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    what does google tv come with hey google google kids google play all of above


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    get what does google tv come with hey google google kids google play all of above from screen.

    Get started with a Google kids profile on Google TV

    A kids profile lets you give your children access to Google TV devices without the need to create an email address and password for them. Important:  A kids profile may not be available in s

    Get started with a Google kids profile on Google TV

    A kids profile lets you give your children access to Google TV devices without the need to create an email address and password for them.


    A kids profile may not be available in some regions or on some Google TV devices.

    To monitor parental controls, use Family Link. Not all of Family Link's parental controls are available for a kids profile.

    How a kids profile works

    With a kids profile, you can:

    Set a bedtime and daily limits: You can choose a bedtime and daily time limit for your child on Google TV. You can only set these limits on Google TV and can’t set them through Family Link.Monitor app activity: You can monitor your child’s app activity with Family Link.Add and manage apps: You can download apps you want your child to access to their kids profile on Google TV. You can block and unblock apps for your child through Family Link.Content restrictions: To restrict what movies and shows your child finds in their kids profile, you can set content restrictions for their account. Learn how to set up content restrictions.Parental controls on profile: You can also add a profile lock on Google TV.Use the Google Play Family Library: You can give your child access to shared content in the Family Library. Learn how to set up a Family Library.Manage watchlist: Add or remove movies and shows to your child's watchlist. You can do this in your profile or on their profile. Learn more about how to manage your child's watchlist.

    With a kids profile, your child doesn’t need a Google Account or password. Parents can create a kids profile for their child directly on Google TV.

    Tip: If you want your child to be able to use other apps or devices other than Google TV, you can create a Google Account for them.

    Set up a kids profile

    From the Google TV home screen, in the top right, go to the profile icon and select your profile.

    Under "Who’s watching," select Add a kid Get started.

    Select an option:

    If your child has a Google Account or kids profile in your family group:Select the child you want to set up.If you haven’t set up a child in your family group: Select Add a kid and follow the on-screen instructions.

    Choose the apps you want to include in the kid's home screen.

    To set up parental controls, follow the on-screen instructions.

    Set up more devices & services for your kid

    To supervise your child on other devices and Google services, choose a Gmail address and password for their kid profile.

    Important: Make sure you’re signed in to your parent account.

    Go to g.co/YourFamily.

    Select the kid profile you want to upgrade.

    At the profile info screen, select Create a Gmail address for [child's name].

    Follow the on-screen instructions.

    When you’re done, you will get “All set!” on the screen.

    Manage your child’s profile with Family Link

    Monitor app activity on Google TV

    Block or unblock apps

    Set other parental controls on a kids profile

    Frequently asked questions 

    What if my child already has a Google Account?

    Why can’t I find my child’s profile when I sign in to certain apps? 

    Does a kids profile count towards my family member count in Family Link?

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    Use parental controls on Google TV

    Create a Google Account for your child

    Manage your child’s screen time

    Use Google Play Family Library

    स्रोत : support.google.com

    Google TV

    Your favorite streaming apps for movies, shows, live TV, and more, on one platform. Built right into your smart TV or streaming device, Google TV is your new home for all the content you love.

    Everything you stream,

    all on one screen.

    Shop Google TV devices

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    Google TV smart TVs and streaming devices bring together everything you stream on one screen. So you can find what to watch without jumping from app to app.


    “Google TV is now the best streaming platform. Period.”


    “Chromecast with Google TV has taken the crown of best streaming player.*”


    “CNET Editors’ Choice Award: The Chromecast with Google TV ... one of the best streamers you can buy, period.”


    “Best Media Streaming Device: The Google Chromecast with Google TV.”


    “It’s the things only Google can bring that make this one of the best smart streaming devices you can buy, period.”

    Why choose Google TV

    No more jumping between apps

    Streaming, live TV, music, and more. Organized for you.

    Curated recommendations

    Find your next favorite movie or TV show.

    Just ask Google

    Search across apps with your voice to find what you're looking for.

    Build your watchlist

    Add movies and shows right from your TV, phone, or Google Search.


    Everything in one place.

    Your favorite streaming apps in one, easy-to-browse experience. From Disney+ to YouTube TV it’s easier than ever to discover what to watch.

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    Live TV on your home screen.

    See what’s playing now and never miss a season finale or the big game with live TV integrated into your recommendations.


    Easy access to more than 10,000 apps.

    See all available apps


    Personalized entertainment for everyone in your home.


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    With personal profiles, discover new favorites with recommendations just for you.

    @=img=@#=img=# JUST ASK GOOGLE

    “Show me dramas”


    Find what you want fast, just ask Google.

    Use your voice remote to search across all apps including live TV and YouTube. Find exactly what you’re looking for.


    Instantly update your list from anywhere.

    Add movies and shows from your TV, mobile app or Google Search by clicking the watchlist icon. Ready to watch when you are.

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    Spider-Man: Homecoming

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    Discover what entertainers are watching.

    Get a behind the scenes look at the movies and TV shows that inspire your favorite artists and creators.


    Your smart home on one screen.


    Beautiful in the background.

    Idle Google TVs can become beautiful image galleries, using photos and artwork from Getty Images, Google Earth, or your Google Photos.

    Stream on your favorite

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    Chromecast with Google TV

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    Smart TVs

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    Google TV is the new, personalized experience that comes built-in to smart TVs and streaming devices from top brands. Google TV is powered by an underlying operating system called Android TV OS. Some smart TVs and streaming devices are powered by Android TV OS but do not have the Google TV interface. These devices are referred to as Android TV devices.

    Google TV is the smart TV experience that's built right into select TV or streaming devices so there is no additional cost. The Google TV mobile app can also be downloaded at no charge from the Play Store or App Store.

    Google TV can be accessed on smart TVs and streaming devices with Google TV built in, and through the Google TV mobile app for Android or iOS. The only Chromecast devices with access to the built in Google TV experience are the "Chromecast with Google TV" devices.

    Google TV is working closely with its partners to develop sustainable practices in manufacturing, packaging, power consumption, and recycling that enable everyone to combat climate change and reduce waste. This includes Google’s own streaming device, Chromecast with Google TV, of which 49% of its plastic part weight is made with recycled material. In addition, the Chromecast with Google TV's packaging uses 92% paper and fiber-based materials with a goal to be fully paper-based and plastic-free by 2025.

    Google’s recycling program helps you recycle your old Google products and other electronics no longer in use. Find businesses near you that offer recycling drop-off services with a search, such as "electronics recycling near me", in Search or Google Maps.

    Need more help?

    Help center

    ¹Compatible smart device(s) and an internet connection is required to access smart home features.

    स्रोत : tv.google

    Google TV now lets parents create watchlists for their kids

    Google is rolling out new features to kids profiles on Google TV. Parents can create and manage watchlists of age-appropriate content for kids. Movie and TV show recommendations are coming to the homescreen. And you can now supervise kids as they start using the regular YouTube app.

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    Google TV now lets parents create watchlists for their kids


    Google TV now lets parents create watchlists for their kids The kids’ version of Google TV is about to look similar to what adults see

    By CHRIS WELCH / @chriswelch

    Oct 18, 2022, 11:00 AM UTC

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    Image: Google

    Google TV added kids profiles to the platform in 2021, giving young viewers their own portal designed to showcase only age-appropriate content. Today, the company is building upon kids profiles with new features, including parent-managed watchlists, recommendations on the homescreen, and supervised usage of the normal YouTube app. All of these software capabilities begin rolling out today and will continue to reach Google TV customers over the next several weeks.

    Managed watchlists are exactly what they sound like: parents can add movies and TV shows to a universal watchlist that will appear on the child’s Google TV homescreen. This will make it easy for them to progress from one video to the next. Adding content to a kids profile is simple: just select a movie or TV show as you normally would, press the watchlist button, and choose the right account.

    Parents can add age-appropriate content that’s easy for kids to access. Image: Google

    Google is also bringing specific content recommendations directly to the homescreen for kids profiles. Until now, that homescreen has just displayed various kid-friendly streaming apps — but without the actual recs that appear on adult accounts. According to the company, these recommendations are “based on the apps you’ve added and the rating settings you’ve set.” Google notes it’s easy to hide anything you don’t want to appear on the homescreen again.

    And lastly, Google is trying to create a natural pipeline for moving young viewers up and onward from YouTube Kids and get them using the regular YouTube app — with adult supervision along the way. “If you have older kids in your home that are ready to move on from YouTube Kids, Google TV now supports a supervised experience on YouTube, so they can start exploring more of what YouTube has to offer with their Google TV kids profile,” Google TV product manager Saleh Altayyar wrote in today’s blog post. “This experience comes with content settings for pre-teens and older, adjusts the features your child can use, and lets you block channels and manage additional controls through the YouTube mobile app.”

    Opening up the full YouTube vault to younger users seems like the biggest gamble of Google’s new steps, but there’s nothing forcing parents to take that step until they’re ready. These new kid-centric features come alongside a redesigned Family Link app that Google is introducing today. The new version makes it easier and quicker to find commonly used tools and features, and there’s now a Highlights tab that “shows a snapshot of your child’s app usage, screen time and recently installed apps.”

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