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    the famous painter lalita lajmi is the sister of which legendary film director


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    get the famous painter lalita lajmi is the sister of which legendary film director from screen.

    Lalita Lajmi

    Lalita Lajmi

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    Born 17 October 1932 (age 90)

    Calcutta, Bengal Presidency, British India (present-day West Bengal, India)

    Nationality Indian

    Alma mater Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai

    Occupation Painter

    Years active 1960–present

    Children 2, including Kalpana Lajmi

    Relatives Guru Dutt (brother)

    Atma Ram (brother)

    Lalita Lajmi (born 17 October 1932)[1] is an Indian painter.[2][3][4] She is a self-taught artist born into a family involved in the arts, and was very fond of classical dance even as a child. She is the sister of Hindi film director, producer, and actor Guru Dutt. In 1994, she was invited to the Guru Dutt Film Festival, organised by Gopalkrishna Gandhi, the Indian High Commissioner at Nehru Centre, London. Her work is also influenced by Indian films such as those made by her brother, Satyajit Ray and Raj Kapoor.

    In one of her interviews Lalitha Lajmi said that, being from a middle-class background, her family could not afford her joining classical dance classes. She was from a traditional family and hence developed an interest in art. Her uncle B. B. Benegal, who was a commercial artist from Kolkata, brought her a box of paints. She seriously began painting in 1961 but in those days one could not sell one's work[] and hence she had to teach in an art school to support herself financially. While teaching she worked with disabled and underprivileged children. Her first painting was sold for just Rs. 100 to a German art collector, Dr. Heinzmode. He used to take her works and in exchange gave her works of German artists or some books.

    Lajmi says that her work had no particular direction until the late 1970s. Then she started evolving and started doing etchings, oils and watercolors. Her 1990s work which show hidden tensions that exist between men and women captured different roles they play. But her women were not meek but assertive and aggressive. She even used images of Kali and Durga in her work. Her closest inspiration was a series she painted called "The Family series" and this work was displayed at Chemould.[5]


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    Personal life[edit]

    Her parents were originally settled in Karwar but relocated to Bangalore. Lajmi's father was a poet and her mother was a polylingual writer.[6] She grew up in Bhowanipore. Her uncle BB Benegal introduced her to painting as a child when he brought her a box of paints and sent her work for a competition; later she got her first prize. Her urge to paint developed rapidly in the 1960s, which is when she started painting seriously. Her first exhibition was the group exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai, where, in 1961, she also held her first solo exhibition. Lajmi taught at Campion School and Convent of Jesus & Mary for over two decades and later enrolled in the JJ School of Art to complete her art masters.[7] Lalitha Lajmi's works are held in collections in the National Gallery of Modern Art and the CSMVS Museum in India, and the British Museum.[6] She married to Captain Gopi Lajmi.[8] She has a daughter with Captain Gopi Lajmi.[9] Her daughter, Kalpana Lajmi, was also a Hindi film director.


    She started painting in the early 1960s,[10] when she participated in a group exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.[11] At the same gallery she had her first solo exhibition in 1961.[11] Over a career spanning 5 decades, she had several exhibitions at both national and international platforms.[3][10] She has exhibited her work in India, (Germany) and US. Lajmi has given lectures in India and UK as well. She also showcased her work in Graphic workshop of Prof. Paul Lingerine in Mumbai and two of her etchings were selected for "India Festival" 1985, USA.[12] Her work has been displayed in various famous art galleries including Prithvi Art Gallery, Pundole Art Gallery, Apparao Gallery, Chennai, Pundole Gallery, Mumbai, Hutheesing Centre for Visual Art, Ahmedabad, Art Heritage, New Delhi, Gallery Gay, Germany, Prints Exhibition at Max Muller Bhavan, Kolkata etc. Lajmi's primary work was appreciated but she shrugs that her later work was left unnoticed because of which she started teaching at Campion school and Convent of Jesus and Mary for over 20 years.

    Some of her group exhibitions includes A SYCO, The viewing Room, Mumbai, Think Small, art Alive Gallery, New Delhi, The Feminine Eye, Gallery Sara Arakkal, Bangalore.[12] Her initial work displayed a lot of autobiographical elements and her later work reflected the hidden tension between men and women. Lajmi has also showcased a natural bonding between mother and daughter in her work.[13]

    She gave a guest appearance in Aamir Khan's 2007 Bollywood film, has also done costume designing for a play by Amol Palekar[14] She has also worked as a graphics artist in Hindi movie .[15]


    Lalita is a self-taught artist, in spite of art and painting books, she lacked of guiding in her style and kind of art and hence, she ended up constantly experimenting. Gradually, at the end of the 1970s, she began doing etchings and oil and watercolor paintings. When observed, most of her work displays strong autobiographical elements. Her earlier works drew inspirations from her personal life and observations, while her later work reflected the hidden tension between men and women.

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