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    the promotional mix strategy in which advertisement and promotions are made to final customers to induce them to buy products is classified as


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    get the promotional mix strategy in which advertisement and promotions are made to final customers to induce them to buy products is classified as from screen.

    Promotion Mix: Meaning, Types & Elements

    Promotion Mix: ✓ Meaning ✓ Types ✓ Elements ✓ Tools ✓ importance ✓ Marketing ✓ StudySmarter Original

    Promotion Mix


    Creating a marketing campaign can take a long time. When a company develops a new product, marketers cannot simply say, "Let's create some billboards and hope that consumers notice our product!". Promotional objectives must be specific, and the promotion itself has to be targeted. This is where the promotion mix comes into play. Read along to find out how to create the most effective promotion mix!

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    Promotion Mix Meaning

    Promotion mix is an essential component of marketing communications. That is why we sometimes call it marketing communications mix.

    Marketing communications aim to reach the target audience and influence the customer purchase journey. Its main tasks include differentiating the product and brand from the competitors, reinforcing the brand's presence and message, informing customers about the product's benefits & features, and persuading them to buy. This process is known as the DRIP model.

    The DRIP framework stands for: differentiate, reinforce, inform, and persuade.

    Marketers use various promotional techniques to achieve these goals, giving rise to the promotion mix.

    Promotion mix is a combination of promotional tools marketers use to communicate with their target audience.

    Marketers can use more than one channel to communicate brand value. Here are six key components of a communications mix:

    Advertising, Personal selling, Sales promotions, Direct marketing,

    Public relations (PR),


    Nike uses a combination of promotional tools. They offer a variety of seasonal sales promotions, advertise their products using traditional (print) and digital (social) media, and run various public relations campaigns.

    Promotion Mix Marketing

    The promotion mix plays a significant role in marketing. Before we look at the promotion mix in more detail, let's examine the steps in developing effective marketing communications.

    Overall, there are three stages in marketing communications:

    Identify the target audience,

    Determine communications objectives,

    Select the appropriate communications channel and media.

    The main goal of marketing communications is to guide customers through the buyer-readiness stages.

    Buyer-readiness stages are the stages a customer passes through before making a purchase.

    The buyer readiness stages include awareness, knowledge, liking, preference, conviction, and purchase (see Figure 1 below).

    It is important to note that the buyer readiness stages are not the same as the buyer decision-making process.

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    Promotion Mix Elements

    Promotion mix is made up of three key elements: promotion mix budget, tools, and strategy. An integrated marketing campaign would require marketers to combine all these three elements.

    Promotion mix budget

    The first step to developing a promotion mix is to calculate promotion budget. It is a crucial task as marketers do not want to waste precious dollars.

    Let's look at four methods to determine a promotion budget:

    Percentage-of-sales method: this is a relatively simple method of calculating the promotion budget. Managers simply determine a percentage of sales or forecasted sales the company will spend on promotion. For example, 20% of forecasted sales. The disadvantage of this method is that it is entirely dependent on sales. At times, increased spending on promotion is needed to boost sales, which this method ignores.Affordable method: another simple method of calculating a promotion budget, often used by small businesses. The business simply determines how much it can spend on promotion - how much can we afford to spend? After subtracting total costs from revenues or forecasted revenues, managers determine how much of the remainder to allocate to promotion.Objective-task method: a more complex but effective method of determining the communications budget. To use this method, marketers have to define the objective of the promotion and figure out how the company should allocate resources to achieve set goals. The process is as follows: determine the promotional objectives, decide which tasks must be conducted to achieve the objectives, and estimate the costs of performing said tasks. This method helps management understand the relationship between advertising spending and performance.Competitive parity method: other companies decide to spend the same amount on promotion as their competitors. This method involves setting the promotion budget to match industry averages. However, it fails to consider the qualitative aspects of promotion - each company has different advertising needs - and thus, only the company itself knows how much it should spend on promotion.

    It is essential to keep in mind that the promotion mix budget is different from product pricing methods. To learn about pricing, check out our Price and Pricing Strategies explanations.

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    [Solved] Promotional mix strategy in which advertisement and promotions are made to final customers to induce them to buy products is classified as


    Promotional mix strategy in which advertisement and promotions are made to final customers to induce them to buy products is classified as

    A. pull strategy

    B. moral selling strategy

    C. rational selling strategy

    D. push strategy

    Answer» A. pull strategy

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    What is Promotion Mix: Definition, Tips, Examples

    Reach broader audiences with the right promotion mix. Here we uncovered its components, offered tips and examples of big brands. Check out! © 2023

    What is a Promotion Mix? - Tips and Examples

    Learn more about a promotion mix and how you can implement it in SendPulse

    Home Support Internet Marketing 101 Promotion mix

    A promotion mix is a set of different marketing approaches marketers develop to optimize promotional efforts and reach a broader audience. The marketer’s task is to find the right marketing mix for a particular brand.

    In this video, Alex, a SendPulse marketer, explains how to create an effective promotion mix strategy.


    Developing a promotion mix requires skills and experience in marketing. Marketers should complete various studies and gather lots of data about a particular company to come up with an effective promotion mix.

    For instance, it is necessary to identify your target audience, work out a budget that you can afford for a promotion, and decide the most efficient marketing channels for your audience.

    A promotion mix is a more expanded approach towards one of five elements of the marketing mix — Promotion. Other factors are people, product, place, and price.

    Why is using a promotion mix important?

    Improves the effectiveness of promotional campaigns

    Helps segment the audience

    Improves communication with clients

    Informs subscribers

    Stands out from the crowd

    Improves the effectiveness of promotional campaigns. Promotion is a crucial part of any business, so companies develop a promotion mix, putting all efforts to make promotions at the right place, at the right time, and to the right audience. It helps one get the most out of their marketing resources by optimizing their budget and saving time.Helps segment the audience. To develop a compelling promotion mix, a company needs to identify its target audience. Potential subscribers may include various groups of people who have something in common, for example, age, gender, preferences, etc., and they all require an individual approach. A promotion mix is a key method for delivering a relevant promotion message via the most suitable channel for each segment.Improves communication with clients. Companies develop a promotion mix trying to speak their consumers’ language. If prepared correctly, it helps build trust between the brand and its customers. This is a crucial factor in lead nurturing and customer retention. For example, automated email campaigns help achieve these goals by responding to people’s actions instantly.Informs subscribers. Some promotions, on Instagram for example, aim to show the product from the best angle, and others, like SMS, emphasize the advantages of local services. When using a promotion mix, companies define the best ways to educate people about the products and services they provide.Stands out from the crowd. People are bombarded with all sorts of advertising at every turn. With a promotion mix, it is possible to stand out from the crowd without creating chaos in your customers’ heads. Successful companies make quality prevail over quantity, promoting their product or service at the right place and right time.

    Components of a Promotion Mix

    Advertising Direct selling Sales promotion Public relations

    Advertising. This is a non-personal promotion of products and services. Marketers use advertising as a vital tool for increasing brand awareness. Advertisers show promotions to masses of people using email, webpages, banner ads, television, radio, etc.Direct selling. This is a one-to-one communication between a sales representative and a potential customer. Direct selling influences people to decide to buy certain products or services. It is one of the most effective ways of promoting your brand because the sales rep can tailor the promotion precisely to those who are most likely to make a purchase. On the other hand, this is the most expensive form of sales because companies need to pay for one person’s time.Sales promotion. This is a set of short-term activities that are designed to encourage immediate purchase. Sales promotions are a campaign that uses time-sensitive offers — sales, discounts, coupons, etc., to engage existing consumers and bring in a larger audience. Many companies make this a core component of their marketing efforts, though sometimes it’s the most annoying type of communication for people.Public relations. This type of promotional method determines the way people treat the brand. Companies using PR try to build a firm and attractive brand image by planting interesting news stories about their activities in the media. Public relations are not fully controlled by the company, though, as some reviews and webpages may negatively highlight the brand. If a company adequately solves these issues, people will reward them with positive word-of-mouth consideration.

    How to Use SendPulse for Promotion

    Email SMS

    Web push notifications

    Messenger marketing

    You can cover some of the promotion mix components with SendPulse. Let’s find out which marketing channels you can implement in your promotion mix.

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