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    in my our kabaddi team will be the universal champion this year answer


    Guys, does anyone know the answer?

    get in my our kabaddi team will be the universal champion this year answer from screen.


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    Pawan Sehrawat back on his feet, sets sights on Asian Games

    Pawan missed all but nine minutes of PKL 9 after suffering an ACL injury in the opening match.

    52dShyam Vasudevan


    KABADDI PKL S9 report card: Jaipur Pink Panthers, Puneri Paltan get A+; F for Telugu Titans

    88dShyam Vasudevan @=img=@#=img=#


    KABADDI A slip and a touch: The moment that decided the winners of PKL 9

    92dShyam Vasudevan in Mumbai



    KABADDI PKL 9 final preview: Where will Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Puneri Paltan be won?

    93dShyam Vasudevan @=img=@#=img=#


    KABADDI Unheralded, unplanned for -- how Sahul and Ajith tied the Bengaluru Bulls in knots

    93dShyam Vasudevan in Mumbai



    KABADDI How Fazel Atrachali's inspiring leadership helped Puneri Paltan seal spot in final

    93dShyam Vasudevan @=img=@#=img=#


    KABADDI Sahul's monster performance, Nabibakhsh's renaissance decide semifinals

    94dAaditya Narayan @=img=@#=img=#


    KABADDI PKL semis: Former champions, youngest team, playoff debutants fight for place in final

    94dShyam Vasudevan @=img=@#=img=#


    KABADDI PKL Tie-breaker format explained

    95dAaditya Narayan @=img=@#=img=#


    KABADDI PKL 9 Playoffs: Vikash Kandola's redemption story and Pardeep Narwal's bizarre game headline eliminators

    96dAaditya Narayan @=img=@#=img=#


    KABADDI Pardeep Narwal, Arjun Deshwal and more: top six players of PKL 9 (so far)

    97dAaditya Narayan @=img=@#=img=#


    KABADDI PKL 9 playoffs preview: What are each team's chances of reaching the final?

    98dAaditya Narayan @=img=@#=img=#


    KABADDI PKL Stats: Arjun Deshwal's 200, Bharat's 23, Tamil Thalaivas' unlucky 2

    107dShyam Vasudevan @=img=@#=img=#


    KABADDI Puneri Paltan are the first team to reach PKL 9 playoffs. How did they do it?

    112dShyam Vasudevan @=img=@#=img=#


    KABADDI PKL 9 playoffs: The 6 teams that have qualified for the Playoffs

    112dShyam Vasudevan @=img=@#=img=#


    KABADDI Arjun Deshwal - Jaipur Pink Panthers' raider for all seasons

    113dShyam Vasudevan @=img=@#=img=#


    KABADDI PKL: Top 5 youngsters from season 9

    115dShyam Vasudevan @=img=@#=img=#


    KABADDI PKL Stats: Shadloui's 16, Fazel's 53 and Pardeep's 1500

    115dShyam Vasudevan @=img=@#=img=#


    KABADDI PKL 9 stats: Pardeep's stunning 22, Telugu Titans' unlucky 13

    122dShyam Vasudevan @=img=@#=img=#


    KABADDI PKL 9 midseason grades: Bengaluru Bulls, UP Yoddhas get A; F for Telugu Titans

    122dShyam Vasudevan @=img=@#=img=#


    KABADDI Lightning quick Manjeet the latest in the long line of fine Dabang Delhi raiders

    124dShyam Vasudevan @=img=@#=img=#


    KABADDI Maninder Singh: How PKL's strongest raider has become its most consistent

    127dShyam Vasudevan @=img=@#=img=#


    KABADDI PKL 9 stats: Patna Pirates 6, Telugu Titans 26, Fazel's record 400

    129dShyam Vasudevan @=img=@#=img=#


    KABADDI Explained: How Ajinkya Pawar got six points in controversial raid against Telugu Titans

    133dShyam Vasudevan @=img=@#=img=#


    KABADDI PKL 9: Pawan Sehrawat ruled out for the season

    134dESPN Staff @=img=@#=img=#

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    What should I do to get selected in national kabaddi team?

    Answer (1 of 7): I'm an ameture Kabaddi player myself, I have been playing Kabaddi past 8 years and representing University twice was not an easy journey . Just like any other sport every state conducts state team selection once in a year for the National games. How you can prepare and atttend t...

    What should I do to get selected in national kabaddi team?

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    Sort Vinay Viny

    Analyst at IBM (company) (2017–present)5y


    How do I get selected for the state team in Kabaddi?

    I'm an ameture Kabaddi player myself, I have been playing Kabaddi past 8 years and representing University twice was not an easy journey . Just like any other sport every state conducts state team selection once in a year for the National games.

    How you can prepare and atttend the selection is

    Join an amateur training clubs , which are all over India. Trust me this is the best part , no armature club in India has any fee for membership.

    Get well trained in terms of physic and skills. Both are equally important.

    Play a lot of matches. You need every possible experience to be an amateur player. I ha

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    If one player touches the end line, is there a revive for the opposite team in Kabaddi?

    How is the selection for the Pro Kabaddi done?

    How can I enter in a Kabaddi team?

    What is the process to get selected for the Indian Kabaddi team?

    How can I get selected in the junior kabbadi national team?

    Akash Tripathi

    Former Captain (Sports) at Kv Afs Begumpet (2014–2016)6y

    Well, as you said you want to become a kabaddi player i hope that you are already playing for your school or college team. As you want to represent the country you should work hard. Find a club or a team so that you can play many matches and so you will gain experience. If you have any amazing skill or are performing good in the official tournaments you will be selected for the state team and if you are able to make it to the main 7 and perform well in the state matches you will surely be selected for the National team.

    I hope this helps you.

    Good luck. Sanket Kumar

    My one of the favorite game5y

    Willing to be a part of Kabaddi team at national or international team? Punjab Kabaddi Association is conducting selection trials for Indian team for 6th World Kabaddi Cup, Punjab- 2015. Interested people are advised to read complete information from here.

    Sport is not just a sport but it is also a passion for some people. If you are alos one of those who has passion for a game/ sport, then you must be willing to play it at national or international level. But it is not easy to turn the dream into reality. In addition to be mental and physical fitness, you must also be aware of complete selecti

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    Lahari Varma

    Studied at Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering6y

    You have to start playing kabaddi from your school level and will be represent for district and state level teams .if you have any merit in lower level should get a chance to select in a national team. If you can highly execute some authentic kabaddi skills like toe touch,scorpion kick,ankle hold,dubki,frog jump etc you may get a chance to enter into Prokabaddi . Try your best. Good Luck

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    What are the stages to play for an Indian kabaddi team?

    What do I have to do for the Pro Kabaddi selection?

    Where can I join Kabaddi?

    How can I get selected in the junior kabbadi national team?

    How can I get selected in the Indian Kabaddi Team?


    Studied at Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) (Graduated 2017)2y

    There are 6–7 different ways to Select in pro kabaddi . For ex - nationals,kheloindia , University games,fkh program , pro iabaddi teams individual trails etc & if you want full information than watch our this video -

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    Darshak Shah 6y Join

    SAI (sports authority of India)

    And with your skill and smart work u have chance to selection

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    General ManagerAuthor has 9.7K answers and 12.4M answer views5y

    perform at every level-carry out SWOT ANALYSIS


    improve fitness, be star player in your team.

    selectors will take notice

    Aryan Gupta

    Lives in Kendriya Vidyalaya Mughalsarai (2004–present)Author has 78 answers and 259K answer views4y


    How can I enter in a Kabaddi team?

    good play in trials of pkl

    Derrick D 3y Related

    How can I join Pro Kabaddi?

    To join Pro Kabaddi as a player. You need to be one of the best Kabaddi players.

    Find a good coach and join Kabaddi Club/Team.

    Practice Daily.

    Focus more on fitness and skills.

    Master all the skills, practice them 1000 a week.

    स्रोत : www.quora.com

    Samacheer Kalvi 6th English Solutions Term 2 Prose Chapter 1 Sports Stars – Samacheer Guru

    Samacheer Kalvi 6th English Solutions Term 2 Prose Chapter 1 Sports Stars

    Students can Download English Lesson 1 Sports Stars Questions and Answers, Summary, Activity, Notes, Samacheer Kalvi 6th English Book Solutions Guide Pdf  helps you to revise the complete Tamilnadu State Board New Syllabus and score more marks in your examinations.

    Tamilnadu Samacheer Kalvi 6th English Solutions Term 2 Prose Chapter 1 Sports Stars Questions and Answers

    Read and Understand

    I. Identify the sports and the sports personalities from the lesson and fill in the table.


    II. Read the questions related to the three sports stars you have read about and tick the appropriate boxes.

    III. Think and answer.

    Sports Stars 6th English Question 1.

    Women/ Men can achieve anything, provided they put their heart and soul into it. Discuss in the class. Do you think being a man or a woman makes a difference?


    In this world of competition, everyone can achieve success, if they put their heart and soul into their task. Every person who achieves success in life, has to work hard with dedication and determination. It’s no matter, whether they are men or women. That makes no difference. All that matters is only hard work, determination and the willingness to achieve something big. One can always leam something from another person’s story. Each one of us should believe in ourselves and follow our passion to win with devotion and dedication. Success will surely embrace us one day.

    Sports Stars 6th English Questions and Answers Question 2.

    How can you balance your academic goals and your passion for sports or arts?


    A person’s determination and readiness to cross the obstacles in life, can make him / her to balance his / her academic goals and the passion for sports or arts. P.V. Sindhu is a good example for this. Despite being busy with her training schedules and International tournaments, she managed to attend regular school until class 9, after which all her classes were through correspondence. She did balance both her passion as well as her academics and she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce (B.Com.). The other sports stars who balanced their passion for sports and academics are Rahul Dravid, Anil Kumble, V.V.S. Laxman, K. Srikkanth, M.S. Dhoni, Murali Vijay and Suresh Raina. All these stars excelled in Cricket. There are also others, who have excelled in the field of sports and academics. Therefore, the determination to surpass both in academics and sports and the ability in balancing both are the prime factors to achieve success in both the fields.


    A. Match the sport and the equipment.

    Answer: (v) (iv) (ii) (iii) (i)

    B. Find the names of twelve sports and games from the grid.


    C. Tide the meaning of the italicised word.

    Sports Star Lesson In 6th Standard Question 1.

    Being compared to Sachin is an absolute privilege.

    (a) Honour (b) Right (c) Favour (d) Disadvantage Answer: (a) Honour

    Chapter 1 Sports Stars Question 2.

    The boy was taken by surprise when he learnt about Mithali Dorai Raj.

    (a) Affected (b) Moved (c) Amazed (d) Upset Answer: (c) Amazed

    6th Standard English Sports Stars Question 3.

    Usha Rani had to struggle all through her life.

    (a) Fight (b) Duel (c) Fun (d) Work hard Answer: (d) Work hard

    Sports Stars 6th English In Tamil Question 4.

    Usha Rani is expert at giving leads.

    (a) Clumsy (b) Sharp (c) Skilled (d) Bad Answer: (c) Skilled

    6th Standard Sports Stars Question 5.

    No opponent is too big to defeat.

    (a) Competitor (b) Rival (c) Helper (d) Enemy Answer: (a) Competitor

    D. Fit in the blanks with the opposites of the words given in brockets.

    We should learn from our _______ (success).

    Children don’t like to read _______ (interesting) books.

    Be _______ (general) when you’are telling us what you need.

    The teacher asked the children to _______ (start) talking.

    The new boss decided to _______ (appoint) the lazy workers.

    स्रोत : samacheerguru.com

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