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    if we are going to simulate an inventory problem, we must


    Guys, does anyone know the answer?

    get if we are going to simulate an inventory problem, we must from screen.

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    [Solved] If we are going to simulate an inventory problem, we must

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    If we are going to simulate an...


    If we are going to simulate an inventory problem, we must

    A. Run the simulation for many days.

    B. Run the simulation for many days many times, i.e., using multiple sets of random numbers.

    C. Run the simulation many times, i.e., using multiple sets of random numbers.

    D. Run the simulation once, for a relative short period of time.

    Answer» B. Run the simulation for many days many times, i.e., using multiple sets of random numbers.

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    Simulation and modeling mcq

    Download Quizzes - Simulation and modelingmcq | University of Mumbai | This is MCQ of simulation ..this is useful for exam.


    Simulation and modeling mcq, Quizzes for Mathematical Modeling and Simulation

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    Mathematical Modeling and Simulation

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    This is MCQ of simulation ..this is useful for exam


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    Download Simulation and modeling mcq and more Mathematical Modeling and Simulation Quizzes in PDF only on Docsity! 1. Which of the following are advantages of simulation? Your Answer: (a) and (c) only CORRECT. 2. The first step in simulation is to Your Answer: validate the model. Correct Answer: define the problem. Incorrect. See section 15.1. 3. Which of the following are disadvantages of simulation? Your Answer: "time compression" capability Correct Answer: is not usually easily transferable to other problems Incorrect. See section 15.2. 4. The first step in the Monte Carlo simulation process is to Your Answer: set up cumulative probability distributions. Correct Answer: set up probability distributions. Incorrect. See section 15.3. 5. Cumulative probabilities are found by Your Answer: summing all the previous probabilities up to the current value of the variable. CORRECT 6. If we are going to simulate an inventory problem, we must Your Answer: run the simulation for many days. Correct Answer: run the simulation for many days many times, i.e., using multiple sets of random numbers. Incorrect. See section 15.4. 7. From a practical perspective, if we have a waiting line problem for which the Poisson and negative exponential distributions do not apply, and we desire a reasonably accurate solution, we should Your Answer: modify the queuing equations to make them appropriate for our problem. Correct Answer: use simulation. Incorrect. See section 15.5. 8. All of the following are various ways of generating random numbers except Your Answer: table of random numbers Correct Answer: Fibonacci series Incorrect. See section 15.3. 9. The three types of mathematical simulation models are Your Answer: none of the above Correct Answer: operational gaming, Monte Carlo, systems simulation. Incorrect. One of the answers above is correct. 10. Simulation should be thought of as a technique for Your Answer: increasing one's understanding of a problem. CORRECT 1. In a _________ one queue is served by one service facility. Your Answer: single-channel, single-phase system CORRECT 2. The __________ distribution is sometimes used to describe the time between arrivals. Your Answer: exponential Correct Answer: negative exponential Incorrect. See section 14.3. 3. Arrivals are considered _______ when they are independent of one another and their occurrence cannot be predicted exactly. Your Answer: unpredictable Correct Answer: random Incorrect. See section 14.3. 4. The ________ distribution is often used to describe the arrival rate of customers coming to join the queue. Your Answer: Poisson CORRECT 5. Queue _________ determines the sequence in which customers that are in the queue receive service. Your Answer: reneging Correct Answer: discipline Incorrect. See section 14.4. 6. With the constant service time model, both the average queue length and the average waiting time in the queue are _______ relative to exponentially distributed times model. Your Answer: halved CORRECT 7. The term channel with respect to queuing refers to _______. Your Answer: the number of doors through which the arrivals may enter Correct Answer: the number of queues Incorrect. See section 14.3. 8. In the A/B/C designation for queuing systems, the B term represents information about _________. Your Answer: number of channels Correct Answer: service times Incorrect. See Chapter 14. 9. If we wish to investigate the performance of a cafeteria, we should probably use a ______. Your Answer: single-phase model Correct Answer: multiphase model Incorrect. See Chapter 14. 10. A __________ state is the normal and stabilized operating condition of the queuing system. Your Answer: balanced Correct Answer: steady Incorrect. See section 14.8. 11. When determining the arrival rate ( ) and the service rate (µ), the ________________ must be used. Your Answer: same time period CORRECT 1. In the multichannel model (M/M/m) we must assume that the average service time for all channels is the same. Your Answer: True CORRECT 2. If we compare a single-channel system with = 15, to a three-channel system with the service rate for the individual channel of = 5, we will find that the average wait time is less in the single-channel system. Your Answer: False CORRECT. 3. It is typical in queuing problems to assume that the arrival rate can be estimated by an exponential distribution. Your Answer: True Correct Answer: False Incorrect. See sections 14.4 and 14.3. 4. As a general rule, any time that the number of people in line can be a significant portion of the total population, we should use a finite population model. Your Answer: False Correct Answer: True Incorrect. See section 14.7. 5. Whether or not we use the finite population queuing model depends upon the relative arrival and service rates, not just the size of the population from which the arrivals come. Your Answer: False Correct Answer: True Incorrect. See section 14.7. 6. Whether or not we use the finite population queuing model depends upon the amount of space we have in which to form the queue.

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