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    murudeshwara temple statue of lord shiva murdeshwar temple main rd murdeshwar karnataka


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    Murdeshwar Town

    Gopura of Murudeshwara Temple and statue of Shiva


    Location of Murdeshwar in Karnataka

    Coordinates: 14°5′37.02″N 74°29′1.77″E / 14.0936167°N 74.4838250°E

    Coordinates: 14°5′37.02″N 74°29′1.77″E / 14.0936167°N 74.4838250°E

    Country  India State Karnataka

    District Uttara Kannada

    Taluk Bhatkal Languages • Official Kannada

    Time zone UTC+5:30 (IST)

    PIN 581 350

    Telephone code 08385

    Murdeshwar is a town in Uttara Kannada district in the state of Karnataka, India, It is famous for the world's second tallest Shiva statue, the town lies on the coast of the Arabian Sea and is also famous for the Murudeshwara Temple.[1] The town has a railway station on the Mangalore–Mumbai Konkan railway route.


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    Etymology and Chronicles[edit]

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    The origin of the name "Murdeshwar" dates to the time of Ramayana. The Hindu gods attained immortality and invincibility by worshiping a divine Linga called the . The Lanka King Ravana wanted to attain immortality by obtaining the Atma-Linga (Soul of Shiva). Since the belonged to Shiva, Ravana worshipped Shiva with devotion. Pleased by his prayers, Shiva appeared before him and asked him what he wanted. Ravana asked for the . Shiva agreed to give him the boon on the condition that it should never be placed on the ground before he reaches Lanka. If the was ever placed on the ground, it would be impossible to move it. Having obtained his boon, Ravana started back on his journey to Lanka.

    Lord Vishnu, who learned of this incident, realised that with the , Ravana may obtain immortality and wreak havoc on earth. He approached Ganesha and requested him to prevent the from reaching Lanka. Ganesha knew that Ravana was a very devoted person who performed prayer rituals every evening without fail. He decided to make use of this fact and came up with a plan to confiscate the from Ravana.

    As Ravana was nearing Gokarna, Vishnu blotted out the sun to give the appearance of dusk. Ravana now had to perform his evening rituals but was worried because with the in his hands, he would not be able to do his rituals. At this time, Ganesha in the disguise of a Brahmin boy accosted him. Ravana requested him to hold the until he performed his rituals, and asked him not to place it on the ground. Ganesha struck a deal with him saying that he would call Ravana thrice, and if Ravana did not return within that time, he would place the on the ground.

    Ravana returned to find that Ganesha had already placed the on the ground. Vishnu then removed his illusion and it was daylight again. Ravana, realising that he had been tricked, tried to uproot and destroy the linga. Due to the force exerted by Ravana, some pieces were scattered. One such piece from the head of the linga is said to have fallen in present-day Surathkal. The famous Sadashiva temple is said to be built around that piece of linga. Then he decided to destroy the covering of the , and threw the case covering it to a place called , 37 kilometers away. Then he threw the lid of the case to a place called (now Gunavanthe) and Dhareshwar, 16-19 kilometers away. Finally, he threw the cloth covering the to a place called Mrideshwar in Kanduka-Giri (). Mrideshwar has been renamed to Murdeshwar.

    Major attractions[edit]

    The 20-storied Gopura at the Murdeshwar temple. Two life-size elephants in concrete stand guard at the steps leading to it.

    Murdeshwar Temple was built on the Kanduka Hill which is surrounded on three sides by the waters of the Arabian Sea. It is dedicated to lord shiva, and a 20-storied Raja Gopura is constructed at the temple. The temple authorities have installed a lift that provides a view of the 123-feet Sri Shiva idol from the top of the Raja Gopura. There is also a Rameshwara linga at the bottom of the hill, where devotees can do seva themselves. A Shaneswar temple has been built next to the idol of Sri Akshayaguna. Two life-size elephants in concrete stand guard at the steps leading to it. The entire temple and temple complex, including the 209-feet-tall Raja Gopura, is one among the tallest.

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    Murudeshwar Temple (2021)

    Murudeshwar Temple History

    Murudeshwar Temple

    Murudeshwar Karnataka #1 Among Things To Do in MurudeshwarGet Murudeshwar PDF Guide4.2 /5 (69 Votes)


    Weather : N.A.Timings : 3:00 AM - 1:00 PM, 3:00 PM - 8:00 PMTime Required : 2-3 hrsDress Code : Men: Only Dhotis, no tshirt, jeans, pantsWomen: only Saree and Churidar with dupattaPlanning a Trip? Ask Your Question

    Murudeshwar Temple, Murudeshwar Overview

    Located in Karnataka, this magnificent shrine is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple boasts of the second highest statue of Lord Shiva in the world, and the sheer magnanimity of the statue will fill you with a sense of awe. This temple is built on the Kanduka Hill which is surrounded by the Arabian Sea on three sides. The main temple's entrance, also called the 'gopura' stands at 123 feet and you can witness the breathtaking view of the Shiva statue from the top of the gopura.

    The entire surface of this temple is covered in the most intricate and detailed carvings that you will ever see. The compound of the temple has been modernized except the sanctum sanctorum, which retains its original form. The main deity of the temple is the Sri Mridesa Linga, which is believed to be a part of the original Atma Linga.

    The Shiva statue here is quite an impressive one and will surely leave you with a humble sense of tranquillity. This magnificent statue is a perfect tribute to a God who is held in high reverence in lands far and wide.

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    Read More on Murudeshwar Temple Legend of Murudeshwar Temple

    Legend says that the Atma Linga or the Soul of Shiva was the key to invincibility and immortality. Demon King Ravana decided upon acquiring it for which he devoutly prayed to Lord Shiva. Pleased by his devotion, Shiva granted him the Atma Linga, on the condition that it must not be placed on the ground before he reaches Lanka. However, Lord Ganesh and Lord Vishnu tricked him into putting the Linga on the ground, post which it got attached and was rendered immovable. Livid with anger, Ravana tried to destroy the Linga, but the force of his attack only managed to scatter the Linga to different places, which gave rise to many a sacred spot throughout the country, one of them being Murudeshwar.

    How To Reach Murudeshwar Temple

    Well connected through main city via all means of transport. Bus services quite prominent.

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    Murudeshwar Temple Reviews

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    on Murudeshwar Temple 10 months ago

    Amazing place to visit .. A divine place .. Both bhakti and enjoyment cam be done .. statue of Murudeshwar , gopuram and marvelous arabian sea, combination of everything.. heavenly place on earth

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    Murudeshwara Shiva Temple and Statue of Lord Shiva

    Famously known for its captivating 123 feet Shiva statue, Murudeshwara is a prominent Pilgrim center with beautiful beaches and Murudeshwara temple.


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    Murudeshwara is a temple town in Bhatkala Taluk, North Canara district in Coastal Karnataka. Located on the main Mangalore- Karwar Highway, And it is sandwiched between the picturesque Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea. Its main attraction is a Shiva Temple with Chalukya and Kadamba sculptures built in the Dravidian style of architecture with an awesome Shiva statue and its pristine beach. The temple is located on a hillock which offers a magnificent view of the sea. The temple complex is famous for its tall Shiva statue which is around 37 m high and is the tallest Shiva statue in India. The temple gopura at 237 ft is the 2nd tallest in India. From across the beach, one can see the mammoth statue sparkling against the backdrop of a blue sky. There is also a huge statue of the Gitopadesha depicted in the lush garden here complete with a chariot.

    Things to do in Murudeshwara:Murudeshwara Temple: Built on Kanduka hill surrounded by ocean on 3 sides houses the main deity, Sri Mridesa or Murudeshwara.Sun Chariot: A golden coloured sun chariot next to the Shiva statue depicts Arjuna receiving geethopadesam (teaching of Bhagavad Gita) from Lord KrishnaClimb up the temple tower (Raja Gopura): Raja Gopura has 20 stories, accessible by an elevator. Visitors can reach the top floor of the temple tower to get a grand view of the Shiva Statue and ocean.Water sports on the beach: Jet Ski rides and boat ridesScuba Diving at Netrani Island: A must try adventure sportsPlaces to visit near Murudeshwara: Jog Falls (90 kms), Gokarna (80 kms), Maravanthe Beach (55 kms), Idagunji Mahaganapathi Temple (20 kms) are the major attractions to visit  near by places.How to reach Murudeshwara: Murudeshwara is 490 kms from Bengaluru and 155 kms from Mangaluru. Mangaluru is the nearest airport. Murudeshwara Railway station is just 3 kms from town. Regular bus services are available to reach Murudeshwara from all major cities in Coastal Karnataka.Places to stay near Murudeshwara: Several budget and mid range hotels, luxury resorts are available

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