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    shazam fury of the gods box office collection


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    Shazam! Fury of the Gods

    Shazam! Fury of the Gods (2023)

    The film continues the story of teenage Billy Batson who, upon reciting the magic word "SHAZAM!" is transformed into his adult Super Hero alter ego, Shazam.

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    DOMESTIC (100%) $11,700,000 INTERNATIONAL (–) – WORLDWIDE $11,700,000 Cast information Crew information Company information News Box office Franchise rankings

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    Area Release Date Opening Gross

    Domestic Mar 17, 2023 – $11,700,000

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    Box Office: ‘Shazam: Fury of the Gods’ Makes $3.4M Previews – Deadline

    Box Office: 'Shazam: Fury of the Gods' Kicks Off Thursday Night

    ‘Shazam! Fury Of The Gods’ Seeing $30M Opening – Friday Box Office

    March 17, 2023 1:53pm

    Zachary Levi in 'Shazam! Fury of the Gods'

    New Line Cinema

    Friday afternoon: We’re hearing that New Line’s Shazam! Fury of the Gods is currently on its way to an $11M Friday, inclusive of last night’s $3.4M, for what’s looking like a $30M opening at 4,071 theaters. The pic cost $125M before P&A, $25M more than the first Shazam!

    While that’s nothing to scream “Shazam!” about in regards to that projected 3-day, note that we have to see how family matinees impact the pic’s ticket sales, given how younger skewing it is. Meaning, Batman fans aren’t making their way to this movie. According to Comscore, this Friday in March boasts the most for the month when it comes to K-12 schools (34% out) and colleges (42%) on break.

    Social media analytics firm RelishMix measured a social media universe across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok of 385.5M, +4% over Shazam!, but 27% off superhero genre norms. However, the campaign made ground on TikTok with over 80M views for studio-owned materials.

    Says RelishMix, “Shazam 2’s large cast is well activated with materials from worldwide press tour, talk shows and behind-the-scenes elements, giving fans loads to chew through including Zachary Levi at 2.2M fans, Meagan Good at 16.9M, Asher Angle at 13.6M including TikTok and YouTube, Ross Butler at 12.4M, Jack Dylan Grazer at 4.1M, Rachel Zegler at 1.1M and director David Sandberg @ponysmasher who came from directing the micro budget Lights Out for Warner Bros, now at 196K fans.”

    RelishMix adds, “Convo on Shazam: Fury of the Gods runs mixed with some chatter excited for Fast Saga’s Helen Mirren and the Eminem song in the trailer — spun with uncertainty about the playful, silly, goofy tone of the few materials in rotation on YouTube along with comparisons to other DC characters who travel down deeper darker paths. There’s also critical comparison to the first installment.”

    Courteney Cox in ‘Scream VI’

    Everett Collection

    Also per industry estimates, Paramount/Spyglass Media’s Scream VI booked at 3,676 theaters is seeing a second Friday of $5.3M, -72%, and a potential second weekend of $18.4M,-59%, for a running total of $76.9M; which would be $4.7M away from overtaking the domestic final of last year’s Scream ($81.6M).

    Third belongs to MGM/UAR’s third weekend of Creed III at 3,477 theaters which is eyeing a $4.5M Friday, -40% and a third weekend of $16M-$17M, -39%, for a running total of $127.3M by Sunday.

    Fourth is Sony’s 65 at 3,405 theaters which is seeing a second Friday of $1.5M (-66%), second weekend of $5.3M (-57%) and ten-day take of $21.9M.

    Fifth belongs to Disney/Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania at 2,650 theaters with a fifth Friday of $1.3M, -24%, fifth weekend of $5.3M, -26%, $207.05M.

    Friday AM: New Line’s DC sequel Shazam! Fury of the Gods got off the ground at 3 p.m. Thursday and posted $3.4M in previews at 3,400 theaters.

    That’s less than the first Shazam! back in April 2019, which did $5.9M in its Thursday previews (off showtimes that began at 4 p.m.). Shazam! also had another $3.3M in previous Fandango previews back in the day, for a grand preview total of $9.2M before a $20.3M Friday and a $53.5M opening.


    ‘Shazam! Fury Of The Gods’ Premiere: Zachary Levi On DC Franchise Future Under “Excellent Leaders” James Gunn & Peter Safran: “It All Comes Down To What The People Want”

    Fury of the Gods, from the same director as Chapter 1, David F. Sandberg, is expected to come in under the first and will be lucky to hit $40M (domestic outlook is $35M, $85M global). We’ve been in a hot marketplace whereby sequels have been setting franchise-opening records, read Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania ($106.1M), Creed III ($58.3M) and Scream VI ($44.4M). That doesn’t seem to be the case here with Shazam! Fury of the Gods. We’ll keep watch if its situation improves.

    The sequel is currently 54% Rotten with Critics with an 84% audience score, this versus the 2019 installment that was 90% certified fresh with an 82% audience score. That said, the first Shazam! was able to pull off an A CinemaScore. General audiences on Comscore/Screen Engine’s PostTrak gave the first film four stars.

    Why make a sequel? The first one opened well and, despite making close to $366M worldwide, made a little profit for New Line with a net of $74M. DC Studios Co-Chief Peter Safran is a producer on the Shazam! franchise.

    Shazam! Fury of the Gods bounced around the calendar, impacted by the pandemic, like several other films, but the most recent previous release date was December 21. Warner Bros. moved the sequel away from Avatar: The Way of Water, much to the upset of exhibitors, who were expecting more bucks at the end of the year. But it was for good reason: to get access to Imax, PLF screens and premium-ticket formats. Not to mention, Warner Bros. launched The Batman in March last year (granted, two very different superheroes).

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    Box Office: ‘Shazam! Fury of the Gods’ Opening to Dismal $30M – The Hollywood Reporter

    That would mark one of the worsts starts for a title in the DC Cinematic Universe, inlcuding those released during the pandemic.

    Heat Vision

    Box Office: ‘Shazam! Fury of the Gods’ Heads for Dismal $30M Domestic Opening

    The sequel's opening would mark one of the worsts starts for a title in the DC Cinematic Universe, including those released during the pandemic.

    MARCH 18, 2023 8:02AM

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    DC and New Line Cinema’s Shazam! Fury of the Gods is feeling scorned.

    The movie opened to $11.7 million on Friday, including $3.4 million in previews, for a projected weekend debut of around $30 million.

    That would mark one of the worst starts for a major Hollywood superhero film, as well as one of the worst for a title in the DC Cinematic Universe, including those released during the pandemic. And it’s well behind the $53.5 million domestic opening of the first Shazam! in 2019, not adjusted for inflation.

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    'Shazam! Fury of the Gods' Post-Credits Scene Was Inspired by a Scrapped Villain Story

    Scream VI remains a major contender in its second weekend and could earn $18 million. Creed III also remains a notable contender and could earn nearly $16 million.

    Prerelease tracking had suggested Shazam! Fury of the Gods would open to at least $35 million this weekend. Others believe it has a shot at $40 million.

    Shazam 2‘s Rotten Tomatoes critics score is a ho-hum 54 percent. That compares to 90 percent for the 2019 movie. The sequel also received a more subdued B+ CinemaScore, compared to an A for the first.

    Families — which played a key role in the first movie’s surprise success — remain a challenging moviegoing demo in the pandemic era.

    Fury of the Gods is the 12th installment in the DC Extended Universe and the first to be released since Warner Bros. Discovery chief David Zaslav tapped James Gunn and Shazam! franchise producer Peter Safran to run DC Studios and engineer a complete overhaul.

    Fury of the Gods also comes as the future of the DC characters and actors introduced before Gunn and Safran’s takeover hangs in the balance. Superman actor Henry Cavill, for instance, won’t be returning. Levi addressed his future at Tuesday’s Hollywood premiere, telling The Hollywood Reporter: “I’m very happy with this movie. … I hope it’s not my last.”

    David F. Sandberg directed Shazam! Fury of the Gods from a script by Henry Gayden and Chris Morgan.

    Shazam 2‘s villains are the Daughters of Atlas, a trio of ancient goddesses who have come to Earth to reclaim the magical powers that the wizard Shazam (Djimon Hounsou) took from them. Naturally, defeating the villains is up to Billy Batson, aka Shazam (Asher Angel/Zachary Levi), along with his extended family/fellow superheroes Freddy (Jack Dylan Grazer/Adam Brody), Eugene (Ian Chen/Ross Butler), Darla (Faithe Herman/Meagan Good), Pedro (Jovan Armand/D.J. Cotrona) and Mary (Grace Caroline Currey, playing both the regular and superhero versions of her character with a change of hairstyle).

    The goddesses Hespera, Kalypso and Anthea are played by Helen Mirren, Lucy Liu and, in her first film since her breakout role in Spielberg’s West Side Story, Rachel Zegler, respectively.

    Numbers will be updated Sunday.

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