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    management principles and applications b.com hons pdf


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    Management Principles and Applications

    Notes of I Semester B.Com, Mgt Principles & App Management Principles and Applications - Study Material

    Management Principles and Applications

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    Mgt Principles & App

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    Management Principles and Application (Question Paper Unit Wise), Unit – 1, Introduction to management, 1., 2., 3., 4., 5., 6., 7., 8., 1., 2., 3., 4., 5., 6., 7., 1., 2., 3., 4., 5., 6., 7., 8., , 2 marks Question, What is management?, Define management., What is essence of management?, Write any 4 importance of management., Name various level of management., What are the functions of management?, Expand POSDCORD, What is the meaning of ‘espirit de crops’?, 5 Mark Question, Explain in brief the concept of, Management., What is the importance of management?, Explain them., Explain in brief the significance of, management, Explain essence of management., What is meant by neo classical system?, Explain the scope of management., Is management an Art or Science? Discuss, 10 marks, What are management? Explain various, functions of management?, Explain the evolution of management., Explain the principles of management., Explain the function of management, Define scientific management. Discuss, about the Taylor’s scientific management, What are the Henry Fayol’s 14 principles of, management? Explain., Explain system approach of modern, management theory., Enumerate the contributions of Elton Mayo, to the field of management., , Unit – 2, Planning, 1., 2., 3., 4., 5., , 2 marks Question, What is planning?, Define planning., What is plan?, What is single use plan?, What is the purpose of planning?, , 6. What is strategic planning?, 7. What is environmental analysis?, 8. List few internal environments., 9. List few external environments., 10. Expand SWOT?, 11. What is tows metrics?, 12. Expand BCG?, 13. What is decision making?, 14. What is committee decision making?, 15. What is group decision making?, 16. What is planning process?, 5 Mark Question, 1. Explain the nature of planning., 2. Explain the types of plans?, 3. Explain the process of strategic planning?, 4. Explain the importance of environmental, analysis?, 5. Explain the importance of decision making?, 10 marks, 1. What is planning? Explain the nature and, types of planning, 2. What is strategic planning? Explain the, importance and limitations of strategic, planning., 3. Briefly explain the techniques of, environmental analysis and diagnosis?, 4. Explain in detail about the TOWS matrix, and SWOT analysis, 5. Explain decision making process?, , Unit – 3, Organising, 2 marks Question, 1. What is organising?, 2. What us authority?, 3. Define span of management., 4. What is a committee? Give example., 5. What is centralization?, 6. What is de-centralization?, 7. What is responsibility?, 8. What is delegation of authority?, 9. What is formal organisation?, 10. What is informal organisation?, 11. List the difference between Line and Staff., 12. What is Organization Structure?

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    Management Principles & Application Notes

    Management Principles and Applications Notes B.Com 3rd Sem Notes CBCS Pattern Evolution of Management Thoughts Introduction to Management

    Management Principles & Application Notes | Unit 1 | Introduction to Management | Evolution of Management Thoughts | CBCS Pattern

    by Kumar Nirmal Prasad - April 04, 2021 0

     Management Principles and Application NotesB.Com Notes (CBCS Pattern)Unit 1: Introduction to Management and Development of Management Thoughts

    Hey Guys’ Welcome to Dynamic Tutorials and Services.

    In this post I have given a brief explanation of Concept and Evolution of management thoughts. These notes are useful B.Com 3rd Semester Students under CBCS Pattern. Some of the topics are not yet included in these notes which will be added very soon.

    Just scroll down through this post and all your queries relating to Management Principles and Applications will be solved.

    Table of Contents

    1. Meaning and Nature of Management

    2. Scope or Branches of Management

    3. Functions of Management

    4. Objectives and Importance of Management

    5. Levels of Management – Meaning, Role and Difference

    6. Management Principles

    7. Contribution of FW Taylor – Scientific Management

    8. Contribution of Henry Fayol – 14 Principles of Management

    9. Difference between FW Taylor’s and Henry Fayol’s Contribution

    10. Development of Management Thoughts – Classical and Neo Classical Approach

    11. Concept of Co-ordination

    Management - Introduction

    Management is the coordination of all resources through the process of planning, organising, directing, staffing and controlling in order to attain stated objectives effectively and efficiently.  Effectively means doing the right task, completing activities and achieving goals and efficiently means to attain objectives with least amount of resources at a minimum cost. This process starts at the top and continues in more or less degree at every level of the organisation.

    According to Harold Koontz, “Management is an art of getting things done through others and with formally organised groups."

    According to F.W. Taylor, “Management is an art of knowing what do you want to do and then seeing that is is done in the best and cheapest way.”

    According to Henry Fayol, “To manage is to forecast, to plan, to organize, to command to co-ordinate and control.

    George R. Terry, “Management is a distinct process consisting of planning, organising, actuating and controlling performance t determine and accomplish the objectives by the use of people and resources,”

    Thus management may be defined as a process including various activities like planning, organising , directing, controlling  co-ordination etc in order to make optimum use of men machinery, materials and money by way of preparing plans, policies and purposes, for achieving organisational goals under healthy internal environment.

    Nature or characteristics of Management:

    On the basis of critical analysis of  various definitions of management, the main features of management may be stated as follows :

    a)      Management is a process: Management is a continuous activity which aims at making optimum use of the available resources like men, machinery, materials, and money, for achieving organisational goals.

    b)      Management deals with several functions: Management includes several functions such as planning, organising, staffing, directing co-ordinating, controlling, motivating or actuating, controlling, decision making, leadership and communication.

    c)       Management is goal oriented: Every management activity is directed towards achieving predetermined objectives of the organiation.

    d)      Management is a group of organized activities: Management plans, organizes, co-ordinates, directs and controls the group efforts so as to achieve organisational goals efficiently and effectively.

    e)      Management is basically a factor of production: The factors of production include land, labour, capital and entrepreneurs.  A manager or entrepreneur mobilizes resources like land, labour and capital to produce’ output to satisfy needs of the society and earn profit.

    f)       Management is a discipline: Management , although borrows several concept for other social sciences, it has developed its own body of principles and theories so as to become a special discipline or subject of study for potential managers.

    g)      Management is  a science and also an art: Science is defined as a systematized body of knowledge and it uses scientific methods of observation measurement, experimentation etc.  Its principles are exact and university applicable. Management has systematized body of knowledge and its principles are evolved on the basis of   observation. But management being a social science, it is not an exact science.  So management is a soft or inexact science.

    Art refers to the way of doing specific things i.e. it indicates “ how an objective is to be achieved.  it is the know-how to achieve the desired results.  Art needs continuous practice to reach the level of perfection.  An art is application of science. Thus art and science are interrelated in the sense that putting scientific principles into practice requires art, which needs special knowledge and skills.

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