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    which city is not the capital of a state which has the word pradesh in its name


    Guys, does anyone know the answer?

    get which city is not the capital of a state which has the word pradesh in its name from screen.

    KBC 2022

    KBC 2022| Which of these cities is not the capital of first state which has the word “Pradesh” in its name? 

    By Saima Parveen - September 29, 2022

    KBC 2022| Choose the correct option :

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    Ques : Which of these cities is not the capital of first state which has the word “Pradesh” in its name?

    A. Lucknow B. Dispur C. Shimla D. Bhopal

    Ans : Option B, Dispur

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    [Solved] Which of the following is NOT a capital of any State in Indi

    The correct answer is Allahabad. (Prayagraj)Allahabad is not a capital of any state. Key Points The city of Prayagraj is among the largest cities of U

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    Which of the following is NOT a capital of any State in India?

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    MP Police Constable Previous Paper 17 (Held On: 28 Aug 2017 Shift 1)

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    Allahabad Ranchi Raipur Dehradun

    Answer (Detailed Solution Below)

    Option 1 : Allahabad

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    The correct answer is Allahabad.

    (Prayagraj)Allahabad is not a capital of any state.

    Key Points

    The city of Prayagraj is among the largest cities of Uttar Pradesh and situated at the confluence of three rivers- Ganga, Yamuna, and the invisible Saraswati.

    Allahabad city's name was changed to Prayagraj on 16th October 2018.

    In 1868, it became a seat of Justice when Allahabad High Court was established.

    In 1887, Prayagraj became a seat of knowledge with the establishment of the fourth oldest University – the University of Allahabad.

    Prayagraj has provided the largest number of prime ministers of Post-independence India.

    Additional InformationState Capital Chief Minister Governor

    Uttar  Pradesh Lucknow Yogi Adityanth Anandiben Patel

    Jharkhand Ranchi Shri Hemant Soren Draupadi Murmu

    Chhattisgarh Raipur  Bhupesh Baghel Anusuiya Uikey

    Uttrakhand Dehradun Tirath Singh Rawat Baby Rani Maurya

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    Andhra Pradesh

    Andhra Pradesh

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    "Andhra" redirects here. For other uses, see Andhra (disambiguation).

    Andhra Pradesh State

    From top, left to right: Talakona forest at Tirupati ,Nandi at Lepakshi, Papi Hills, Venkateswara Temple at Tirumala, Dhyana Buddha statue at Amaravathi, Araku Valley, Simhachalam Temple at Visakhapatnam, Kodanda Rama Temple at Vontimitta

    Emblem Anthem:

    "Maa Telugu Thalliki"


    Location of Andhra Pradesh in India

    Coordinates: 16°30′N 80°38′E / 16.50°N 80.64°E

    Coordinates: 16°30′N 80°38′E / 16.50°N 80.64°E

    Country  India Region South India

    Formation 1 November 1956[1][2]

    Capital Amaravati

    Largest city Visakhapatnam

    Districts 26 Government

    • Body Government of Andhra Pradesh

    • Governor Biswabhusan Harichandan[3][4]

    • Chief Minister Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy

    • Legislature Bicameral

    Sasana Mandali (58 seats)

    Sasana Sabha (175 seats)

    • Parliamentary constituencies

    Council of States (11 seats)

    House of People (25 seats)

    • High Court High Court of Andhra Pradesh

    Area [5]

    • Total 162,975 km2 (62,925 sq mi)

    • Rank 7th Population (2011)[6] • Total 49,386,799

    [5.3 crore as of 2,021]

    • Rank 10th

    • Density 308/km2 (800/sq mi)

    Demonyms Andhrulu, Teluguvaru

    GDP (2020–21) [7][8]

    • Total ₹8.84 trillion (US$110 billion)

    • Per capita ₹170,215 (US$2,100)

    Languages • Official Telugu

    • Additional official Urdu[9][10]

    Time zone UTC+05:30 (IST)

    UN/LOCODE AP ISO 3166 code IN-AP

    Vehicle registration AP–39

    Literacy rate 67.41% (2011)

    Coastline 974 km (605 mi)

    Sex ratio (2011) 993 ♀/1000 ♂

    HDI (2018) 0.649[11]

    medium · 27th

    Symbols of Andhra Pradesh


    Emblem of Andhra Pradesh

    Song Maa Telugu Thalliki[12]

    Dance Kuchipudi[13] Mammal Blackbuck[13] Bird

    Rose-ringed parakeet[13]

    Flower Jasmine[13] Fruit Mango[13] Tree Neem[13] Sport Kabaddi[13]

    Andhra Pradesh (English: /ˌɑːndrə prəˈdɛʃ/,[14] Telugu: [ãːndʱrɐ prɐdeːʃ] (listen) abbr. AP) is a state in the south-eastern coastal region of India.[15] It is the seventh-largest state by area covering an area of 162,975 km2 (62,925 sq mi)[5] and tenth-most populous state with 49,386,799 inhabitants,.[16][17] It is bordered by Telangana to the north-west, Chhattisgarh to the north, Odisha to the north-east, Tamil Nadu to the south, Karnataka to the west and the Bay of Bengal to the east.[18] It has the second longest coastline in India after Gujarat, of about 974 km (605 mi).[19] Andhra Pradesh was the first state to be formed on a linguistic basis in India on 1 October 1953.[20] On 1 November 1956, Andhra State was merged with the Telugu-speaking areas of the Hyderabad State to form Andhra Pradesh. Amaravati serves as the capital with the largest city being Visakhapatnam.[21]

    Andhra Pradesh was once a major Buddhist pilgrimage site in the country and a Buddhist learning center which can be seen in many sites in the state in the form of monastery ruins, chaityas and stupas.[22][23] It is also known for being the land of Koh-i-Noor and other globally known diamonds from Kollur Mine.[24] It is also a major producer of rice known as the "Rice bowl of India".[25] Its official language is Telugu; one of the classical languages of India, the fourth most spoken language in India and the 13th-most spoken language in the world.[26][27] Andhra Pradesh's second official language is Urdu.[28]

    Early inhabitants were known as the Andhras, tracing their history back to the Vedic period, when they were mentioned in the 8th century BCE Rigvedic text Aitareya Brahmana. According to the Aitareya Brahmana, the Andhras left North India from the banks of the Yamuna river and migrated to South India.[29][30] The Assaka Mahajanapada (700–300 BCE) was an ancient kingdom located between the Godavari and Krishna rivers in southeastern India. Accounts that people in the region are descended from the Viswamitra are found in the , the and the Puranas.[31][] The region also derives its name from the Satavahanas, who are also known as Andhras, the earliest kings of Andhra Pradesh and India.[32]

    People of the said era supported local art and culture by building temples and sculptures of the Buddhist monuments in the state.[29] It was ruled by the Mauryan Empire, Satavahana dynasty, Salankayanas, Andhra Ikshvakus, Pallavas, Vishnukundinas, Eastern Chalukyas, Rashtrakutas, Cholas, Kakatiyas, Vijayanagara Empire, Gajapati Empire, Mughal Empire, Deccan sultanates, Qutb Shahi dynasty, and Asaf Jahis. In the 3rd century BCE, Andhra was a vassal kingdom of Ashoka, but after his death Andhra became powerful and extended its empire to the whole of Maratha country and beyond.[33]

    स्रोत : en.wikipedia.org

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