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    where is the headquarters of international olympic committee situated


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    Why does the International Olympic Committee have its headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland?

    Why does the International Olympic Committee have its headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland?

    Why does the International Olympic Committee have its headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland?

    The IOC headquarters have been in Lausanne, on the shores of Lake Geneva, since 1915.

    It was Pierre de Coubertin who chose this city. He explained later that not only did he see Lausanne as an ideal location for the administrative headquarters, but also that in the midst of the First World War the city could offer the stability that had become essential for Olympism.

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    "La Cérémonie de Lausanne", Bulletin du Comité International Olympique, n°2, Lausanne, 1915, p.2 (in French only)

    Pierre de Coubertin, "Olympic Memoirs – XVI", Olympic Review, n. 123, January 1978, p.53 (first published in 1931)

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    [Solved] Where does Headquarters of The International Olympic Committ

    The correct answer is Lausanne. Key Points International Olympic Committee: Established on 23 June 1894, the International Olympic Committee is a not-

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    Where does Headquarters of The International Olympic Committee is situated ?

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    Vienna Lausanne Geneva Madrid

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    Option 2 : Lausanne Crack with

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    The correct answer is Lausanne.

    Key Points

    International Olympic Committee:

    Established on 23 June 1894, the International Olympic Committee is a not-for-profit independent international organization.

    Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, the Olympic Capital is entirely privately funded.

    Thomas bach is currently the president of the International Olympic Committee.Important PointsInternational Olympic Committee executive board:

    The Executive Board, founded in 1921, consists of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) President, four Vice-Presidents and ten other members.

    All the members of the Executive Board are elected by the Session, by secret ballot, by a majority of votes cast, for a four-year term. 

    International Olympic Committee mission :

    The mission of the IOC is to promote Olympism throughout the world and to lead the Olympic Movement.

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    International Olympic Committee

    We usually invite the world to create the sum of all human knowledge. Now, we are inviting the world to create the sound of all human knowledge.

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    International Olympic Committee

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    "IOC" redirects here. For other uses, see IOC (disambiguation).

    Coordinates: 46°31′5″N 6°35′49″E / 46.51806°N 6.59694°E

    International Olympic Committee


    Formation 23 June 1894; 128 years ago

    Founder Pierre de Coubertin

    Type Sports federation (Association organized under the laws of the Swiss Confederation)

    Headquarters Lausanne, Switzerland

    Membership 104 active members, 45 honorary members, 1 honour member (United States), 206 individual National Olympic Committees

    Official language French (reference language), English, and the host country's language when necessary

    President Thomas Bach[1]

    Vice Presidents Ng Ser Miang[1]

    John Coates Nicole Hoevertsz

    Juan Antonio Samaranch Salisachs

    Director General Christophe De Kepper

    Website olympics.com/IOC


    (Latin: Faster, Higher, Stronger – Together)

    The International Olympic Committee (IOC; French: , ) is a non-governmental sports organisation based in Lausanne, Switzerland. It is constituted in the form of an association under the Swiss Civil Code (articles 60–79). Founded by Pierre de Coubertin and Demetrios Vikelas in 1894, it is the authority responsible for organising the modern (Summer, Winter, and Youth) Olympic Games.[2]

    The IOC is the governing body of the National Olympic Committees (NOCs) and of the worldwide "Olympic Movement", the IOC's term for all entities and individuals involved in the Olympic Games. As of 2020, there are 206 NOCs officially recognised by the IOC. The current president of the IOC is Thomas Bach.

    The stated mission of the IOC is to promote the Olympics throughout the world and to lead the Olympic Movement:[3]

    To encourage and support the organization, development, and coordination of sport and sports competitions;

    To ensure the regular celebration of the Olympic Games;

    To cooperate with the competent public or private organizations and authorities in the endeavour to place sport at the service of humanity and thereby to promote peace;

    To act against any form of discrimination affecting the Olympic Movement;

    To encourage and support the promotion of women in sport at all levels and in all structures with a view to implementing the principle of equality of men and women

    Beginning in 1995, the IOC has worked to address environmental health concerns resulting from the hosting of the Olympic games. Since 2002, the IOC has been involved in several high-profile controversies including taking gifts, its DMCA take down request of the 2008 Tibetan protest videos, Russian doping scandals, and its support of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics despite China's human rights violations documented in the Xinjiang Papers.


    1 Oath of the IOC 2 History 3 Organization 3.1 IOC Session 3.2 Subsidiaries 4 IOC members

    4.1 Cessation of membership

    4.2 Sports federations recognised by IOC

    5 Honours 6 Olympic marketing 6.1 Revenue

    6.2 Organizing Committees for the Olympic Games

    6.3 National Olympic Committees

    6.4 International Olympic Sports Federations

    6.5 Other organisations

    7 Environmental concerns

    7.1 IOC approaches

    7.2 Venue construction effects on air

    7.3 Venue construction effects on soil

    7.4 Venue construction effects on water

    8 Controversies

    8.1 Amateurism and professionalism

    8.2 Bid Controversies

    8.2.1 1976 Winter Olympics (Denver, Colorado)

    8.2.2 Bidding process for the 2002 Winter Olympics

    8.2.3 2016 and 2020 Summer Olympics

    8.2.4 2022 Winter Olympics bid scandal in Norway

    8.3 Sex verification controversies

    8.4 Recent controversies: 2006–present

    8.4.1 Nagano 1998 and the Olympic Family hospitality

    8.4.2 2008 Summer Olympic Games bidding process

    8.4.3 2010 Shame On You Awards

    8.4.4 London 2012 and the Munich massacre

    8.4.5 Possible removal of wrestling from the Olympic program

    8.4.6 Russian doping scandal

    8.4.7 2018 plebiscite in Taiwan

    8.4.8 2022 Winter Olympic Games bidding process

    8.4.9 Peng Shuai forced disappearance

    9 Current IOC Executive Board

    10 IOC Commissions

    11 The Olympic Partner programme

    12 See also 13 References 14 Further reading

    Oath of the IOC[edit]

    "Granted the honour of becoming a member of the International Olympic Committee and declaring myself aware of my responsibilities in such a capacity, I undertake to serve the Olympic Movement to the very best of my ability; to respect and ensure the respect of all the provisions of the Olympic Charter and the decisions of the International Olympic Committee which I consider as not the subject to appeal on my part; to comply with the code of ethics to keep myself free from any political or commercial influence and from any racial or religious consideration; to fight against all other forms of discrimination; and to promote in all circumstances the interests of the International Olympic Committee and those of the Olympic Movement."

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