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    name the weapon used by lord rama to kill ravana in the battle fought at lanka


    Guys, does anyone know the answer?

    get name the weapon used by lord rama to kill ravana in the battle fought at lanka from screen.


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    For the film, see Brahmāstra: Part One – Shiva.

    In Hindu mythology, the (IAST: ) is an (weapon) that is said to be able to destroy the universe, capable of destroying creation and vanquishing all beings. They are the most destructive, powerful, and irresistible weapons mentioned in Hinduism. These weapons are all created by Lord Brahma.

    It is termed as a fiery weapon that creates a fierce fireball,[1] blazing up with terrible flames and countless horrendous thunder flashes. When discharged, all nature including trees, oceans, and animals tremble, and the sky surrounds with flame, glaciers melt and mountains shatter with copious noise all around.

    When used, the Brahmastra which is person-centric can destroy a powerful enemy if he does not possess an alternate counter weapon. If it is Bhramashirsha Astra it causes collateral damage to every useful resource in a given area and prevents even a single blade of grass from ever growing in that area again. It is mentioned in Epic that there will be no rainfall for 12 Brahma years (12 Brahma years = 37.32 trillion human years) and climate conditions will worsen. The strike of the Brahmashira astra will eventually destroy everything.

    When Ashwatthama hurled the Brahmashira astra against Arjuna, the Pandava countered by invoking the same weapon; to prevent widespread destruction Narada and Vyasa stood between the two , ordering the two warriors to withdraw their weapons. (Arjuna, out of nobility, did so; Ashwatthama, however, out of anger refused to recall the astra and rather directed it to Uttarā's womb to kill the unborn Parikshita in an attempt to produce some level of damage to his opponents.)[2]

    Narada and Vyasa come to stop Brahmastra used by Aswatthama and Arjuna

    The origin of the word comes from the word , who is the "Creator" in Hindu culture. The idea that Brahmastra is the most powerful weapon can be understood by the kind of weapons that were used according to Hindu culture. The Trimurti, which consists of the three main Gods, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, each wielding an astra, have them according to their characteristics.

    The primary and personal astra of Shiva is a Pashupatastra. It is one of the six Mantramukta astra which when unleashed cannot be stopped. Only 3 people in written texts have the power and capability to wield it. Brahmarshi Vishwamitra, Sri Ram and Arjun. Lord Shiva has never used it against a lesser mortal or on any worldly entity. Also it has been a crime to use it in the current iteration of the universe.

    The personal astra of Vishnu is Narayanastra. It is also one of the six Mantramukta astra which when unleashed cannot be stopped. However unlike Pashupatastra one can pray to this astra for forgiveness and the astra may stop.

    One of the astra of Brahma is the Brahmashirsha astra, which has the power to eliminate the existence of anything from the past, present and future. This astra can remove and entity's existence from this Brahma Cycle. A more common usage of a lesser powerful astra is Brahmastra. Most often, a Brahmastra would be a weapon with insurmountable capabilities, far surpassing any other weapon used during any war or event. Most often the astra has been used by its wielder to destroy an extremely powerful enemy. Most of the Brahmarishis were capable of wielding it. Sri Ram, Karna, Arjun also had strong capability of using this astra.


    1 Variants

    1.1 Bramhashirsha Astra

    2 Uses 3 See also 4 References


    Bramhashirsha Astra[edit]

    The Bramhashirsha Astra (Bramha's head weapon),[3] manifests with four heads of Bramha at the front and is four times stronger than the normal Bramhastra. Arjuna, Drona, Aswasthama and Bhishma possessed this knowledge in Mahabharata. [4]


    There are numerous instances within Sanskrit theological scriptures where the Brahmastra is used or its use is threatened, including:

    Maharaja Kaushika (who later became Brahmarshi Vishvamitra) used it against Maharishi Vasishta, but the Brahmastra was swallowed by Vasishta's Brahmadanda Astra.

    Indrajit used the Nagpasha against the army of Rama in the Ramayana. Lakshmana was injured by this weapon only. Only the Sanjeevani herbs brought by Hanuman managed to save the brothers and their army from death. Also, Indrajit used the Brahmastra against Hanuman, but Hanuman survived because of the boon previously given to him by Lord Brahma.

    In the Ramayana, a Brahmastra is used by Shri Rama several times: once against Jayanta when he hurt Sita, against Mareecha in their last encounter, and finally the Brahmastra was used in the last battle with the Asura emperor Ravana.[5] According to the Ramayana, the weapon was also aimed at Samudra(the sea god) to carve a path out of the sea such that Rama's army could march towards the island of Lanka. However, as Rama loaded the weapon, Samudra appeared and offered to assist the king in crossing the ocean. But once invoked, the Brahmastra must be discharged, and hence it was instead aimed towards Dhrumatulya, falling at of modern-day Rajasthan, causing it to become a desert for eons to come. This incident is mentioned in Yuddha Kanda 22 Sarga, Verse 31.

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    (All ANS) Name the weapon used by Lord Rama to kill Ravana in the battle fought at Lanka?

    The Correct Answer is (B) Brahmastra.

    (All ANS) Name the weapon used by Lord Rama to kill Ravana in the battle fought at Lanka?

    October 9, 2021 by aishwarya

    Name the weapon used by Lord Rama to kill Ravana in the battle fought at Lanka?

    Table of Contents Pashupastra Brahmastra Nagastra Shastra

    The Correct Answer is (B) Brahmastra.

    FOLLOW TELEGRAM CHANNEL (B) Brahmastra the weapon used by Lord Rama to kill Ravana in the battle fought at Lanka.

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    With which weapon did Rama kill Ravana?

    Answer (1 of 7): Rama used an Infallible dart provided by Agastya.. Its Not Nearly as Powerful as The Brahmastra. However it's Speciality is That it was Infallible.. and It was Necessary to Overcome Ravana's Infallible Armor which was also a gift From Brahma.. Its a Myth That Ram used Brahmastr...

    With which weapon did Rama kill Ravana?

    Sort Shiv Bhakt

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    Which arrow did Rama use to kill Ravana?


    The arrow by which Lord Rama killed Ravan was a special Brahma missile. It was made by Lord Brahma himself. Let us discuss its main features :

    Wind constituted the feathers of the arrow.

    Sun and Moon were its end points.

    Its body was made out of space.

    Its weight was equal to the combined weight of Meru and Mandara mountain.

    Its shaft was made of ether.

    It was decked with gold and had efficay/essence of all the elements and radiance of Sun too.

    It was like Lord Yama in form and essence was as firm as Indra's vajra.

    It was colourful and had many kinds of swift feathers, including those of L

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    From which Astra did Shri Rama kill Ravana?

    With which weapon was ravana killed, there is a lot of confusion as some say it is Brahmastra and some say it is Prasvapna?

    Which arrow did Rama use to kill Ravana?

    Who killed Ravana?

    How many arrows did Lord Rama shoot to kill Ravana? Was it around 52 or 1?

    Ninad Kshirsagar

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    What common misconception regarding Lord Rama is repeated the most by liberals to malign him?

    Oh many. Liberals in India can twist anything to demean hindus. I will go by Valmiki Ramayana strictly.

    Surpanakha was not some abla nari and that they did injustice to her. She attacked Mata sita with intention of eating her away and that's why lakshman chopped off her nose and ear and Rama didn't say anything to him.

    Ravana may be a half Brahmin but as per valmiki ramayan he never had any traits of being Brahmin by his actions. He was out and out evil Rakshasa. So no Lord Rama didn't have any sin of brahma hatya.

    Rama didn't attack Bali on back but he attacked Bali on chest. And when questioned

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    Did Ravan know that Rama will kill him?

    Ravan, when he attended Sita's swayamvar, was made to meet with Ram and Lakshman by their guru Vishwamitra. Guru introduced Ravan to them and asked them to take blessings from him because he was the most knowledgeable person (परम विद्वान व ज्ञानी). Ravan by looking at the forehead of Ram, learnt about him and knew that Ram has taken birth to kill him. Thts why he has made sure every single demon was killed before him so that all of them get moksh when they are killed by Ram. I don't remember but I read somewhere, where it says Ravan even told Ram in tht first meeting that your forehead says th

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    How did Lord Ram counter infallible weapons of Ravana?

    Inflallible weapons can be countered with inflallible weapons.( Unless they are protected by boons like Indrajit brahmastra and nagastra)

    Ravan fired Brahma's infallible spear which shooked the 10 directions of the universe and the abodes of gods . Rama countered it with powerful Indra's spear which he received from Brahma .

    behold. Its sharp tip was filled with smoke and it was like the fire that engulfs at the end of a yuga. He seized this extremely terrible weapon, which even Death found difficult to approach. In its capacity to tear and shatter, it caused fear to all creatures. In his anger,

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    Why did Lord Shri Ram take 7 days to kill Ravan? I mean he is the lord of universe, he has a lot of shastra-astras. I think he could have killed him in 1 day.

    How many weapons did Rama use against Ravana?

    Which weapon was given to Ravana from Mayāsura?

    What did Vibhishana tell Rama how to kill Ravana?

    What are the weapons used by Ravana?

    Ram Charan

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    Ravana was defeated by Sahasrabahu and Vaali. Still people remember only Rama's victory over Ravana. Why is it so?

    Defeating Ravana was no big deal. Even Rama defeated him two three times in Lanka war . Hanuman defeated him once in their first encounter .

    But killing Ravana was nigh impossible when he adorned the invincible armour of Lord Brahma which can literally withstand every astra including Brahmastra and Roudrastra of Treta yuga .

    Rama chopped off that head too with his arrows looking like thunderbolts. In the same manner, a hundred of Ravana's heads of equal splendour were chopped off by Rama.

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