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    if you’re a defi user who wants to customize your earning strategy and bring it to the next level, which kyberswap version is better for you?


    Guys, does anyone know the answer?

    get if you’re a defi user who wants to customize your earning strategy and bring it to the next level, which kyberswap version is better for you? from screen.

    Kyber Network: Swap, Earn, and Build in DeFi Without Limits

    Meet Kyber Network, a crypto trading hub that connects liquidity from different sources to enable trades at the best possible rates.

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    Kyber Network: Swap, Earn, and Build in DeFi Without Limits

    By Tanaka Tk Chamisa

    2 June 2022, 19:00 GMT+0000

    Updated by Shilpa Lama

    2 June 2022, 19:00 GMT+0000

    Meet Kyber Network, a multi-chain cryptocurrency trading and liquidity hub that connects liquidity from different sources in order to enable trades at the best possible rates for traders, while enabling liquidity providers to maximize earnings through capital efficiency.

    Background and history

    Founded in 2017, Kyber Network has offices in Singapore and Vietnam, and team members all over the world.

    Kyber Network is an ever-growing pioneer in the DeFi space having developed one of the earliest decentralized exchanges (DEX) with the co-founder of Ethereum himself, Vitalik Buterin, as an advisor. The Kyber team has continued to innovate; spearheading the launch of WBTC (Wrapped Bitcoin).

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    WBTC is the most popular ERC20 version of Bitcoin at this point in time. The team is also hard at work at developing amplified liquidity pools on the KyberSwap platform in order to offer capital efficiency for any token pair. Kyber Network has been growing exponentially and as such is a part of the pioneer batch of Alliance DAO/DeFi Alliance mentors.

    Through its flagship DEX (decentralized exchange) aggregator and liquidity protocol, KyberSwap.com, Kyber Network connects liquidity from different sources to enable instant token trading at the best rates and the best returns for token liquidity providers.

    The Kyber Network vision is to become the preferred liquidity hub for the decentralized economy and community. A place where any user, trader, or application can easily access the required tokens for their liquidity needs.



    Kyber Network is committed to expanding its reach and building protocols that support convenient and secure value exchange in decentralized finance, and beyond.

    KyberSwap, the DeFi disruptor

    DeFi needs decentralized liquidity and that’s where KyberSwap.com excels. As Kyber’s flagship DEX aggregator and liquidity protocol, KyberSwap has the potential to be the key infrastructure that provides the necessary liquidity for the whole ecosystem of Dapps to operate. KyberSwap intends to revolutionize the DeFi space and build a world where any token is usable anywhere at the best rates.

    Over 100 integrated projects have integrated KyberSwap and over $7B worth of transactions for thousands of users have been facilitated since its inception. KyberSwap is currently deployed across 11 chains including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Cronos, Arbitrum, Velas, Aurora, Oasis, and BitTorrent.

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    Problems solved

    Kyber solves the ever-present liquidity issue in the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry by allowing developers to build products and services without having to worry about liquidity for different needs.

    For Traders: KyberSwap aggregates liquidity, automatically searching multiple DEXes to identify and select the optimal trade routes and best prices for users. KyberSwap makes trading more efficient and saves time and money for thousands of users. KyberSwap sources liquidity from over 60 different DEXs such as Uniswap, Sushi, Curve, QuickSwap, Pancakeswap, Traderjoe, Pangolin, SpookySwap, SpiritSwap, VVS Finance and many others to achieve the best rates for traders on supported chains.

    As a bonus, KyberSwap users can identify which tokens are ‘Trending’ and ‘Trending Soon’. Tokens that are displayed under the Trending tab on the platform are based on current trending data that has been gathered from leading data aggregators CoinGecko and CoinMarket. Whereas tokens displayed under the Trending Soon section are detected based on Kyber Network’s trend detection algorithm. The algorithm makes use of trading volume, price, market cap, and other on-chain data in order to display the final results.

    For Liquidity Providers: KyberSwap allows anyone to deposit tokens and efficiently make use of their capital, earning fees over time. This is possible via KyberSwap’s amplified liquidity pools that greatly improve capital efficiency and reduce trade slippage. KyberSwap is able to cater to the needs of different liquidity providers and market makers. Liquidity providers achieve better capital efficiency, rates, volume, and returns compared to other platforms. In addition, KyberSwap has joint liquidity mining activities with top DeFi projects that provide bonus incentives so liquidity providers earn even more.



    For Dapp developers: On its mission to disrupt the industry, KyberSwap prioritizes easy integration by allowing blockchain Dapps to easily integrate with its liquidity pools and aggregation API to give the best rates to their users, saving time and resources. KyberSwap is integrated by Dapps such as Coin98 Wallet, DEXTools, Kattana Trade, and Rome Terminal, as well as other top Aggregators such as 1inch, Paraswap, 0x API, Matcha, and Slingshot. KyberSwap documentation can be found here.

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    KyberSwap’s 5 Year Anniversary Community AMA Summarized Recap

    What’s up KyberSwappers! Thanks to everyone who managed to tune in live for our first-ever Community AMA with Kyber CEO Victor Tran and Head of Strategy Shane Hong! We had a wonderful time engaging…

    KyberSwap’s 5 Year Anniversary Community AMA Summarized Recap

    What’s up KyberSwappers! Thanks to everyone who managed to tune in live for our first-ever Community AMA with Kyber CEO Victor Tran and Head of Strategy Shane Hong!

    We had a wonderful time engaging with the Kyber Network community during our first AMA last June 9th, 2022. Our CEO, Victor Tran, and the team are grateful to all Kyberians for participating, bringing us inspiring questions, and showing your support!

    For those who missed it, no problem! Either catch the full version on our YouTube channel:

    Or read our summary recap below!

    Part 1: Q&A with Victor Tran

    Question 1: Why did Victor become Kyber’s CEO?

    As Co-founders of Kyber Network, Loi and I took a step back and re-evaluated Kyber. Our original vision of Kyber, which worked well in 2017, was vague and needed to be refocused to match the current DeFi landscape.

    After taking a step back and self-reflecting, Loi and I decided to construct a new vision for Kyber Network, evolving from its initial start-up concept to a management system more befitting of a long-term corporation. This included rebuilding the product and shipping it closer to the users and the communities.

    To accomplish this, Kyber Network required a re-shift in organization and restructuring of personnel according to the new Kyber vision and individual team strengths.

    As someone who’s been with Kyber Network since its conceptualisation and growth, I, with the technical expertise as CTO and as a leader who’s been building and developing Kyber’s core team, was the natural choice to lead Kyber’s new vision as CEO.

    Question 2: KyberSwap is the core and future of Kyber Network. Why?Firstly, Kyber has several products tied to its name, such as KyberDAO, DMM (Dynamic Market Maker), Kyber.network, KyberPro and KyberSwap. So when the name Kyber is mentioned, it’s difficult to know exactly what people are referring to. So our goal is to establish Kyber as KyberSwap and vice versa.

    Secondly, KyberSwap’s vision now is to be a real decentralized chain, giving users all the benefits of decentralization but with better safety, privacy & fairness to all. This long-term goal presents many challenging technical problems. Namely regarding privacy and ensuring the team can resolve all the user experience issues with the blockchain.

    This goal will be complicated and challenging for the team to achieve. Hence it would be best to focus the team’s attention onto 1 key product instead of splitting the attention amongst multiple products.

    Ultimately, Kyber wants to stay focused, long-term, and keep pushing forward.

    Question 3: It’s been 5 years since Kyber was launched and now you’re [Victor] is taking over as CEO. Over the years, what has changed and what has remained the same?

    Firstly, Kyber has been built by ethical people and will always remain so. In today’s market, where the environment is volatile with short-term trends, the potential of short-term gains, and other unstable factors, the value of being ethical has become undervalued. Therefore, being ethical as a team and remaining committed to being ethical is one of the values we will keep consistent and never change.

    Secondly, Kyber will continue to remain as transparent as possible. We believe that transparency is a key philosophy of public blockchain and is a core value of DeFi, where everything is visible and verifiable on-chain. Hence, transparency is and will remain a priority in our organisational culture.

    Thirdly, Kyber has been dedicated to serving 2 main groups; KNC holders and Kyber Network itself. The priority has been to our KNC holders, putting them first before making any decisions that could impact KNC’s utility and value. Kyber’s next priority is to Kyber Network. In full transparency to our community, for Kyber Network to be sustainable as a business for generations to come, the team must serve Kyber in a way that best benefits the company. In full transparency, we will also be upfront about which business aspects will be for KNC holders and Kyber Network.

    Fourthly, Kyber will always have security as our main priority. Some people may think Kyber is slow when it comes to trends. The reason for this is because for the sake of security and our users safety, the Kyber team invests the extra time needed for security assessments. Putting aside growth, benefits and profit-making, security has always been our top priority for our users’ safety.

    Finally, when Kyber conducts business, our team does so by working towards progress and better efficiency. Even as we compete with other dApps, we do so by showcasing and comparing ways we are more effective rather than bringing other projects down.

    These values are what will remain unchanged for the public to rely on Kyber as a team, company and financial product.

    However, there are changes. Namely, the above-mentioned change to Kyber vision to better suit a long-term strategy. As the market trends have changed since 2017, more adoptions and users will follow, and so in turn, Kyber must always continue to grow. There is a demand for higher quality and Kyber must redefine our vision to match these needs in order to serve as a long-term product. Another change was mentioned also previously in that the team will focus on KyberSwap as its only flagship product. Everything built will be brought to KyberSwap.

    स्रोत : blog.kyber.network

    Kyberswap AMA with Imran Mohamad

    We recently interviewed Imran Mohamad, Head of Marketing of KyberSwap, and talked about the building blocks that make Kyber.

    Home Cryptocurrency News Spotlight

    Cryptocurrency NewsSpotlight

    Kyberswap AMA with Imran Mohamad

    We recently interviewed Imran Mohamad, Head of Marketing, Kyber Network, and talked about the building blocks that make Kyber.

    By Ani - August 26, 2022 Twitter Telegram Facebook WhatsApp Linkedin Pinterest ReddIt

    Kyber Network is one of the most popular DEXs in the Ethereum and Polygon Ecosystem. It promises the best trading rates in DeFi. So, we recently interviewed Imran Mohamad, Head of Marketing, Kyber Network, on our Telegram Channel and talked about the building blocks that make Kyber.

    Segment 1: Introduction to Kyber Swap

    Q – Tell us a bit about yourself and your involvement with Kyber Swap.

    I came from a marketing agency background, then in e-commerce, before diving deep into blockchain & crypto after catching the *buzz*. Now, I’m the Head of Marketing at KyberSwap. We’re the place in DeFi to swap, and earn at the best rates. My role involves being a brand champion, a customer champion and doing market outreach, including in-person events which I love, and AMAs like these which I love even more!

    Q – Give us a broad overview of Kyber Swap, and its various offerings.

    KyberSwap is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) & Aggregator, the best place to swap and earn in DeFi! You get more with KyberSwap because:

    You can swap at the best rates on 12 chains (including Ethereum, BNB, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Avalanche, Fantom, and more), and access more than 20,000 tokens! We’ve surpassed the $10B trade volume!

    You can EARN with our liquidity pools & farming rewards on 12 chains, you don’t need a lot to start, even a hundred dollars is fine. We have rewarded $33m to farmers so far.

    You can use the world’s first on-chain tool to predict tokens before they trend (Discover).

    Participate in trading & referral campaigns to earn more rewards.

    Reliable and secure, Kyber has a history of 5 years of associating with the top names in the industry, Vitalik Buterin being our founding advisor. Also, being technically innovative. We invented wrapped BTC, and dex aggregation among other things. Also has no exploits or rug-pull associations.

    The KyberSwap team with Vitalik, the founder of Ethereum

    Segment 2: Deep Dive

    Q – Tell us more about KyberSwap. You promise to provide traders with the best rates. How do you achieve that?

    KyberSwap aggregates your swap through all the DEXs & liquidity pools in DeFi to give you the BEST rates. Think of us like an AGODA but for your crypto. You always get the most money back! Just try us out on any chain (e.g. Polygon) and compare us with Uniswap, Quickswap, etc and you will see how much you can save.

    This is a result of DEEP INTEGRATION into the ecosystem where we work with 12 chains and their foundations, more than 67 DEX & liquidity sources to route through all of defi so that you get your maximum money’s worth.

    Combine that with GAS EFFICIENT CONTRACTS + ZERO FEES for aggregation. You will always get the best rate with KyberSwap on-chain.

    Q- You have 2 kinds of protocol, Elastic and Classic. How does the Elastic work and how is it different from the Classic?

    KyberSwap Classic is our Dynamic Market Maker which we pioneered. When the market is too volatile, fees can dynamically increase to reflect better the risks involved in each trade. When the market is stable and volatility drops, fees decrease. The DMM automatically recalculates fees by analyzing on-chain volume data for each liquidity pool.

    This system is quite similar to ride-sharing apps like Uber. During high-demand hours, such as rush hour, the price of Uber rides goes up. Likewise, prices decrease when there is a lower demand for rides.

    On the other hand, KyberSwap Elastic inherits all the powerful features of KyberSwap Classic while giving you concentrated liquidity and the flexibility to take your earning strategy to the next level.

    Here is a simple comparison of these 2 protocols:

    Concentrated Liquidity: In the Classic pool, the price range is extremely wide, so the liquidity in each price is very small, which leads to the slippage rate being also high. Whilst Elastic allows you to control the range in which your assets are traded. So with the same amount of money, if the token price keeps trading in that area, you will receive a higher reward (as an LP) compared to Classic.Flexible fee: With Classic protocol, each liquidity pool will earn dynamic fees. While Elastic has different fee tier levels introduced: 0.008%, 0.01%, 0.04%, 0.3%, and 1%, it helps LPs take on more risk in non-correlated pairs like stMATIC/USDT and, conversely, take on minimal risk in correlated pairs like DAI/USDT.Risk Control: Since Classic spent $20 million for decentralized insurance, Elastic introduced a brand new risk control system called JIT/Snipe Protection. It helps protect LPs from this type of attack that jump in front of normal LPs by adding and removing liquidity just before and right after a huge swap.

    स्रोत : www.altcoinbuzz.io

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