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    who unfurls the flag in republic day ceremony?


    Guys, does anyone know the answer?

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    Who unfurls the flag in Republic Day ceremony?

    Who Unfurls The Flag In Republic Day Ceremony? – Amazon Quiz

    January 21, 2023 by Ajinkya Sid

    Who Unfurls The Flag In Republic Day Ceremony?Amazon Quiz Answers

    Explaination – The Republic Day program takes place at Rajpath where the President unfurls the flag. Prior to 1950 the Prime Minister was the head of state, therefore, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru used to hoist the flag on Independence Day.

    Q1 – Who unfurls the flag in Republic Day ceremony?

    Answer 1 (A) – President

    Q2 – Identify this place where Republic Day parade starts?

    Answer 2 (D) – Rashtrapati BhavanJOIN TELEGRAM CHANNEL & WIN (39K)DOWNLOAD TOPHUNT APP

    Q3 – Name this leader who is famously known as Netaji?

    Answer 3 (B) – Subhas Chandra Bose

    Q4 – Identify this freedom fighter who said ‘Swaraj is my birthright, and I shall have it’?

    Answer 4 (C) – Bal Gangadhar Tilak

    Q5 – Identify this ceremony that marks the end of Republic Day celebrations

    Answer 5 (B) – Beating Retreat



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    Flag Hoisting vs Unfurling, know the difference between 15 August & 26 January flag ceremony

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    Flag Hoisting vs Unfurling, know the difference between 15 August & 26 January flag ceremony

    By PBNS August 14, 2022

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    In spirit and pride, India is commemorating 75 years of Independence. To unite the nation in the tricolour, the ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’ campaign, under the aegis of ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’ is underway. Indians across the country are on a spree to procure and hoist the tricolour in their homes, establishments, localities and offices. But the question remains – on Independence Day is the National Flag hoisted or unfurled? Many people believe that the terms hoisted and unfurled are synonyms, but there is a significant difference between the two.

    Understanding the Difference:

    On 15th August, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hoist the national flag to honour the historical event of India’s Independence. On Republic Day, the President of India unfurls the flag on Rajpath before presiding over a parade. While both the events honour and pay respect to the national flag and might look the same in one way or another, but there are some differences in the ceremonies.

    On Independence Day, the hoisting of the flag signifies the rise of a new nation, free from colonial domination. On Republic Day, the country celebrates the day when the Constitution was adopted.

    The positioning of the flag matters a lot! One can spot the difference in unfurling and hoisting in the positioning of the flag. When the national flag hoists, it is tied and sits at the bottom of the pole. It is the Prime Minister who raises the national flag up and hoists it with the aim to honour the historical event of the day. Whereas, when the flag is unfurled on Republic Day, it is closed and tied at the top of the pole. The President unfurls it without pulling the flag up as it takes place on Independence Day.

    The difference between the two ceremonies is that when India became Republic, it was already Independent.

    Why the President unfurls and Prime Minister hoists?

    So far, it is clear who unfurls and hoists the national flag on which occasion, but why is this order followed in India? Of course, there is stated history due to which the Prime Minister hoists the flag on Independence Day, and the President of India unfurls the Tricolour on Republic Day.

    History says, on the first Independence Day, there was no President. Lord Mountbatten was still the Governor General of India, the position that was equivalent to the President and preceded it before the office was abolished. Obviously, the coloniser would not hoist the flag of a newly independent nation, and the job, therefore, fell to the one person who, it was agreed, would be the representative of the people of India – the Prime Minister.


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    Republic Day: Significance Behind President Of India Unfurling National Flag

    The President of India, the first citizen of the country, unfurls the tricolour on the morning of January 26

    This Article is From Jan 26, 2022

    Here Is Why President Unfurls National Flag On Republic Day

    Here Is Why President Unfurls National Flag On Republic Day Republic Day celebrations will start today after President Ram Nath Kovind unfurls the tricolour

    President Ram Nath Kovind will unfurl the national flag. starting the celebrations. PTI

    New Delhi:

    The unfurling of the national flag by the President of India is a big moment of the Republic Day celebrations on January 26.

    While on Independence Day, the Prime Minister hoists the tricolour, on January 26, it's unfurled by the President. This honour is reserved for the first citizen because at the time of Independence, the Constitution had not been adopted and the President, who is the constitutional head, had not taken office then.

    This year, too, President Ram Nath Kovind will unfurl the national flag before other functions begin for Republic Day.

    The unfurling of the national flag on Republic Day is a significant way to show respect to the nation. The tricolour is a symbol of the nation's pride. To avoid its denigration, the Ministry of Home Affairs has chalked out a ‘Flag code of India' that governs how the flag should be used by the citizens.


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    The Indian flag has broad stripes of three colours. Saffron, which is always at the top, symbolises strength and courage. The middle strip of white signifies peace. Green at the bottom stands for prosperity and growth.

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    The flag code requires the person unfurling the flag to face the tricolour and stand in attention posture.

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