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    what are the characteristics features of euglenoids


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    What are the characteristic features of Euglenoids?

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    What are the characteristic features of Euglenoids?

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    Some characteristic features of Euglenoids are as follows.

    • Euglenoids (such as ) are unicellular protists commonly found in fresh water.

    • Instead of the cell wall, a protein-rich cell membrane known as pellicle is present.

    • They bear two flagella on the anterior end of the body.

    • A small light sensitive eye spot is present.

    • They contain photosynthetic pigments such as chlorophyll and can thus prepare their own food. However, in the absence of light, they behave similarly to heterotrophs by capturing other small aquatic organisms.

    • They have both plant and animal-like features, which makes them difficult to classify and hence they are called as connecting link between plants and animals.

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    What Are The Characteristic Features Of Euglenoids?

    What Are The Characteristic Features Of Euglenoids? Get the answer to this question and other important questions asked in NEET, only at BYJU’S.

    NEET QuestionsWhat Are The Characteristic Features Of Euglenoids

    What Are The Characteristic Features Of Euglenoids?

    Euglenoids are unicellular microorganisms, which are grouped into the kingdom Protista and the algal phylum.

    The characteristic features of Euglenoids are:

    Euglenoids have a flexible body

    They are found in freshwater

    Euglenoids body is covered by a protein-rich layer called pellicle

    Euglenoids possess the characteristic features of plants and animals

    They are autotrophs, which contain photosynthetic pigments and can prepare their food.

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    What are the characteristic features of Euglenoids class 11 biology CBSE

    What are the characteristic features of Euglenoids

    What are the characteristic features of Euglenoids?

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    Hint: There is a diversity of organisms on this earth. They all have different and specific characteristics. The simplest of them is the single-celled protists. They have a large variety of organisms in this group. They are the primitive type of creatures.Complete answer:

    Euglenoids are the Protists in the algal category. Euglena belongs to the Euglenoids group. There are approximately 600 species known of euglenoids. This makes a large group of Protists. They are the elongated cells with one nucleus.

    Euglenoids have certain features like-

    - They are the unicellular protists.

    - They are found in the freshwater.

    - They have a pellicle present- which is a protein-rich membrane.

    - They lack a cell wall.

    - They have two flagella on the anterior of the body.

    - They can prepare their food by photosynthetic pigments called chloroplasts.

    - In the absence of light, they acquire food as heterotrophs. They will then feed on other organisms for feed.

    - They are the connecting bridge between the plants and animals as they have featured both like plants and animals.

    - They have a contractile vacuole to regulate the fluid in the cytoplasm.

    - They are usually red due to the presence of carotenoids.

    - They attack their food and eat via phagocytosis in which the entrapment of food takes place by an outer membrane.

    - They reproduce by longitudinal cell division, a form of asexual reproduction mode.

    - They generate cyst which can withstand the drying period.


    Euglena has environmental importance in the aspect that it needs carbon dioxide for photosynthesis, so it will provide us with oxygen to breathe. They are both good and bad for humans. There also exist toxic euglena. They have evolved.

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