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    would you know how to act if your wife ............. into labor?


    Guys, does anyone know the answer?

    get would you know how to act if your wife ............. into labor? from screen.

    Would you know how to act if your wife ............. into labor?

    Choices are; a) would have gone b) would be going c) was going d) went

    fred 12 months ago

    Would you know how to act if your wife ............. into labor?

    Choices are; a) would have gone b) would be going c) was going d) went


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    3 Answers

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    Oldest first Nicci English Tutor

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    12 months ago 12 months ago Morning Fred I would say d.

    Would you know how to act if your wife went into labour?

    It is a hypothetical situation.

    I hope this helps. Kind regards Nicci The answer is:

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    Catarina English Tutor

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    12 months ago 12 months ago Hello Fred,

    The right choice is went, because is the second conditional structure, used for eventual things.

    Have a good learning journey!

    The answer is: Leonah English Tutor


    12 months ago 12 months ago Hi

    D is the best choice

    However, C can work depending on the time context, for instance: If she was going into labor right now

    Best Regards The answer is:

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    The Signs Your Wife is Going into Labor

    She may not experience them all and some may not be visible to you. But our quick guide will help you ask the right questions and determine when you should head to the hospital.


    The Signs Your Wife is Going into Labor

    On 0

    Here you are, at the homestretch. Almost a father, experiencing a combination of nerves and joy. You may also be a little bewildered as there’s no definitive ETA on your little one.

    The wife is at her most uncomfortable and you are probably sitting on Daddy’s Digest, looking up the signs of labor.

    She may not experience them all and some may not be visible to you. But our quick guide will help you ask the right questions and determine when you should head to the hospital.

    So, here they are.

    Braxton Hicks Increase:

    Also known as false labor, the frequency of these ‘practice’ contractions increase towards the end of the pregnancy.


    The Baby Drops:

    Your partner will feel lighter as the baby starts moving lower into her pelvis.

    Loss of the Mucus Plug:

    Also known as a ‘bloody show’, not all women notice this sign. Ask your partner if she has noticed stringy mucus or discharge that is clear, pink or blood tinged.

    The Water Breaks:

    As seen on TV, this “dramatic” discharge of amniotic fluid can be a sign of labor. It is important to distinguish between urine and the amniotic fluid (odorless).

    Additional signs:

    Nausea, Loss of Appetite, Loose Stools, Rhythmic Back Pain, Shivering.

    According to the American Pregnancy Association, Consistent Contractions is a sure sign. During early labor they may fall 20-30 minutes apart, but when they are consistently 5 minutes apart, it’s time to call her doctor.


    The only real indicator of an ETA is the dilation of her cervix. Fully dilated and ready for birth is 10 cm. It’s also the only sign that requires a qualified medical professional to determine.

    Remember to verify information and ask your doctor for their opinion. Our guide is meant to outline the facts, but every situation is unique and requires the final word of a qualified medical care professional.

    Wondering what to carry in the hospital bag for delivery?

    Also ready about The APGAR Score for Newborns.

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    10 Signs Your Wife is Going Into Labor

    You're very pregnant wife is going to give birth any moment now. Here are the signs she's actively going into labor.

    10 Signs Your Wife is Going Into Labor

    Julia Savacool May 30, 2019

    Signs of labor are different for every person. It would be awesome if there were hard and fast rules that told you when your baby was coming, how long you had to get to the hospital, and whether or not your partner was experiencing early signs of labor. But although the 10 signs of labor below apply to a vast majority of childbirths, they may not represent yours. So while it’s good to know the signs of labor, it’s always best to check in with your doctor or doula for advice.

    RELATED: The Apathetic Man’s Guide to Birthstones

    Sign: A Feeling of Lightness

    After nine months of carrying a bowling ball around in her stomach, your wife may feel the surprisingly pleasant sensation of lightness as childbirth draw near. This is actually the experience of the baby “dropping,” according to the American Pregnancy Association, meaning it has moved deeper down into the pelvis, relieving the pressure on the diaphragm that causes discomfort for so many women. (On the other hand, it can now increase pressure on her bladder, meaning more nighttime trips to the bathroom in the final days.)

    Sign: Lower Back Pain

    Although it could be a sign of many things, including the sheer act of lugging around extra weight all day, many women experience lower back pain and menstrual-like cramping in the early stages of labor. This in and of itself should not send you to the hospital, but it is a caution flag that the fun may be about to start.

    Sign: Braxton-Hicks Contractions Increase

    Although they are commonly thought of as a sign of false labor, Braxton-Hicks contractions—intermittent, fluttering sensations that are usually painless — become more frequent and noticeable in the early stages of labor. Note: This doesn’t mean your wife is about to deliver. Only that she’s getting closer. She could still be hours — or days — away. Be patient.

    Sign: Longer, More Regular Contractions

    The clearest evidence that labor is well and truly underway comes from contractions that are getting progressively longer, more regular, and closer together. “You’re looking for surges that come four or five minutes apart, that last several minutes,” says Cheryl K. Baker, founder of Los Angeles Birth Partners, a certified childbirth educator, and a doula who has delivered more than 1,000 babies.


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