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    what is magnetization, magnetic intensity and magnetic susceptibility?


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    Magnetization & Magnetic Intensity

    Magnetization and Magnetic intensity, magnetic properties, their definition, the equations and mathematical relations involved.

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    Magnetization and Magnetic Intensity

    Magnetization, also termed magnetic polarization, is a vector quantity that measures the density of permanent or induced dipole moment in a given magnetic material. As we know, magnetization results from the magnetic moment, which results from the motion of electrons in the atoms or the spin of electrons or the nuclei. The net magnetization results from the response of a material to the external magnetic field, together with any unbalanced magnetic dipole moment that is inherent in the material due to the motion in its electrons, as mentioned earlier. The concept of magnetization helps us in classifying the materials based on their magnetic property. In this section, we will learn more about magnetization and the concept of magnetic intensity.

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    What is Magnetization?

    Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

    What is Magnetization?

    The magnetization of a given sample material M can be defined as the net magnetic moment for that material per unit volume.


    Let us now consider the case of a solenoid. Let us take a solenoid with n turns per unit length and the current passing through it be given by I, then the magnetic field in the interior of the solenoid can be given as,

    Now, if we fill the interior with the solenoid with a material of non-zero magnetization, the field inside the solenoid must be greater than before. The net magnetic field B inside the solenoid can be given as

    Where Bm gives the field contributed by the core material. Here, Bm is proportional to the magnetization of the material, M. Mathematically,

    Here, µ0 is the constant of permeability of a vacuum.

    Let us now discuss another concept here: a material’s magnetic intensity. The magnetic intensity of a material can be given as

    From this equation, we see that the total magnetic field can also be defined as

    Here, the magnetic field due to the external factors such as the current in the solenoid is given as H and that due to the nature of the core is given by M. The latter quantity, that is, M, is dependent on external influences and is given by

    Where χ is the magnetic susceptibility of the material. It measures the response of a material to an external field. The magnetic susceptibility of a material is small and positive for paramagnetic materials and is small and negative for diamagnetic materials.

    Here, the term µr is termed as the relative magnetic permeability of a material, which is analogous to the dielectric constants in the case of electrostatics. We define the magnetic permeability as

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    Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

    Is magnetization a scalar or vector quantity?

    Magnetization is a vector quantity.

    Does magnetization helps in classifying the materials on the basis of their magnetic property?

    Yes, magnetization helps in classifying materials based on magnetic properties.

    What is the magnetic susceptibility of paramagnetic material?

    Paramagnetic materials have positive magnetic susceptibility.

    Define magnetization.

    Magnetization is the parameter that defines the density of induced or permanent magnetic dipole moments in a magnetic material.

    State true or false: Magnetization results from the magnetic moment.


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    Define : (a) Magnetization and (b) Magnetic intensity.

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    Define : (a) Magnetization and (b) Magnetic intensity.

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    (a) The magnetization of a material may be defined as the net magnetic moment per unit volume of the material.

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    (b) The magnetic intensity (H) is defined as the product of the number of turns per unit length in a coil (n) and the current that it carries (I). Its S.I. unit is A/m. Hence, H=nI.

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    Define : Magnetization and Magnetic Intensity.

    Define : Magnetization and Magnetic Intensity.

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    Define Magnetization

    What is Magnetization?

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    Magnetization:- The net magnetic dipole moment per unit volume is magnetizationof the sample.

    Magnetization Net magnetic moment Volume

    Magnetization=Net magnetic momentVolume


    Magnetization: The net magnetic dipole moment per unit volume, in the magnetic material is called as magnetization. It is denoted by


    If magnetic specimen of volume ‘V’ acquires net magnetic dipole moment ‘M’ net due

    to the magnetising field, then

    net M→z=MnetV

    . The SI unit of magnetization is Am−1.

    Concept: Magnetisation and Magnetic Intensity

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    Magnetisation and Magnetic Intensity

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