previous Next

    List of Countries and their National Games for General Awareness

    This article will give the list of Countries and their national games which is an important topic of General Awareness for various competitive or Government exams.

    Any sports or game is designated as the national game of the country either on the basis of its popularity or based on its historical connection with that country. Before going further, do you know…

    What is the national game of India? Say Hockey! And the answer is NO. Neither Hockey nor Kabaddi is the National game of India. (Source: RTI)

    Hockey was considered to be the National Game of the country because of its golden era period from 1928 to 1956 when India won 6 successive gold medals in the Olympic games, but recently, the Ministry of Sports Affairs has made it clear that it has not declared any sports to be the National Sports of the country.

    Hence, it is important for candidates preparing for various exams or any other exam to keep abreast with the national sports of different countries. Candidates along with the national sports of countries will get the list of important games of that country.

    List Of Countries And Their National Games PDF:-Download PDF HerePreparing for Upcoming Government Exams? Boost your preparation with-Free Online Government Exam Mock TestsFree Online Quiz For Government ExamsDaily Current AffairsStatic GKEnglish for Competitive Exams

    National Games of Different Countries

    Some sports are national sports de facto (not established by law), as Gaelic games in Ireland and baseball are in the United States, while other national sports are de jure (established by law) like taekwondo is in South Korea.

    To help candidates prepare for the general awareness sections of various competitive exams conveniently, we have collated the list of countries and their national games, classified into and (along with the years). The list is also available in PDF format.

    List of Countries and their National GamesName of Countries National Games in the World Other Important Games

    Afghanistan Buzkashi (Also called Kopar, Kupari and Ulak Tartysh) () Cricket, football, boxing & basketball

    Antigua and Barbuda Cricket () Football

    Argentina Pato ( – 1953) Association football, Basketball, Rugby union

    Australia Cricket () Australian Rules Football (AFL), Rugby, Horse Racing, Netball

    Bangladesh Kabaddi ( – 1972) Cricket & football

    Barbados Cricket () Football, Golf, Tennis

    Bermuda Cricket () Football, Rugby and Tennis

    Bhutan Archery ( – 1971) Basketball, football, futsal

    Brazil Capoeira ( – 1972) Volleyball and Basketball

    Bulgaria Weightlifting () Gymnastics, Rowing, Biathlon and Cricket

    Canada Ice hockey (In Winter) & Lacrosse (In Summer) ( – 1994) Football, Golf, basketball and baseball

    Chile Chilean rodeo ( – 1962) Tennis and football

    China Ping Pong (Table Tennis) () Volleyball, Martial Arts, Shooting, Badminton

    Cuba Baseball () Boxing, Volleyball, Basketball

    Columbia Tejo ( – 2000)

    Czech Republic Ice Hockey () Football

    Dominican Republic Baseball () Football and Boxing

    England Cricket () Football, Rugby and Basketball

    France Football () Rugby, Motor Sports and tennis

    Haiti Soccer () –

    Hungary Water Polo () –

    India Field Hockey () (Otherwise Undeclared) Cricket, badminton, kabaddi

    Israel Football () Basketball, Swimming, canoeing

    Italy Football () –

    Indonesia Badminton () –

    Lithuania Basketball () Football, Athletics, Cycling

    Iran Wrestling () Polo, football

    Jamaica Cricket () Association football, Athletics

    Japan Sumo Wrestling () Ju-Jitsu (Martial Arts), Baseball, Football

    Malaysia Sepak Takraw – similar to Volleyball or Badminton(). Players cannot use their hands to play –

    Mongolia Mongolian wrestling, archery and horse riding (De Facto) Football, Basketball

    Mauritius Football () Athletics, Basketball, Badminton

    Mexico Charreria- similar to Rodeo ( – 1933) Association football and Boxing

    Nepal Dandi Biyo – similar to Indian Gilli Danda (Till 2017) Volleyball ( – 2017) Cricket, football

    New Zealand Rugby () Cricket, Netball, Basketball, Golf, Tennis

    Norway Cross-country skiing () Wrestling, Cycling, Shooting

    Namibia Rugby ( – 2018) Football, Netball

    Pakistan Field Hockey () Cricket, Kabaddi, Squash, Snooker

    Philippines Arnis – Type of Fighting Art ( – 2009) Basketball, Badminton, boxing

    Poland Football () –

    Peru Paleta Frontón – type of Tennis () –

    Puerto Rico (united States) Paso Fino ( – 1966) –

    Russia Bandy- type of Ice Hockey () Chess, football, Basketball, Gymnastics

    Scotland Golf () Tennis, Rugby

    Serbia Football, basketball, volleyball and water polo () –

    Slovenia Alpine Skiing () Ski Jumping, Athletics, Basketball and Boxing

    South Korea Tae-kwon-do ( – 2018) Football and Basketball

    SriLanka Volleyball () Cricket, badminton, Watersports

    Switzerland Shooting and Gymnastics () Football and Ice Hockey

    Tajikistan Gushtigiri- type of wrestling () –

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