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    syam is always late coming to work and the manager cut his increment. this is an example of


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    get syam is always late coming to work and the manager cut his increment. this is an example of from screen.

    Organisational Behavior Multiple choice Questions and Answers. Page 8.

    Organisational Behavior

    71. Which of the following is not a biographical characteristic?

    political affiliation

    age Sex tenure

    72. What do we call the view that we can learn both through observation and direct experience?

    situational learning theory

    classical learning

    social learning theory

    the Pavlov principle

    73. Syam is always late coming to work and the manager cut his increment. This is an example of.

    positive reinforcement

    negative reinforcement

    Punishment extinction

    74. Most of the learning that takes place in the Class room is

    Classical conditioning

    Operant conditioning

    Cognitive learning Social learning

    75. Managerial orientation of "Supportive Model" of OB is

    Authority Money Support Teamwork

    76. Select the correct hierarchical order of qualities of an individual

    Ability-Skills- Aptitude- Competency

    Aptitude-Ability- Skills- Competency

    Skills- Aptitude- Competency- Ability

    Competency-Ability-Skills- Aptitude

    77. Tensed, insecurity and nervousness are features of

    emotional instability

    agreeableness extroversion conscientiousness

    78. The extent to which individual believes in importance of power, status difference in organization

    Self esteem Authoritarianism

    Tolerance for ambiguity


    79. Under Herzberg's theory, factors causing dissatisfaction is called

    Demotivators Negative stimuli Hygiene factors Defectors

    80. Which one is not a Process Based Theory of motivation?

    Porter Lawler theory

    Mc Clelland's theory

    Stacy Adams theory Vroom's theory

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    Syam is always late coming to work and the manager cut his increment. This is an example of. Accounting MCQs

    Syam is always late coming to work and the manager cut his increment. This is an example of. Learn Accounting.

    MCQs Papers Definitions Flashcards


    Absorption Costing

    ACAMS Practice Questions

    Accounting Basics

    Accounting Cycle and Classifying Accounts

    Accounting For Managers

    Accounting for Merchandising Activities

    Accounting for Pensions

    Accounting Information Systems

    Accounting Principles

    Accounts Receivables


    Activity Based Costing

    Adjusting Accounts for Financial Statements

    Advanced Business Economics

    Advertising and Public Relations

    Advertising and Sales Promotion


    An Overview of International Business

    Analysis and Forecasting Techniques

    Analyzing and Recording Transactions


    Asset Demand and Supply under Uncertainty


    Auditing and Attestation


    Behavioral and Allied Sciences

    Bonds and Long Term Notes Payable

    Brand Management Budgeting Business Business Analytics

    Business Analytics & Technology Management Chapter 2

    Business Analytics & Technology Management Chapter 3

    Business Analytics & Technology Management Chapter 4

    Business Analytics & Technology Management Chapter 5

    Business Analytics & Technology Management Chapter 6

    Business and Company Law

    Business Communication

    Business Cycles Business Economics

    Business Environment

    Business Essentials

    Business Ethics and Governance

    Business Ethics Exam

    Business Law

    Business Law Study guide

    Business Mathematics

    Business Organisations and Environment

    Business organization and systems

    Business Process Performance

    Business Statistics Business Structure Business Studies

    California Real Estate

    Capital Assets Capital Budgeting

    Capital Budgeting and Managerial Decisions

    Capital Structure Cash Management

    Changes in Accounting Principles

    Changing Marketing Environment

    Conflict Theory

    Consolidated Financial Statements

    Consumer Behavior Contingency Contracts Controlling

    Corporate and Business Law

    Corporate Finance

    Corporate Governance

    Corporate Law Corporate Taxation Corporation

    Cost Accounting Final exam

    Cost Accumulation Systems

    Cost Allocation Techniques

    Cost and Managerial Accounting

    Cost Behavior Cost Management Cost Measurement Cost of Capital

    Cost Terms and Classifications

    Cost Volume Profit Analysis

    Currency Exchange Rates

    Current Assets Current Liabilities

    Customer Relationships and Value

    CVP Analysis and Marginal Analysis

    Debt and Bankruptcy Decision Makers

    Decision Makers Household Sector

    Decision Making Deferred Tax Demand for Money Depreciation

    Derivative Instruments and Hedging Activities

    Dividend Policy

    Dividends, Shares, and Income

    E Business Economics

    Employee Training and Development


    Environments of Business

    Error Correction

    Essence of Management

    Ethical and Professional Standards

    Ethics and Social Responsibility

    Ethics for Management Accountants

    External Financial Statements and Revenue Recognition

    Federal Securities Acts


    Financial Accounting

    Financial and the Nonfinancial Sectors

    Financial Decision Making

    Financial Instruments

    Financial Instruments

    Financial Intermediaries and Financial Markets

    Financial Management

    Financial Markets and Securities Offerings

    Financial Reporting

    Financial Statements

    Financial Statements and Accounting Transactions

    Fixed Assets

    Flexible Budgets and Standard Costs

    Florida Real Estate MCQs

    Fundamental Accounting Principles

    Global Finance

    Global Marketing and World Trade

    Governmental Accounting State and Local

    Health and Life Comprehensive Exam

    Health and Life Practice Questions

    Health Insurance Hedging Instruments HR Management HRM

    Human Resource Management

    Human Resource Management HRM

    Human Resource Planning

    Importance of Business Economics

    Income Tax Individual Taxation

    Information Technology


    Insurance and Risk Management

    Insurance License Texas Life and Health

    Intangible Asset

    Integrated Marketing Communications and Direct Marketing

    Interactive Marketing and Electronic Commerce

    Internal Auditing and Systems Controls

    Internal Control and Cash

    International Business

    International Trade

    Interpersonal and Organizational Communication

    Introduction to Business

    Introduction to Human Resource Management

    Introduction to Human Resources Assessment

    Inventory Management


    Investment Risk and Portfolio Management

    Job Order Costing Leading Lease Legal Management

    Life and Health Insurance

    Life Insurance

    Life Insurance Basics

    Life Insurance Policies

    Life Insurance Policy

    Long Term Investment

    Long Term Securities


    Management and Cost Accounting

    Managerial Accounting

    Managerial Accounting Concepts and Principles

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    [Solved] Syam is always late coming to work and the manager cut his increment. This is an example of.


    Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Applications (BBA [CA])

    Organisational Behaviour

    Syam is always late coming to ...


    Syam is always late coming to work and the manager cut his increment. This is an example of.

    A. positive reinforcement

    B. negative reinforcement

    C. punishment D. extinction

    Answer» C. punishment

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