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    what feature is available in frost free refrigerator?


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    Top 10 Wacky Inventions for the Home

    If you have an old refrigerator, you know about the frost that forms around the coils that cool the freezer. Learn how newer ones keep frost away.

    Top 10 Wacky Inventions for the Home

    By: Jennifer Pocock

    Some people just can't resist the latest home gadget. See more gadget pictures.



    ­We all know someone who's a little gadget crazy. She was the first in line for the iPhone -- because she camped out at the Apple store. He bribed his son or daughter with energy drinks and extra allowance to sit up for hours waiting for the PS3, and has done unspeakable acts to get his hands on a Wii Fit. These people spend their weekends at places like the Home Depot, Brookstone and Sharper Image to fill their homes with really neat-looking stuff that doesn't have much purpose. Their spouses would probably tell you that the obsessive gadget blogging is taking the romance out of life.­

    Advertisement You know the type.

    This person has spent a lot of time and money making home a more interesting place. So, hypothetically, if he or she were your neighbor, what might you come across in a tour of their abode? Well, we've got a list of 10 possibilities.

    Some of these contraptions lack purpose. Some of them automatically do things that we take for granted or could easily do ourselves. Some of them are just there to add a little pizzazz to an otherwise ordinary existence. And some are downright useful.


    Glowing Fruit Bowl Moody Houseplants Fold-out Balcony

    Interactive Coffee Table

    : The Swiss Army Bathroom

    Electronic Bidet

    Woofer Speaker System

    Musical Home Oxygen Bar

    Pool PC Hovering Recliner

    10. Glowing Fruit Bowl

    Don't let your fruit wind up looking like this.


    So, you're touring your gadget-loving neighbor's home, and first stop is the kitchen. Your eye wanders past several undoubtedly expensive but rather sensible innovations -- for example, energy-efficient slide-out freezers. But something else piques your interest -- a subtle blue glow emanating from the countertop. There sits a sleek-looking bowl with what looks like a white faucet overtop, except the faucet is pouring out blue light instead of water. Fruit of every shape sits in the bowl, basking in the glow.

    What you've spied is the BLUE bowl, a product created through a collaboration among Turkish designers Ahmet Bektes, Koray Gelmez and Eda Kose. The bowl is not only stylish, but the blue ring of light actually keeps your fruit fresh longer. For all of you who buy fruit you fail to eat soon enough, this invention is your friend.


    The device sheds UV blue wavelength light over the top and around the sides of the bowl. UV light waves have been proven to inactivate certain types of bacteria, like E. Coli and salmonella, in addition to ethylene gas, a gas that speeds up the rotting process. [source: Science Direct]. By clearing off this bacteria, the BLUE bowl keeps your produce safe and fresh for longer.

    The device can be plugged in or recharged. It's not currently in production, but the BLUE Bowl has been creating buzz on the Web [source: Yanko Designs].

    Up next, a houseplant that grins.

    9. Moody Houseplants

    With the Pet Plant, you'd never have to wonder what your leafy friend is thinking.


    As you wander through your home gadget tour, you feel you're being watched -- not by paintings on the walls with eyes but by houseplants. One plant to your left smiles at you and bats its eyelashes, another glares, and a third begs for water.

    The Pet Plant, designed by Junyi Heo, makes knowing when to water your plant as easy as knowing when your dog is hungry. Optical sensors in the planter measure the soil temperature, moisture levels and light levels, and then the device displays a digital facial expression based on the plant's needs.


    How is your plant feeling today? Is it angry at you for neglect? Is it feeling happy? Is it about to die? Now you'll know, just by looking at the digital face.

    The pot connects to a USB cable that can download your plant's statistics -- soil moisture levels, light levels, temperature and near-death experiences -- into your computer, which helps you to keep track of its progress. Not only that, but it can tell when you've watered too much and siphons the extra water into a standby dish. Overall, the Digital Pot is a recipe not only for happy, healthy plants, but also friendly home décor (well…as long as you water the plants) [source: Yanko Design].

    Next up, a balcony that's as convenient as a roll-away bed.

    8. Fold-out Balcony

    The window tranforms into a lovely balcony for street watching and sipping drinks. 


    Next on your home tour, your tech-savvy neighbor stops at a window, pushes it open and prepares to step outside. Before you can shout "Don't jump!" you notice that with the push of a button, the window has folded into a balcony. The balcony comfortably holds a small furniture set and the both of you. As you sip drinks and watch the world go by, your neighbor explains that, in Sweden, historical building ordinances prevent landlords from putting balconies into their apartments. The invention of the fold-out balcony gives homeowners the luxury of a balcony without breaking city ordinance.

    स्रोत : home.howstuffworks.com

    Direct Cool Vs Frost Free Refrigerators

    Difference Between Direct Cool Vs Frost Free Refrigerator - Who will win? An in-depth analysis between both the technologies. Find Out

    Refrigerators have become an integral part of our homes. The kitchen looks almost incomplete without a refrigerator and we cannot imagine our lives without one. Come to think of it, how did our ancestors manage without a refrigerator? Well, we will dig into that a little later. Let’s discuss the difference between Direct Cool and Frost Free Refrigerator.

    Every year, a lot of the best refrigerators models enter the electronics market with new technology with respect to design, color, type, and features. Besides some old players, many new brands have also entered the market for refrigerators. There are two most popular cooling technologies that refrigerators use–Direct Cool Refrigerators and Frost Free Refrigerators.

    Direct Cool Vs Frost Free Refrigerators – Who Will Win The Battle?

    Direct cool technology is more old school and traditional type used mostly in single door refrigerators, while the frost-free technology is relatively modern. Before buying the best refrigerators or getting into a deep working principle of refrigerators. Let’s understand direct cool vs frost free fridge working analysis.

    Table of Contents

    Direct Cool Refrigerator

    Before analysing and comparing direct cool vs frost free fridge, some questions may arise in our mind–What is a direct cool refrigerator, how does it work and which refrigerators use it?

    With a direct cool fridge, the natural convection process helps to cool the air circulated in the refrigerator. This leads to uneven distribution of cool air inside the refrigerator. In any way, you can’t control the temperature inside the fridge.

    Remember shaving out ice from the ‘freezer’ compartment as a kid? That’s what direct cool technology is associated with. In this kind of refrigerator, the frost formation takes place from the water vapor present inside the refrigerator. And you can notice the ice formation in a refrigerator near its freezer box. In a direct cool technology, from time to time, manual defrosting is necessary. For the manual defrosting purpose, a knob or defrost button is provided in the fridge.

    Moreover, you will find that direct cool refrigerator technology is usually used in single door refrigerators only. Due to its limited features, its demand is gradually reducing from the market. However, many people still prefer direct cool refrigerators over frost free refrigerators because of their personal requirements.

    Benefits of Direct Cool Refrigerator

    Effective in keeping food fresh for a shorter span

    Economical Less Maintenance

    Suitable for small families

    Disadvantages of Direct Cool Refrigerator

    Frequent Manual Defrost due to ice formation

    Frost Free Refrigerators

    The first question that arises in our mind is what is frost free technology and how is it different from direct cool technology? The invention of the frost free fridge has made our lives simpler, that’s for sure.

    In this kind of refrigerator, the natural convention method is not used to distribute the cool air evenly. The electric fans present inside the refrigerator help to distribute the temperature evenly. As the cool air distributes evenly within the fridge, it eliminates the chances of formation of any ice or frost. You don’t need to defrost it manually. The particular refrigerator usually has a timer. The power supply of the fridge is automatically cut when the fridge’s temperature reaches its maximum limit and restarts when the temperature drops.

    In some of the frost free models, a heating system is present inside the fridge to lower the temperatures when the cooling is extremely high to protect the produce. This feature in the refrigerator helps to maintain a constant temperature throughout.

    Benefits of Frost-Free Refrigerator

    Spacious for large families

    Comes with a thermostat which helps to monitor temperature.

    Easy to Maintain

    Comes with electric fans for cooling

    No need to defrost the freezer at all

    Disadvantages of Frost-Free Refrigerator

    Expensive compared to direct cool

    Consumes high electricity

    Related Reading:

    Power Consumption in Refrigerator

    Direct Cool Refrigerator vs Frost Free Refrigerator – In Depth Comparison

    Single door refrigerator with direct cool technology

    Before you go to the market or any online shopping website to buy a refrigerator, you need to understand the functioning of different types of refrigerators. Many people get confused with direct cool and frost free refrigerators. We are mentioning some differences between both the categories of the refrigerators below:

    1. Cost

    In the battle of direct cool versus frost free refrigerators, refrigerators using direct cool technology are much cheaper compared to the frost free refrigerators.

    1.1 Direct Cool Refrigerator

    Single door refrigerators with direct cool technology can cost anywhere between Rs 10,000/- to Rs 18,000/-.

    1.2 Frost-Free Refrigerator

    Frost free double door refrigerators belong to a very different segment and can cost anywhere between Rs 20,000/- to Rs 30,000/-.

    स्रोत : mishry.com

    What is Samsung's Frost Free Refrigerator?

    FAQ for Samsung Refrigerator. Find more about 'What is Samsung's Frost Free Refrigerator?' with Samsung Support.

    What is Samsung's Frost Free Refrigerator?

    Last Update date : Oct 14. 2020

    Samsung's Frost Free Refrigerator maximizes the freshness of your food simultaneously delivers significant power savings. Frost free refrigerators, as the name implies, do not require any kind of manual defrosting. A small element is placed inside the unit that actually melts accumulating ice. This is done without interfering with the natural cooling cycle that is required to continuously refrigerate food.

    Below mentioned are some advantages of Frost Free Refrigerator :

    ● Frost free refrigerators do not require any deicing or defrosting through manual means. It is handled automatically.

    ● Frost free models are better at maintaining consistent temperatures, and keeping food items fresh for a longer period of time.

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    Setting the Temperature in Samsung Frost Free Refrigerator

    What to do when there is Dent or Scratch on Samsung Refrigerator?

    What is Cool Pack in Samsung Frost Free Refrigerator(RT36FDJFASL)?

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