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    what colour do you get if you mix red and yellow?


    Guys, does anyone know the answer?

    get what colour do you get if you mix red and yellow? from screen.

    What colour do you get if you mix red and yellow?

    What Colour Do You Get If You Mix Red And Yellow? – Amazon Quiz

    January 25, 2023 by Ajinkya Sid

    What Colour Do You Get If You Mix Red And Yellow? Amazon Quiz Answers

    Explaination – Mixing red and yellow makes orange/saffron.  It is also called saffron colour.  Orange is also present in the seven colors of the rainbow – violet, blue, indigo, green, yellow, orange, red.

    Q1: What colour do you get if you mix red and yellow?

    Orange Purple Green Blue


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    What Color Do Yellow and Red Make When Mixed?

    Red and yellow are warm colors on the color wheel, and they're often associated with bright objects like fire. Yet, these two popular hues also have a famous…

    What Color Do Yellow and Red Make When Mixed?

    Red and yellow are warm colors on the color wheel, and they’re often associated with bright objects like fire. Yet, these two popular hues also have a famous mixture, which pairs nicely with both of them. So, what color do yellow and red make when mixed, and is it different depending on the medium you use?

    What Color Do Yellow and Red Make in Paint?

    Both yellow and red are primary colors on the RYB color wheel. They mix together to create orange, which is a secondary color. Mixing 50% yellow with 50% red should give you a bright, perfect orange.

    Why is Mixing Orange Paint Difficult?

    Even though mixing orange sounds fairly simple in theory, it sometimes won’t turn out as you expect. Using 50% yellow and 50% red might give you more of a brown-orange color, which probably isn’t what you’re looking for.

    This is a common issue with mixing paints because it’s difficult to find pure red or yellow. Most reds, yellows, and blues have more specific color names, such as yellow ochre or alizarin crimson. Sometimes, these specific colors have hints of other colors mixed in. Some types of red and yellow could even have hints of blue in them.

    Mixing red, yellow, and blue paint together will give you brown. So, if blue is mixed into any of the colors, your orange will look more muddy than anticipated. So, the best way to mix orange is to find a yellow and red with nothing else added to them.

    If you’re unsure which red and yellow will work best, it can’t hurt to try mixing a few different colors together to compare the results. You might discover a shade of orange that works even better than what you were looking for.

    How to Mix Shades and Tints of Orange

    Like all colors, orange has a wide range of shades, tints, and tones. After you mix an ideal orange color, you can add other paints to it to affect how light or dark it appears.

    Mixing Light Orange

    Adding a lot of white paint to your mixture is the best way to make it lighter. Yet, colors lose some of their brightness when combined with white. So, if you want a light orange that’s still vibrant, try adding some extra yellow instead of white.

    Mixing Dark Orange

    To make a darker orange, you can add in a hint of black. A little black can go a long way but only use it sparingly. If you use too much black, it could overpower the other colors. Adding darker shades of red to your orange is an alternative to mixing in black.

    Orange Meaning

    Orange is often associated with enthusiasm, emotion, and youth. It’s meant to encourage and uplift those who look at it. When people see the color orange, they might feel the need to be more spontaneous and positive in life. In history, many cultures also considered orange a spiritual color.

    The color orange has been around for many years, but it didn’t always have its name. Before the 16th century, people commonly referred to orange as yellow-red. Then, when orange trees were first brought to Europe, artists began calling the color orange, named after the ripe fruits.

    Can You Mix Colors to Make Yellow and Red?

    While yellow and red are both primary colors, it’s possible to mix them using other colors. For red, you’ll have to do subtractive mixing using the CMYK color wheel, which is primarily used for ink. In that color model, the primary colors are yellow, cyan, and magenta. Yellow and magenta mix together to create red.

    However, yellow is a bit trickier since it’s a primary color on both color models. When mixing with lights, green and red make yellow, but that’s not the case for paint. So, the only way to get a yellow color from scratch is to mix a lot of white with orange. Yet, that mixture won’t be quite as bright and vibrant as the yellow you’re used to seeing.

    What Color Do Yellow and Red Make in Lights?

    When it comes to lights, the mixtures are slightly different. Lights use the RGB color model instead of RYB. In the RGB model, red is a primary color while yellow is a secondary color. Yet, red and yellow still mix together to make orange, which is now considered a tertiary color.

    RGB vs. RYB

    RYB is the color model that most people are familiar with since it’s what we learn in elementary school art classes. It uses red, blue, and yellow as the primary colors, which can be combined to create all the other colors. This color wheel is used primarily for painting and other hands-on art styles.

    Then, RGB is the color model for lights. It uses red, green, and blue for the primary colors, which still mix to make all other colors. However, when all three primary colors on the RGB model mix together, they make white, but in the RYB model, they make brown.

    You might also come across the CMYK color model, which is used for ink and printing. In this instance, the primary colors are cyan, magenta, and yellow. They can mix together to create all the other colors. When they’re all mixed together, they make black.

    Even though all three of these color models are very different, they still have some similarities. For example, red and yellow always make orange no matter what medium you use to mix them.

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    What are the colors created by mixing yellow and red?

    Answer (1 of 30): Assuming you are speaking of pure color, and not some concoction from the paint store that has an unknown admix of pigments, you will get some version of orange. If you start with red and add yellow a little at a time, you will get something like a tomato red. The more yellow yo...

    What are the colors created by mixing yellow and red?

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    Orange is the mixture of red and yellow together.

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    What colour do you get if you mix yellow and red?


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    The colors created by mixing yellow and red are orange and brown.

    Orange is a bright, cheerful color that is often associated with happiness and joy.

    Brown is a natural, earthy color that can be used to create a warm, cozy feeling in a room.

    Nick AI

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    When yellow and red are mixed together, the result is a color called orange. Orange is a very vibrant color that is often associated with happiness and energy.

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    What will it give me when I mix red and yellow?

    The mixture of Red and Yellow is Orange.

    Anonymous 4y Related

    What color does red and yellow make?

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    Yellow being one of the three Primary colors and Red a second of the three Primary colors together make Orange which is a Secondary color.

    Orange symbolizes vitality and health being named after Oranges and being associated with the Sun, Carrots, Pumpkins and fun.

    Ilyanna Mahle 4y Related

    What colour do I make if I mix red and yellow?

    Orange. The specific shade depends on the ratio, though.

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    What color do you get if you mix red and yellow?

    Assuming you are referring to mixing pigments or dyes, the answer is red (for example, 99 parts of red and 1 of yellow) or yellow (for example, 99 parts of yellow to 1 of red) or any hue in between including orange.

    The orange you get by mixing approximately equal amounts will depend on the specific characteristics of the red and yellow you are using. However, almost certainly this orange will be less saturated than if you started with a pure orange pigment. This saturation loss is the reason why it is not possible - despite what colour theory states - to make every colour from three primaries.

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    What color do you get if you mix red and yellow?

    Orange. There are some good answers to your question here, as well as the colour charts. My assumption is that you are a novice where it comes to choosing colours, so simply, orange. I am often asked questions, such as mixing pink and brown, black and red, white and blue, but never once have I been told if that person is painting a bedroom wall, the house exterior, making a quilt, painting the garbage cans or knitting a scarf. Do you have two partial cans of old paint you need to stretch? Why do you ask the question? Do you have crayons in your house that you could try? A child’s paint box? Ke

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