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    this one is easy, we promise. how large is a goalkeeper’s box where the player can pick up the ball?


    Guys, does anyone know the answer?

    get this one is easy, we promise. how large is a goalkeeper’s box where the player can pick up the ball? from screen.

    Penalty area

    Penalty area

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    The penalty area with penalty box marking and the penalty arc in parallel to the goal. The smaller box is often called the

    Penalty arc.

    The penalty area or 18-yard box (also known less formally as the penalty box or simply box) is an area of an association football pitch. It is rectangular and extends 16.5m (18 yd) to each side of the goal and 16.5m (18 yd) in front of it.

    Within the penalty area is the penalty spot, which is 11m (12 yd) from the goal line, directly in-line with the centre of the goal.

    A penalty arc (often informally called "the D") adjoins the penalty area, and encloses the area within 9.15m (10 yd) of the penalty spot. It does not form part of the penalty area and is only of relevance during the taking of a penalty kick, when any players inside the arc are adjudged to be encroaching.[1]

    Within the penalty area is another smaller rectangular area called the (colloquially the ), which is delimited by two lines starting on the goal-line 5.5 metres (6 yd) from the goalposts and extending 5.5 metres (6 yd) into the pitch from the goal-line, and the line joining these. Goal kicks and any free kick by the defending team may be taken from anywhere in this area. Indirect free kicks awarded to the attacking team within the goal area are taken from the point on the line parallel to the goal line (the "six-yard line") nearest where the infringement occurred; they cannot be taken any closer to the goal line. Similarly drop-balls that would otherwise occur closer to the goal line are taken on this line.

    Previously, penalty areas extended the width of the field, but were reduced to their current dimensions in 1901.[2]


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    Schematic of an association football pitch, the penalty areas are the larger of the two rectangular regions surrounding the goals at both ends of the pitch

    A player taking a penalty kick from inside the penalty area.

    Fouls punishable by a direct free kick (i.e. handling the ball and most physical fouls), committed by the defensive team within the penalty area, may be penalised by a penalty kick.[3] A penalty kick is taken from the penalty spot. The penalty spot is located 12 yards (10.97m) away from the goal line.

    The penalty area has other functions, including:

    Goalkeepers: The area delimiting the area in which a goalkeeper may legally handle the ball;

    Goal kicks and defensive free kicks: opponents must remain outside of the area and at least 10 yards away from the ball until the ball is kicked and clearly moves;

    Taking of penalty kicks: players other than the kicker and the goalkeeper must remain outside the area (and also the penalty arc) until the kick has been taken.

    In play[edit]

    In a typical game, for the majority of time the penalty area is occupied only by the goalkeeper. The attacking team generally aims to get the ball and their own players into the defending team's penalty area, and a high percentage of goals in professional football are scored from within the penalty area.[4] Usually during attacking set pieces, including corners, a large number of both attacking and defending players are in the penalty area and, although illegal, grappling between players is frequently observed.[5]


    ^ "Laws of the Game 2017-2018" (PDF). FIFA. p. 36. Archived (PDF) from the original on 12 July 2021.^ "The Origins Of Football Pitch Markings". football-stadiums.co.uk.^ "LAW 12: FOULS AND MISCONDUCT". The FA. Retrieved 28 October 2014.^ Mitrotasios, Michalis; Armatas, Vasilis (16 January 2014). "Analysis of Goal Scoring Patterns in the 2012 European Football Championship". . United States Sports Academy. Retrieved 28 October 2014. Other research has examined the position on the pitch from which goals are scored. In a recent study Wright et al. (50) showed that from 167 goals from English Premier League, 87% of goals were scored inside the penalty area which is similar to the 90% observed by Olsen (36) for the 1986 World Cup whereas Dufour (14) reported 80% for the 1990 World Cup. Yiannakos and Armatas (51) reported that 44.4% of goals scored were inside the penalty area, 35.2% inside the goal area, and 20.4% outside the penalty area, for the 2004 European Championship in Portugal. Finally, Hughes et al. (22) showed that successful teams in the 1986 Football World Cup made more attempts inside the penalty area in comparison to unsuccessful teams.^ Singh, Amit (27 October 2014). "Should referees take a tougher stance on penalty box holding at set-pieces?". . Retrieved 28 October 2014.

    See also[edit]

    Penalty shoot-out (association football)

    Association football pitch

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    Can a goalkeeper overstep the box when kicking out?

    Answer (1 of 2): Yes they can, and well-trained keepers frequently DO. The requirement on the keeper is that that they cannot HANDLE the ball outside the penalty area. But if any part of the ball is above any part of the line, then the ball is still considered to be “in the penalty area”, and thu...

    Can a goalkeeper overstep the box when kicking out?

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    Yes they can, and well-trained keepers frequently DO. The requirement on the keeper is that that they cannot HANDLE the ball outside the penalty area. But if any part of the ball is above any part of the line, then the ball is still considered to be “in the penalty area”, and thus can be handled by the goalkeeper.

    By this standard, so long as the keeper has released the ball from their hands before it has completely passed the penalty area line, no infraction is committed. A good keeper will release the ball on their penultimate step, then plant their plant foot and follow through with the punt

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    Why doesn't the goalkeeper stand in the middle of the goal during a free-kick?

    During a free-kick, the players of the defending team will form a wall, blocking the direct path to goal, inorder to make it difficult for the free-kick taker to score. This also blocks the goalkeeper’s vision of the ball and movement of the free-kick taker.

    A goalkeeper can appropriately react to save a free-kick only when he/she sees the ball and can judge the speed, angle and trajectory of the ball. To do this effectively, the goalkeeper has to track the ball from before being kicked. So, the goalkeeper usually asks his team-mates to form a wall aligned towards one end of the goal post and s

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    Do goalkeepers just stand and do nothing whilst their team is playing on the opposite end of the pitch?

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    When i first started playing football, I always thought it is a very simple sport.

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    I can remember my first time playing football I kept trying to use my legs, until people kept telling me to use my hands.

    After that I got really into football and borrowed a book from the library about goalkeeping training. I trained myself at home in my parent’s tiny apartment, by using the football and practicing by thrown the ball against the wall and training my agility, or rolling it against the wall and trying to c

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    Does the goalkeeper aimlessly kick the ball deep on a goal kick in soccer, or is there a plan?

    Sometimes the keeper just kicks it deep, as you suggest, but there are alternatives:

    First: There are safe zones from which a quick counter attack is unlikely. I’ve edited this item based on a reader’s question: the sketch below is what I’m talking about. A professional coach would rightfully point out that this is not a very precise illustration, but you get the point.

    Second: If you have this guy as your center forward, you’d be well served to try to deliver it to him, wherever he’s standing. Edin Džeko

    is one of the best “holding forwards” in the game right now.

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    Brazil 4-1 South Korea: One of the best first-half performances you're likely to see!

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    Brazil were simply irresistible in the first half. They went in at the break 4-0 up and it could easily have been seven or eight. Yes, South Korea caused their own problems by pushing so far up the pitch and leaving so few players back but Brazil still had to know how to exploit it and exploit it they did. There was only going to be one winner after Vinícius' opening goal, quickly followed by a Neymar penalty. Goals three and four were things of beauty; fast, crisp passing moves finished off by Richarlison and Lucas Paquetà. On that form, there is no stopping Brazil, who paid the best tribute to Pelé, watching in his hospital bed in São Paolo.

    The second half was a non-event, with Brazil taking their foot off the gas and South Korea adopting a much less kamikaze approach.

    But it was all about that first-half display, which will strike fear into the other nations left in the competition.

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    ​​​​​​​The winner will face Portugal or Switzerland in the quarters, then France or England in the semis if they get through, being on the other side of the draw from Brazil, who play Croatia next.

    Neymar: I'm so sorry about what Pelé is going through

    The last word goes to Neymar, who has become just the third Brazliian, after Pelé and Ronaldo, to score in three World Cups:

    "Reaching these milestones is a great source of pride. I never imagined I'd get there, I'm really happy."

    On the team's performances: "We need to take things step by step. There are still three games to go but we're ready, we're really focused."On his injury: "I spent days and nights crying. But all the effort was worth it, in the end. The other day I was working with the physios until 4 or 5 in the morning."On Pelé: "I'm so sorry about what he's going through. I hope he recovers."

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    Morocco  vs  Spain, 10am ETPortugal  vs  ​​​​​​​Switzerland, 2pm ETBe sure to join us for those! Who've you got to go through?Are we going to get any surprises at all in the round of 16 or all the big guns going through?

    Alisson Becker: Pelé means so much for us

    Brazil goalkeeper Alisson Becker, speaking to Fox Sports, had a message for Pelé after Brazil's 4-1 in:

    "Everybody knows that Pelé is not doing well with his health. He means so much for us Brazilians, he means so much for football. It's just a small message from our team to him, we're praying for him to get better. We are together with him, he's not alone. You'll Never Walk Alone and he'll not walk alone at this hard moment. His family will not walk alone. We are with them, even if we are far away. If we can fight here at the World Cup and win games for him and win the competition for him, we'll do that."

    "We were really good tonight. I think the difference compared to the other games was that we scored goals, we took the chances we created."

    South Korea manager Paulo Bento steps down

    South Korea boss Paulo Bento has announced that he is stepping down from his post and that he took the decision in September. He was also critical of the tournament schedule, which gave his team less than 72 hours to prepare for the game:

    "I'm happy with what we've achieved in the last four years."

    "It's hard to summarise everything that's gone on in the World Cup. All I can say is that we were fairly beaten, Brazil were better than us."

    "We can be happy with how we finished the game, as well as the last four years. We did really well in the group stage, we played well and got to the round of 16 for just the third time ever."

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